Kammebornia Podcast 7/2019 Nourishment for our souls

My best word for November is restful To me November is peaceful, serene and restful The days and nights follow each other and sometimes we hardly get any daylight It feels like it is ok to rest. Maybe take a nap in the afternoon and then stay up late. November makes me tired, but that is ok. We have had a cosy November weekend where some of our grown up children came home at the same time Outings, making a fire, long talks, board games and music, and of course some knitting and good food To me it is important to nurture and cherish the beauty in life I think that the impressions through our senses are nourishment for the soul this way of thinking makes it important to reflect upon how we nurture our souls, what impressions do we get What do we see? Listen to? Feel? I appreciate beauty and sensuality I get sick from cold, hard and ugly I want to surround myself with beauty, warmth and softness All the things we see, feel, taste, smell and listen to – we bring into our bodies through our senses then we have to relate to it and we get affected by it I think we can make choices but it can be hard to choose the optimal nutrition for your soul It can be hard to limit the sensory impressions I do not want to get blurred by to many impressions When limiting the impressions during a period of time, I can get more sensitive and that can also cause trouble We need to relate to this world and the society we live in We can not and shall not limit all the impressions, but some But we can avoid some and as usual, it is all about balance I need to close my chakras sometimes Not take everything in, even though it is there Hello! And a warm welcome to the Kammebornia podcast, episode 7/ 2019 Another chilly November day that I can spend here by the fireplace, talking to you Thank you so much for all your comments and messages! Someone wrote that this podcast is about all the beauty I was touched by that comment Because we want to mediate the beauty of life not in a way where we deny all the darkness, hardships and ugliness of life and in our world We all have our shares of that rather more in a way where we get aware of how we get affected by the things we nourish ourselves with Like I said here before, if the sensory impressions we get are nourishment for our souls, it is important what we want to feed our souls with, and what we want to feed our children’s souls with, and our friends and families My belief is that if we are aware of all the darkness and hardships but nourish ourselves with beauty, it gets easier to deal with the hardships. It is like we can get strength and power from dwelling in the beauty So, by surrounding myself with beautiful things, I get the strength to handle difficult and sometimes very draining stuff There is sometimes a lot of talk about how social media often give us an embellished version of reality I think it is more complex that that To me it is important to focus on the beauty because otherwise I could never deal with all the difficult stuff To me, it is not about pretending that the ugly stuff does not exist, it is more about finding ways to deal with it That is why I also sometimes talk about those dark parts of life Sometimes I think of life as a cake. And there are so many pieces, some taste better than others We can always choose which pieces we want to share on social media So we all have to choose what we want to serve, but there is always more behind, that does not show I like to show you beautiful things That way I want us to find peace and strength to deal with the dark and difficult stuff we all have sometimes I have found the mittens that Viggo knitted for me as a child In episode 4 /2019 my son Viggo and I were knitting and talking about this pair of mittens I think he was maybe 7-8 years old when he made these for me I wanted to show them to you I love them and use them a lot It is lovely with beautiful things that carry memories These mittens are very special to me as my sone made them for me as a child He has grown up now and he is still lovely of course, but those childhood years still remain as a memory in my heart but also here in as a reminder in the mittens he made I have also found some other treasures that remind me of those years when my children were small For example, this sweater that I knitted for Arvid once, from left over yarns He has beautiful red hair so you can imagine how nice this looked upon him a true autumn prince someone has been eating on this unfortunately, but it is hard to get rid of it, so I still keep it as a treasure. I find it really hard to throw things like this away. It reminds me of good times Today I found this, I have not seen it for a while Isn’t this a beautiful embroidered project bag? Ella made this as a child, and embroidered her name and a rabbit on it This is really a treasure and it gives my soul great nourishment to see this and feel it And it reminds me of nice things that have been and still is a part of now I just wanted to show you those treasures It is so interesting that when I have used the word treasure chamber about the yarn I have stored, like left over yarns and yarns I have bought or received as a gift yarn that is waiting to get refined A very common expression for this is stash, an English word also used in Swedish I do not use the word stash myself I rather use the term treasure chamber To me that yarn is a treasure waiting to be transformed into useful and beautiful things It is so interesting with all the feedback I have received when using my term treasure chamber instead of stash both here on the podcast and on my Instagram account To me, it is important what words we use and how words can contribute with beauty or uglyness I am so sensitive to words I do not like the word stash, there is no beauty in that word to me. I do not mind of course, if someone else use that word but to me, it is a hard and cold word about consumption Words are important in many ways. It is important what they mean to us. Words can carry meanings and feelings. And we can hear different things from the same word. This can affect discussions and misunderstandings One word can mean different things to different people. Maybe you say something, you use a word that means something to you and then someone hear you say this and they think that the word means something different than what you meant to say. Anyway, I will keep on using the term treasure chamber for my yarns that are wating to be turned into beautiful things Yesterday evening, I went to my treasure chamber because I needed yarn for a new project I wanted to knit another Norwegian cardigan. The cardigan I am wearing is also Norwegian. This is Löytnantshjerter by Wenche Roald I have 2 books, Kofteboken 1 and 2 (Kofte=cardigan in Norwegian) Very soon, Kofteboken (The cardigan book) 3 will appear in my mailbox Here I have number 1 & 2 These are Norwegian books, where traditional patterns have been collected and written down They are made by Liv Sandvik Jakobsen and Lene Holme Samsoe. So they are all about Norwegian cardigans/kofter Talk about treasures! I am so full of expectation for the third book that is on its way to me! While waiting for the new book, I have been going through the old ones and I have now started to knit Frökengårdskofte from book number 2. It comes in different versions but I am making this one, a cropped cardigan, nice to wear over a dress It is also on the cover in a different version, longer and with colourwork