Kevin Spacey reads The Boxer – Official video

[Music] [Applause] [Music] say that again please I can’t hear what you’re saying my face is made of bronze can’t you see look at my eyes my ears this chest say it again if you like or save your breath the words give way before me every time there is something that doesn’t add up the voice is lost I don’t know why but it is never enough what is that you’re saying perhaps you’re right the more you’re wounded the greater you are and the more empty you are they used me for their entertainment fed on shoddy stuff life was over in a moment it was always like this I fought I looked for an edge a dawn where I could start again I have endured no end of sleepless nights I spent hours and hours sweating to destroy and fall I did everything to fill up every space the blood shown in my veins and basically I always wanted to drop what do you see are my gloves sacred to life my wounds stop there rest your hand there look you have to suck the heart of a hero as long as it beats you ought to know this I shook the country made the arena’s vibrate tore my opponents to shreds I lit up the darkness collected insults compelled applause not everyone knew how to do this none of you on the other hand life is not frightening for those who have never taken a risk who can understand me who can I speak to the Spirit is ill it can no longer be cured it will disappear off the face of the earth this is its fate I know now I am tired and becoming sad and this is why you have dug me the grave you have opened it down there far away to conceal me so as not to have problems and not have to see flows you couldn’t imagine that I would be resuscitated in this metal suit that I would come back and stare at you with my dark face without lips I am the shadow the copy the sound of an ancient breath the specter of sobs the imitation of fate I am the puppet of all regrets the carved look the fire of the dead I am the plowed field the cruel prey in the tall grass of the Black Earth it’s all over how many fingers do you see I free my mind can you see my hand I rest my concentration where are you now I call myself for a moment what round is it I get back my breath ended the deep vortex shouts loudly end it the furious audience shouts herself hoarse end it I hear him barking at me I stop to look at him he’s on his feet again he asks for no mercy he seeks only a little truth a new wound everything’s good I feel good I hit good right on hard we’re there I crossed the limit I no longer feel anything but I see his grimace it’s a grimace of pain I realized that he’s hurting that he feels like a a block a grip he seems a prisoner of his own body he sways seems to give way but no he’s still there he has that stare that fixed stare with it he crowds me shadows me advances I can hear again voices now shouting I hear my name called loudly here we are I no longer feel anything I crossed the limit I strike fast dense light everything is good I feel good I hit and move good in short skips small steps I turn where I have to do everything as I should he gets under he hits me it’s hot I feel my body free I feel every fiber in me that reacts I keep moving and hitting were there he’s feeling my blows I know I have to hold fast and carry on he hits me in the face a rush goes through me pure on stemmed pain I touch myself the wound is open it spurts blood but hits nothing everything’s good it’s only blood I stare at him he stares back but I’m good we’re there I see nothing now I feel I only feel a great heat rising and my body gasp gush it’s my body my body that gasps foams burns all I can sense is spasm all I can feel is a pain but it lasts a moment it lasts only a moment it’s all over it went has it had to as I would have wanted it not to I look at myself as if from a distance the open wound is still spurting blood but it’s okay like this I’ve always lived like this in a red red sea of blood I look at myself and see myself a distance and everything is splendored in the place I am everything is calm and rapture and pleasure everything is love I look at myself and see a man just a man [Applause] you

100 thoughts on “Kevin Spacey reads The Boxer – Official video

  1. No hay palabras para tanta perfección. Gracias por dejarnos disfrutar.

  2. Erm…isn't Kelvin Spacey a rapist or something? Not very appropriate to have him read poetry…

  3. I don't know what this man has done in his personal life, but there is no doubt his ability to act is absolutely exceptional. Whatever Spacey has done privately, politicians routinely do far, far worse, and get elected regardless.

  4. Yup, movies/TV are less without those talents.
    He gets a pass from for whatever indiscretions/slights/pique he may, or may not, have inflicted. Say sorry and get back to work.

  5. he's the only american actor i can think of with real gravitas

  6. Shame to all who decided to efface Kevin Spacey of his last film and to those who were silent before such stupid and biased behaviour.

