there they look beautiful thank you I appreciate it it's great to see you out tonight you get a little night off from ami duties tonight now I'm outside mommy got a babysitter so it's all good so tonight of the people behind the scenes are being honored when you think back to some of your best experiences with with songwriters just over the course of your career what do you do you reflect back on a on a time or a place that just was particularly meaningful with you that's all right I didn't use songwriters for a very long time I was really afraid of like opening up and even being in the room with somebody and being open enough to share my story to collaborate on things but I think meeting people feeling comfortable enough to put my story out there talk about it in the studio and go okay guys now what can we turn this into know that I feel comfortable enough to share it with you and kind of creating those bonds over music has been a really beautiful thing and then Jim's getting me out of my comfort zone to even feel you know welcome and safe and creative and I just now this year even started like sitting in rooms full of people and that's just creating together so that's been awesome you ever thought about kind of sitting in the backdrop and not telling anyone you are and goes to writing for someone knows I mean honestly that's how I started um I started just writing and just wanted to be a writer and then just ended up falling in love with you know performing and wanting to be performed so I think that's someday I'll just fall back and end up being a writer I'm pretty I'm pretty quiet and in the back anyways I don't really go outside much so lastly if you could work on a project that you haven't done or a type of sound what type of sound would you like to to bring forth in these next few years of your career I don't know I think that I would like to do I don't know I think that I would I would like to maybe like a soundtrack maybe like work on like orchestrating what's the what what is it called when you do the sound to scoring I think scoring would be really really fun I mean I would I can't play an instrument but I think being able to sit with an instrumentalist and like watch something and put it together would be really really fun for me be really really awesome I see fun thank you so much for stopping have a good time tonight

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