on the body as well as in the yoke I found this in my treasure chamber Rauma finull in a warm brown colour and an off white I am looking forward to wearing this at Christmas and also next year when I am going back to Norway I am so looking forward to meet some of my Norwegian friends again and of course I want to wear a Norwegian cardigan when going there I am also knitting on a Sjön cardigan Together with Järbo garn I am running a knitalong where we knit this cardigan in Léttlopi First I knitted a brown cardigan for myself I really like it. Now I am making another one, this one is for Ella, my daughter. I want to make this one to also participate in the knitalong The contrasts are the other way around here, compared to my brown cardigan. The light blue in the main colour and the darker blue is the contrast. I am so glad that you are so many participating in this knitalong! There is a group called Sjön knitalong on facebook where there is lots of inspiration and help to find. I check in every day and try to help out when I can. There are some questions about the cuff, it keeps on rolling up When I washed and blocked my finished brown cardigan, I pinned the cuffs down as the cardigan dried. So just hold on until the blocking procedure! Léttlopi really softens after you wash it It gets lighter and more fluffy after a wash This is the body, waiting for the sleeves The pattern tells you to knit it back and forth and that is how I do it I do not mind purling and I like the variety in knitting and purling I know many people avoid purling and prefer knitting in the round so I have described how to knit it in the round if you prefer that, on my blog We are all different and want to knit in different ways But I want to say that it is nothing to be afraid of, to try to knit it back and forth I guess it is a lot about what we are used to I am so old that I am used to be knitting sweaters in pieces, back and forth and then sew them together and I still like to do that I am used to it and I do not find it a problem for me of course it is a bit trickier to purl colourwork But anyway, on the blog, I have described how to knit this in different ways The knitalong is running as blog posts in Swedish as well as English on my log kammebornia.se and in Swedish, Finnish and Norwegian on the Järbo blog The pattern is available for free in Swedish, English, Finnish, Norwegian and Danish at jarbo.se and of course the knitalong is for free There is no rush either, the blog posts will remain out there to read whenever it suits you I have had a few questions about my pattern the Sagostad beret so, the questions are about the size, and all the information about gauge and so on is of course available in the pattern and I would say it fits an average head, someone has been afraid it would be too small if you have a large head, but I do not think so. My head circimference is 60 cm which is considered a large head So this is how it looks on me I like the fit, I like to let my hair out when wearing a beret As it is knitted, it is very stretchy and it fits different head sizes and you can always make small adjustment when choosing yarn and needles This is how it looks on me I have one grey and one brown This is typical me, I have not fastened the threads even though I use this all the time. So they are here, inside the beret, reminding me of my creativity So, this is the brown one I am also knitting a red one, for Christmas I think I showed that project in the last episode So this is Sagostad beret. I have also made Sagostad mittens and Bottle Cosy. Sagostad is Swedish and means Fairytale Town Yesterday, something really nice landed in my mailbox It is a Swedish magazine that has made a special issue about textile handicraft like embroidery and knitting for example. I like this magazine otherwise too but this issue about handicraft is especially nice of course Tonight, when we are done shooting this podcast, I will lie down on the couch, having a cup of tea and enjoy this I hope this is only the first out of many issues in the same spirit from the magazine Vi (Vi means Us in Swedish) It is also a manifestation about how important the work of the hand is I am glad that it feels like handicraft is getting some sort os a revival You can see more knitting and other crafts here and there Working with our hands is so important and I appreciate when it is being talked about Well, at the same time arts and crafts are being reduced as subjects in the schools, which is so sad and stupid, as it is so important To work with our hands is important in itself but also when we practice crafts, our brains get trained to absorb more facts. Logic mathematic skills and practical work do not have to compete with each other it is like the brain get nourished by working with our hands and we can learn more of the other stuff So when the schools focus on theoretical subjects it is so stupid to reduce the practical skills and subjects We really need both and one doesn’t work without the other So I am glad that the magazine Vi is highlighting this important subject Another thing in the same kind of trend is that it has become more popular to mend your clothes There are several books on this subject and there are workshops here and there I think it is such a good thing to take care of the things we have For me, it has always been a natural thing, to cherish and mend the things I already have Also to recycle, maybe turn something worn out into something new and darning socks, I learned that from my grand mother and I think it is a really nice thing to do I am glad that these important skills are getting more attention these days Earlier, I think I have been laughed at for darning my socks, like it is too nerdy or something also when I have been mending towels and so on. But now it is a trend, and that is good! Maybe it is not so trendy everywhere but we have to start somewhere, right? Maybe I should talk more about these things in an upcoming episode? Iwould live to hear your thoughts about this, do you mend garments and other things that brake or get worn out? Do you have any good ideas about these issues? About darning, mending, recycling and upcycling? Please write your thoughts and ideas about this in the comment section here below on Youtube! We will now bring you along out in our pre winter landscape Thank you for watching! We will soon be back with a new episode. Meanwhile, I want to give you a poem that I love, by Erik Blomberg Do not fear the darkness
’cause the light rests therein We never see the stars where
no darkness exists within Inside the light ring of iris
you carry a dark pupil, ’cause dark is everything whereto
the light with awe and longing will Do not fear the darkness
’cause the light rests therein Do not fear the darkness
which the heart of light is carrying A warm and heartfelt thank you to all of you, supporting the Kammebornia podcast! You make it possible for us to keep on going! Thank you to all our generous patrons! If you are curious about what it means to be a patron, you can find more information on patreon.com/Kammebornia We also have sponsors that we want to thank and warmly recommend! YlloTyll is a lovely yarn store in Uppsala but it can also be found on yllotyll.com Ullcentrum is located on Öland and they carry Swedish wool yarn in lots of lovely colours! You can find them at ullcentrum.com Yarnesty, Anna Friberg, is a knit wear designer as well as tech editor You can find her patterns on ravelry and more information on knitway.se

