Karen's poems week 4

hi Karen thank you so much for your poems this week um I wanted to start by addressing this comment that you made this poem rather took over and I had no choice but to follow where it led me well that's it just exactly right please don't ever hesitate to follow that instinct the prompt is just that it is something to get you started something to point you in the right direction it's to experiment and try something new but if you feel pulled in an entirely another direction you start off with the prompt you're trying it and it pulls you in another direction you should absolutely trust that instinct and I feel the same way about you writing about the new territory in your dream world I think that interpretation of this prompt is right on I think it's super creative and interesting and I just want to say just keep doing that you know like the prompts that I'm offering are here to guide you some folks need a little bit more direction than others and if you feel your brain or your instincts or create creativity pulling you in a different direction when attempting a prompt that I'm offering then you should follow that instinct absolutely 100% please don't shut it down so I just wanted to make that super clear in terms of this poem then the me I left behind I really like that title I found it super intriguing I wanted to go on this journey with you and find out what that meant so I think it's a good title I know you said you struggled with it you two retitled it three times so I would say stick with this one um you know I think the other thing in terms of the dreamwalk your question was if it fits the assignment at all yes I dressed that but that it wasn't easy to do and does this work at all as a poem so here's how I feel this dreamwalk I feel like what you did here is you recorded some details about your dream but I don't necessarily think that the craft has come in in terms of crafting it into a poem so I think this is a great start but what I would say is now it's time to go in and be more selective about the images you decide to include the language you decide to use to describe those images and and also kind of like to what end right so it's like what is the message what is the thesis what is the theme that you're trying to get across so I think if you're able to re-enter this poem with those ideas in mind see this as like the note this this version that I'm looking at now as the note-taking version and then go back into it with craft and intentionality in mind that this could be a really interesting super interesting poem so I look forward to seeing the next edit of this one in particular thank you so much Karen

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