28 thoughts on “Kanhaiya Kumar Speaks at Bangalore Literature Festival on Nationalism and Populism

  1. Throwing English and making a foolish point at the end what and why and who made them prof. This specialisation in respective fields ruined the ethics this also should be tought with specialisation.

  2. Kanhaiya kumar kabhi haara nahi tha ,or na hi kabhi harega because wo har dil me jeeta hai

  3. Begusarai ke log sabse bade chutiya hai jo is mahan insan ko sansad jane se rok diya.

  4. वो एक और तुम चार….फ़िर भी धुल के आ गये😀😀😍

  5. God knows how many times I heard this…….. BRAVO Kanhaiya!! God Bless you!!

  6. I am from Maharashtra. And, I really miss a leader like you here. Had you been contested from here, I would have voted you. Frankly, I was imagining you thrashing Modi Shah in Parliament. Sad. People didn't elect you from begusrai

  7. Bhai an32 air craft India Ka Jo wiman kho gaya uske modi ke khilaf Bada protest karo yeah bhaut Bada mudda hai media bhi isko nhi dikha raha hai

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