  7. My favourite part was when he waved at people who where not waving back at him.

  8. Bravo Mr. Spacey! A'm a professional theatre actor from Russe Bulgaria! Me and my colleagues admire your work. Soon or later whichhunt will end. And you will be remembered as one of the greatest actors of our time! Soon or later they start surching a real MAN! Because there's no real woman whitout a men who loves and protect her!

  9. Kevin Spacey was brilliant, a glowing homage to one of the most captivating pieces in Rome.

  10. When you don't support their evil agenda, they want to pull you down by all means-even by a false accusation. This man have shamed them all.

  11. I have been obsessed with boxer for the last 8 months, and watch everything I can on YouTube. This poem captures boxing and it's a knockout performance by Spacey.

  12. a Kevin S deberían darle el "indulto presidencial" y comenzar de nuevo, el talento del que nos suprimen con este hombre es imperdonable great actor.

  13. Brilliant performance by Kevin Spacey, perhaps the greatest actor of our time. Fantastic poem by Mr Tinti. This is Art in its purest. The poem and all the witch hunt pointed to Mr Spacey reminds me of one of the best poems of all time-Rudyard Kipling's "If". " …If you can keep your head when all about you Are losing theirs and blaming it on you…….. …..Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it, And—which is more—you’ll be a Man, my son!"

  14. Mr. Tinti, what a great poem! What a comeback! Kevin Spacey's performances will never be forgotten. Thank you so much!!!! I want to congratulate all the team members for this wonderful ten and a half minutes!!!!

  15. The old Spacey, the actor is gone forever now. He lost it all actually – the darkness, the bitterness, the incredible emotional intensity under flawless restrained acting technique mastered to hide any "gayness" that might have come through… Would he be superior actor now? Well, since I've never really liked his old "style" I would say probably yes. And that we will probably never find out. At least we know now that he had and will have offers 😉

  16. Say what you will about him, but the man can perform. And a beautiful piece he performed at that.

  17. Meglio di così non poteva essere… straordinari Gabriele Tinti, poeta e Kevin Spacey, fine dicitore.

  18. Mr. Tinti, you are creating great Art. You're words are great Art. It is music and you have put it into the hands of a brilliant performer. Thank you.

  19. Wow. Incredible poem, performance and statue. Welcome back, Kevin. Outstanding.

  20. Ecco come una politica buonista, arraffona, bacchettona e incompetente abbia legittimato la strategia della delazione anche a distanza di anni. Un grande attore messo in ginicchio. Felice di rivederlo in splendida forma.

  21. Utterly compelling, an amazing reading. Whatever legal problems this man has had, Kevin Spacey is still an incredible actor. Brilliant!

  22. I will just come right out and say it: I still like him. I don’t give a shit what other people think about that. I don’t condone his actions, and he should be held accountable, but I just don’t buy that he’s a monster. Some of these allegations against him are just sounding like people trying to get their fifteen minutes of fame, and Heather Unruh's case was exposed as a money grab, so what does that tell you? I for one am happy that he's back, and I'm glad that the metoo hysteria surrounding him is ending.

  23. Welcome back Mr. Spacey. Somehow it seemed very appropriate for him to be reading this. As if it were somehow written for him.
    He's just a man is he not? As are we all.

  24. Mr. Kevin Spacey, extraordinary brilliant. A true warrior. This is what we humans do in this life we keep on fighting.

  25. Splendido! Mi sono davvero emozionata; ho una domanda sciocca ma non sono molto esperta…perchè legge e non l'ha imparata a memoria? Grazie Mille 🙂

  26. Thanks for bringing Kevin Spacey back, he deserves much more support. He is back!

  27. it's just another iconic performance from the great Kevin Spacey in such magical place!

  28. Просто шедеврально исполнил!! У меня аж в груди защемило на последних строчках!

