Kid President’s 25 Reasons To Be Thankful!

So…Let’s be real. Some days are hard. So I made this. List of Awesome Things that I’m Thankful for. Yeah. Sometimes, I need reminding that things
are not all that bad. So I wanted to share a few,
because you guys are my friends. It’s great to be alive and
here are some reminders why. First one,
Bubble Wrap! When cats do that thing with their tongues,
like this. I’m also thankful for the little
paw pads that the cats and dogs have and the sound it makes. *clicking* Paw pads. I love ’em. Hey! Turn that back on. *weird music playing* Oh! No no no no change it, change it. Ahh there that’s better. Music is magical it can make anything better. The right music can make a video better. The same goes with life. Singing. (Singing) I like paw pads, I like paw pads. Singing! If something’s boring, just sing it
and that will make it better. (singing) Watching paint dry!
It’s really cool! Old people who still hold hands. Clouds that look like stuff. One time I saw a cloud that looked like an
airplane, and then i realized… it was an airplane. (Laughing) Imagination! Without it we would have no airplanes,
no internet, PANTS! Pants! Pants, We gotta wear them,
cause if we didn’t it would be sort of awkward. Pants. Fresh Prince of Bel Air (Dancing) Sleep Clothes with funny names Like windbreaker. Birthday Cake! No Reason at all Cake! Just cake. Sorry, we filmed this
while I was hungry. Forgiveness. I’m Kid President but I aint perfect. Aint, aint a word. We all mess up, C’mon! Don’t mess up and forget
to forgive all the mess-ups. Thankful plants undergo photosynthesis
using the energy from the sun to convert Carbon Dioxide into Oxygen
providing us with the air we need to do things like this. (deep breath) I’m bored. Morgan Freeman’s voice. Hello, I’m Morgan Freeman. Uhh I’m working on it. My voice is changing but
it has’t changed that much. Food. Tacos. Burgers. I know, I know
I already said food. But this is my list,
and my rules ! Happiness. Sadness. Sad isn’t bad,
it helps you know what you care about. People. Sometimes people can be really
“people-ly”. But we need each other. Life’s better with people
in it. Family, friends,
you. Just being alive. Sometimes we forget just how great it is
to be alive. We’re breathing! Some days are tough but we got
a lot to be thankful for. We just have to look for it sometimes. They say if you have food in
your fridge, clothes on your back, and a place to sleep, You are richer than 75% of the world. I did not know that. So what would you add to
the list? Let me know! Share this video with someone you
are really thankful for. Oh and of course also this! DANCING! (Dancing) Brad and I are thankful for all of you! Seriously thanks for giving us,
and the whole world a reason to dance! So what are you thankful for
let me know! KP out!!! Keep Going,
Keep Going, Keep Going. (Giggling) I call this move the
stovetop stuffin. (Chomping Noises) I call this one the
stuff face Nae Nae. I forgot one,
there is something that I’m really thankful for. Uncle Jesse from Full House. This is macaroni art of him.
It’s beautiful. Have mercy… (Singing) I’m filming a video
to encourage people to be thankful! KP Out!

100 thoughts on “Kid President’s 25 Reasons To Be Thankful!

  1. One time i saw a ☁ that looked like a ✈ then i realised… It was a plane😱

  2. Earth isn’t perfect. There are bad things on it. Like homeless people, poachers, and just bullies going around. Some things like you got a corn dog and you DROP IT!! But there is good things on this little blue dot. Like friendly people, animal conservations, and ice cream. It makes everything better. And all I want to say is,

  3. Kid president: One time I saw a cloud that looked like an airplane, then I realised… it was a airplane

    Me: 😂🔫

  4. My school put this video and the whole school saw it and everyone was laughing

  5. We are thankful for you Kid President, Parents, My home, My family, My dogs, Animals, School, Football, My family, Home, Socks, God, Video Games, My friends and Students, My family, Insects, Computers, and Friends!!

  6. I'm late to the party, but I'm thankful for Kid President videos that help me put things into perspective!! 🙂 Also, my kids.

