Karliah Butler talks overcoming writers' block

I'm Carly a butler graduated 20 18 from Le film school the thing that made me think about getting into film I wanted to do it started off with comedy and I wanted to do stand-up comedy and I also wanted to act as well so I figured why not have all the control and like hit figure it out from like the inside out and that was pretty much much strategy I feel like if I go to school and learn more about it the proper way it'll help with a lot of trial and error so it's kind of like but you're still gonna have trial and error but it's gonna be a little easier with school production-wise I'm working on writing a script for my sister and I for a sitcom we want to do and hopefully pitching that soon the writing process is difficult because it because life happens as it happens so and then we're always thinking about plenty things so we're like oh we should write that down or we should you know elaborate more on that idea but sometimes it's hard if just doing like day-to-day things it's hard to kind of like write it down like right then and there and sometimes you have writers but well I have writer's block like if I'm just sitting down in front of like the computer I can't or a piece of paper it's it's so hard to just I think that's what a block comes in and it's just kind of like well what do I do now with this blank space you know but I feel like as you write it down throughout the day you can kind of go back to those notes and then that kind of helps you with the ideas that you may have had and then you can expound on those ideas and see what you make of it definitely owning my own production company definitely working with amazing people hopefully still working with some people that I've met through Aleichem school that would be awesome just having a successful career being able to provide jobs for other people and yeah just being a successful entertainer as far as comedy goes as far as producing goes as far as acting goes and

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