  29. Mi sono commosso. Fantastica interpretazione!! Complimenti, ma veramente complimenti ad entrambi! 11 minuti che racchiudono così tanta bellezza…🙂🙂👏🏼👏🏼

  30. добавьте пожалуйста русский в субтитры

  31. Bravo Mr Spacey & Mr Tinti! Truly amazing and perfect match of poem, reader and venue. I can't imagine a better cathartic release for Spacey given all he's been through. That perfect match is also what makes such a poignant poem unforgettable and universal. I can't say enough about how much this has moved me. I will pass this around. I work with and advocate for the wrongly prosecuted/convicted and as evidenced by Kevin's reading, this hits the mark in terms of symbolizing what these men go through.

  32. Years ago I wrote to Kevin and Robin Williams; an introduction to Jesus. I felt what kind of Christian would I be if those I felt impacted by someone and left it to complete chance.

    Now years later I still pray for Kevin and then not knowing why. I do pray for you and what grace there is for your art your impacted.

    You are an actor, yes just a man, yet I for one thank you for your gift.

    “Now if you'll excuse me, I have a beam of light to catch.l

  33. Горячий привет Вам, мистер Тинти, и мистеру Спейси, из России! Это прекрасное, чудесное выступление. Восторг!

  34. Kevin is back, but the editor forgot to put the LUT on this video 😅

  35. This is the moment I've been waiting for. The poem and the man completed each other. God reminded me of how he always delivered his lines with such effortless power.

  36. Absolutely magnificent. Well done sir!
    Also a shout out to the poet, my god what spectacular words… I'm buying a copy as soon as i can find one

  37. genuine art. (facts checking is rational before explosive coverage and ruminating – that brilliant actor was dragged to court: because someone provided a photo of a hand and a good story-those were the facts from the beginning- Idiocy sometimes has to stop )

  38. Good to see you back Kevin after all that crap about you. Onward and upward 💙

  39. Please, let's bring Kevin Spacey back. He is a great actor. None of us are perfect human beings, for God's sake!!!! Few of us are great actors.

  40. Love Kevin Spacey , I miss seeing him in new movies . What was done to him was a travesty .

  41. What a beautiful and historical performance. Even though the boxer is just a man, his fighting, while it lasts, makes him free. His art transcends him. Amidst the sea of blood, he is no longer a prisioner of his own body. Kevin Spacey's voice and breath transcends the brief moment of glory. The man rests alive.
    Thanks, Gabriele Tinti, for the words well written and for your courage. Art speaks louder! Thanks Spacey for your endurance in the ring. Your art speaks louder.

  42. te banco kevin fue un chivoezpiatorio y se cayeron todas las causas meetoo apesta

  43. Когда я впервый раз увидела это исполнение – у меня чуть сердце не разорвалось от смеси горечи, обиды и досады за Кевина! Спасибо вам за этот великолепный стих, а Кевину – за стойкость и храбрость.

  44. So that's strange-it seems it was a last minute idea, as Kevin is holding the poem. But yet enough time to find a camera op!? Nicely read, but better if he memorized it; or of course better even still if he learned it….

  45. Very rarely does a piece of clothing out do an amazing performance. But that tie though <3

  46. Great to see Kevin is back! Amazing work, the poem, the art, the camera work!

  47. Pretentious drivel and the guy is still a creep.
    This is weird. Guy misdirected his pedo behaviour as a coming out of the closet thing. He is a criminal. Never let a publicity stunt of his let you forget what started his "persona non grata" status with Hollywood. He abused crew on "House of Cards" and raped an underage chap in the 80s.
    Then just because a Boston case was false people suddenly forget the real proven track record. How much of a sheep can you be.
    Also that vid he did in character as Underwood about not being a rapist was truly mentally unhinged.

  48. #KevinSpacey #GoT #GameOfThrones #Beard #Shakespeare'an acting #6/5 #Prequel #KingOfKings #HouseOfCards #HoC #FrancisUnderwood #PresidentofUS

  49. This is nothing more than a cynical manipulation of social media by a PR firm – including comments. And, while Kevin Spacey attempts to use a mythical poetic figure as a beard, its naked truth only serves to remind us that, absent truth, man is a base and ignoble creature.

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