  7. Omg haha, I'm Thankful for Kid President! Especially when he mentions Food and Uncle Jesse from Full House XD

  8. Mrs. Scovanner's Lunch Bunch 1 and 2 List of What We Appreciate: Family, Friends, School, Clothes, House, Life, Television, Everything, Pizza, Candy, Cars, Internet, Living, Go Noodle, Food and lots of what you said!

  9. From my class of 4th graders:
    We are thankful for-
    1- schools for learning
    2- food
    3- clothes
    4- transportation
    5- sports
    6- homes/hotels
    7- stuffies (stuffed animals rock!)
    8- cats
    9- mashed potatoes! (YUM)
    10- eyeballs (they make seeing so easy)
    11- a nerdy teacher (they are lucky Hogwarts wasn't hiring)
    12- video games (fortnight is a favorite)
    13- drinks (Gatorade!)
    14- family & friends
    15- water (drinking and swimming is great ps- not at the same time)
    16- Harry Potter (magic ***)
    17- PS4s (sorry Xbox fans!)
    18- LIFE
    19- Slime (it's fidget Friday in our classroom)
    20- RoBlox
    21- Squishies
    22- YuGioh cards (poor Pokemon!)
    23- House to live in (yes it's twice, we're really glad to have to place to live)
    24- Movies
    25- Gryffindor (courage for life)- we have debate about the best house.
    26- Having the best teacher ever (their words, not mine!)

    PHES sure has a lot to be thankful for.

  10. “I once saw a cloud that looked like a plane, then I realized it was actually an airplane”

  11. Our class, room 101 is THANKFUL FOR THE FOLLOWING:
    1.Family …. because we love them
    2. Houses… if we didn't have houses we would get dirty, rained on, and snowed on
    3.We're thankful for LOVE, because some people, like, if you have a GF or BF you can just huggggg them and sometimes they might just bah, dump you, but then you still have all your BFFFs at school, and at home, and I'm thankful I HAVE ALL THE FAITH I NEED.
    4. I'm thankful for friends because they stick with you and have your back
    5. I'm thankful for everything I get from my family.
    6.Cars … without cars we would be walking all the time and our feet would start to burn.
    7.I'm thankful for my parents paying the bills, buying me clothes, putting clothes on my back, buying me dinner
    8.I'm thankful for the internet and video games or we wouldn't be researching anything
    9. I'm thankful for my kitchen, it helps me make/get food.
    10. I'm thankful for my siblings because they have my back
    11. My mom… she is excellent at making food, and she is really good at doing things here at our school. 🙂

  12. In a future vid I would add you should be thankful for kid president #kidpresident

  13. Birthday cake, cake for no reason just cake . Once I saw a cloud that looked like a plane and then I realised it was a plane.

  14. I remember when I was in 3rd grade and my teacher stayed playing his videos in classes

  15. Dear SoulPancake/Kid president, i would like to thank you for inspiring me to tell other about this video because this has made me think about what i am thankful for and what others are thankful for 🙂

  16. Here's something to not be thankful for, SMACK TALKING ONE OF MY FAVIORATE YOUTUBERS

  17. 1:22 oh this is a story all about how my life flip turned right up side down 😁

  18. A good attribute to cultivate….. “A thankful person is thankful under all circumstances. A complaining soul complains even in paradise.” ~ Baha'u'llah, Baha'i Faith

  19. hey kid president… why did you smack talk Rebecca??? Also… anyone who sees this comment should subscribe to Let me Explain studios!!! Rebecca is such a great and funny animator!!!

  20. This president is funny😅😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🙃🙃

  21. My class is thankful for today, the last day of Summer School, our parents and uncles, music, and soccer!

  22. I'm thankful for being the 800th comment on this interesting video, great job! I'm also thankful for chocolate, waffles, pancakes…

  23. All the people that exist on earth is what I am thankful for! Because it tells us who cares about us and who we care for. 💝💕🥳

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