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  1. Another beautiful podcast, thank you. I have been doing a lot of mending and darning lately. I am in the process of designing and making all my clothes – I hope to make everything, even my own shoes. After many years of thinking negative thoughts about myself and what I look like, making my own clothes has given me a new feeling of pride in myself and a good feeling that I am competent and able to take care of myself, at least in this thing! Making and mending is good for our souls x

  2. Words do make a difference. When I take all of the leftovers out of the refrigerator, I call the meal a “smorgasbord”😋

  3. As always, this is so calming to watch. The comparison of the consumption of food to the consumption of images is an important one to remember! Thank you for that! I would love to see podcasts on mending, upcycling and recycling! It is clear that mending is a lost art since cheap clothing brings the attitude “not worth fixing”.

  4. We take our shoes to the cobbler to be mended if something needs to be sewn I sew them I think it’s a shame that the young generation thinks it’s okay to throw away than mend 💖

  5. Hurray for mending! Mending is the finishing step that makes gear truly our own. It makes us consider materials in a new way–a scrap of nylon lace to repair a hole in a tent screen, or a worn-out pair of socks that becomes cuffs on a sweatshirt. The legs of jeans can quickly become bags for tools. Old sweaters can be felted in the washing machine and cut into slippers or insoles or pet bedding…

  6. Thank you for your beautiful podcasts! Mending has always been part of my handwork. But, darning is not something I’ve done. Perhaps you could share tips in a future podcast. Thank you again for sharing warm inspiration!

  7. yes please also include daily things like mending. It inspires more people to not throw away things just because they re torn.

  8. I find your podcast soothing- I don’t speak Swedish but listen to you and relax. Sometimes I forget to read the subtitles. Love your work.

  9. I've been mending since I was a teenager. It's part of my life. My husband's favourite denim jeans I have mended many times with pieces of tapestry curtain fabric. We've been together 40 years and he still wears them today. I love that he loves them so much. As well as knitting, I also mended our 4 children's clothes, often making their jeans out of old worn out jeans. The memories bring me much joy. I'd love to see your mending on the podcast. I still knit for our children today, all adults now with children of their own. I also love your words, treasure chamber, for your yarn. Wonderful. Thankyou for such an inspiring and thought provoking podcast.

