Ken Loach talks about writer and poet, Kevin Higgins, who was suspended from Labour Party.

there's one good case that hasn't been ancient and some here may know about it now on is a little story Kevin Higgins yeah the story of Kevin Higgins Kevin Lee yes the poet and writer he was suspended in June 2016 now he lives in Ireland he's an overseas member and he was suspended because he satirized Tony Blair in a poem look I brought I brought it along I thought you might like to hear I will read that when we read the whole poem because it's quite long and it's it's a rewriting of Brecht poem of the the the the soldier's wife what did the soldier's wife received obviously the soldier is shot and the soldier's wife just gets you know something entirely insignificant and this is just a little bit from Kevin Higgins this you got to leave that we're probably all complicity we all have to be suspended in the Labour Party here they suspended you better leave the room now here he goes this is where it finishes up and what did she get the ex Prime Minister's no longer new wife from all the depleted uranium shells he had dropped during the Battle of Basra all the soldiers he sent to meet improvised explosive devices in fir Mesopotamia for these she got white night terrors of him on trial for all their crimes and the desire to never again look out the front window of their fine Kanade square house at the tree from which it said they used to once string traitors but that we kicked out the party well I guess he's not the only one to be disgusted by Blair by his illegality by the hundreds of thousands of people he calls to die and for the millions he's made since he left office if anyone brings the party in to distribute it to that matter what's happened to Kevin well he didn't hear anything for a long time and in June 2016 he was he was suspended may Marcia wrote to the governance and legal unit requesting all the documents within 40 days that relate to him as per his data protection rights nine months later reply no reply still suspended as far as I know the latest news I have it is inefficient its incompetent and its unprincipled and those people should not be in charge of that disciplinary procedure [Applause]

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