  10. Thanks you for the thought provoking and nurturing visit to your home and surrounding lands. I think I will now call my stash a treasure chest. I have always said it is also my retirement. I buy things from thrift stores and sometimes replace buttons or mend a torn area. I have done this all my life because I hate buying things that shrink funny or the color runs. I like the thought of recycling/upcycling and not contributing to buying more things that get thrown away all too fast. I would probably take your precious striped sweater and make it into a pillow, so I could see it more often. Yes I am sentimental.

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  13. I just thrilled whenever you have a new podcast on. I have watched and rewatched your older podcasts. I have never seen such beautiful handwork. Haha it makes me green with envy. I am 66 a retired and I had hoped that with all this time on my hand it work get better, but not yet. This past March a loved one passed away and from March i did nothing but knit and crochet sometimes I had knitted all night. I had to take a few weeks off because my left arm started killing me. . I just started again and I am trying not to do so much. Oh my I do talksorry. I find you to be such a beautiful person..the thing that I have noticed in your last 2 podcast you look so sad , I am hoping that you are so busy knitting that you stay up for hours. Take care and enjoy the holiday .

  14. I have enjoyed a lot the whole podcast, each word, each project, each image.But the beginning was like a deep and beautiful meditation through these glorious animals, the big ox (?)so powerful and at sametime so calm.The poem at the and has then completed my day.Thank you very much.It is very nice to know that we will see you more frequently, A blessed time for you and your dearest!

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  16. Yes, I mend, and darn, and reuse. When a sock is no longer darnable, the foot of the sock is removed, and the ankle unraveled a bit, then re-knit in ribbing to make a nice extra layer for ankles or arms. Or sometimes I will knit a new foot part. It would be fun to hear of those things in future podcasts. Mending etc has always been a part of good home management. And mending clothing in a timely manner, keeps the job small and easy. And words do make things beautiful, or can make things ugly. I’ll always prefer beauty, and kindness.
    Wasn’t that Bull a big beastie, yet what a sweet face profile he had. What a great capture of the inquisitive sheep!
    Lovely podcast!

  17. Stash känns som något som man vill minska på, eller hålla på en rimlig nivå.
    Men vem skulle vilja minska på sin skattkammare :), Det låter mycket mer positivt med Skattkammare.

  18. Your podcast gave me food for my soul. It usually does. Your words and how you use them and your pictures as a looking glass on beauty, restfullness and everything that calms and soothes. I wish I had that ability and always when I watch your podcast I wonder why I do not incorporate this calmness into my everyday life. But then, this does not come so naturally to me during the busy hours of the day when everything needs managing. But watching you gives me an idea of how life might be when the rush hour is gone (aka having small children, a household and a job to manage) and there is more space, bitter sweet as it may be then. Thank you for reminding me. And also my best regards to Dennis. I think lately you look very strong, calm and healthy.

  19. You are a poet!!! Listening and watching your podcast makes me feel good, calm and relax, thank you!

  20. I believe words have power, I have a few favorite words and a lot that I don't like or use (I don't curse). I try to set boundaries when I feel overwhelmed by something or someone. just this past weekend I mended one of my daughter's knitted cardigan she bought from a second-hand store, so I really appreciate mending, darning or recycling!

  21. Jag har aldrig tänkte på hur vi närar våra sinnen, men du har rätt! Särskild här i England just nu med Boris Johnson…Du har förklarat precis som jag känner om skönhet och hur det hjälper oss. Ser jag en andra Emma Bridgewater kopp?! 'Vinter djur'?

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  24. I think the idea of knitting another Norwegian kofte for your visit to Norway is lovely! It's interesting to think of mending as a trend. I'm certainly seeing more of it amongst crafters online, but for me, nothing has changed in "real world" circles, with people I meet at work & school. I've been mending clothes for a long time, and it's a regular feature on my knitting podcast as well. Anushka xo

  25. I would like to know how to mend knitted socks the correct way. I wear mine out very quickly. Thank you.

  26. Lovely  just lovely. I love the brown/white, work in progress. Your hat is beautiful as well! I always feel so cozy with your podcast!

  27. I have always been uncomfortable with the word stash also because, as you say, it is an ugly word. I think cache is a much better word. It makes me think of treasures in stead of drug paraphernalia. I feel like you gave me permission to use my word even if everyone else uses another word. Thank you!

  28. Your podcasts always contain such gems of knowledge and wisdom and genuineness. I am so pleased to know you! I loved it when you said your unwoven yarns reminded you of your creativity. What a beautiful positive viewpoint! I am a BIG fan of mending and will continue to learn how to do it better with my handknit socks. As for recycling and upcycling, this is like a form of meditation for me – to see what is and bring it back to usefulness or turn it into something brand new!

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