Kid President’s History of Awesome Girls Rap

Alright I got something for y’all today This one goes out to all of the awesome girls out there and there’s a long history of awesome girls. Here we go I’m talking Susan B. Anthony Gwendolyn Brooks poetry Anne Frank, Frida Kahlo Ruby Bridges, Jackie O Juliette Gordon Low Harriet Beecher Stow Sally Ride went to space Mary Bowser was a freed slave Maya Lin, Tina Fey Mother Teresa, Dorothy Day Rachel Carson, Julia Child Serena Williams – crowd goes wild Nellie Bly, Jane Goodall Rosa Parks stood for all Helen Keller. Malala too
and the wise Maya Angelou Eleanor Roosevelt, leading in the White House Beverly Cleary writing Ralph S. Mouse Sandra Day O’Connor referred to as your honor Lady Bird Johnson to Ruth Muskrat Bronson Rosalind Franklin, Harriet Tubman Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, climb on Stacy Allison Amelia Earhart fly around the world. Talking awesome girls. I’m talking awesome girls. Alright these are some girls in the past that made history. Now here are some girls that are making history. Right Now. But first, I gotta take a drink. Emersyn’s an awesome girl. Always on a mission Madi is a rockstar who also likes to listen Jojo and Kayla – making good things happen Josie is a funny girl getting people laughing Hannah changes everything that’s just who
she is Mia likes to spread the love. She’s an awesome
kid. Marla’s making movies and she’s gonna
make a dent Angel’s in Uganda and wants to be President Then there’s Eryn Erickson, and cool Lucy too. Brene Brown. rising strong. Riley has some books for you Oliva and Hailey – spreading hope and helping
out Celeste is Kid Governor – doing good without
a doubt Glennon is a brave mom. Hailey’s got them
pancakes on. Gotta give
Viv a hand. Helping people make a stand. Too many awesome girls. More than most people
think. I’m running out of air. I’ve gotta take
a drink. Oh I forgot one MY SISTER! Eh I’ve been naming lots of awesome girls. She’ll understand. Too many awesome girls to name. KP OUT! Share this video! Let the world know just how awesome girls are. You can see more videos from the awesome girls series by clicking here. You can see lyrics from the song and information about all the women who I mentioned in the description of the video. Look, I’m sorry there wasn’t enough time for all the awesome girls. This video would’ve been a whole lot longer. Who would you add? Let me know! Right now, I’m still thirsty. I gotta take a breath. Gotta go. KP Out.

99 thoughts on “Kid President’s History of Awesome Girls Rap

  1. I'd add all the little girls i work with in Africa.  Each one of them is AWESOME!  Thanks for the great video.

  2. Kp keep doing your thing you are awesome and I hope that the world will figure out how awesome us girls can be because a lot of people can't tell

  3. Sometimes I wonder what the world will turn into when Kid President becomes an adult or teenager

  4. Love you you have grown up so muck love the vids you make me happy ☺️☺️☺️

  5. I would add my daughter I understand she has been going through so much and I feel like I am never there for her. I herd her talking to friends of even running a way… I am I never pick her up from the bus and today she came home with a black eye and said she was being dum and fell but I know she was lying. I am selfish to not be there for my sweet Georgia my sweet girl how is she still so polite and kind I I want to add Georgia… Thank you.

  6. What about Marie Curie?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! She was the first woman to win not one, but two Nobel Prizes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Her and her husband found two more elements to add to the periodic table. Uranium and Polonium. She worked with some of the most amazing scientists, such as Albert Einstein!

  7. Oh me! I wrote in the newspaper 2 times and i met Linda Chapa LaVia, Naomi Tutu, and Bill Foster!

  8. Nice raping about the history it's good leaning about it 💩👍✏📖📚🎤

  9. Claudette Colvin actually refused to give her seat up 9 months before Rose Parks, but since Colvin was younger, they decided that Parks was a better model for the movement.

  10. Im a girl in elementary and i didn't know about almost all of those women

  11. I would add me because you should look at my YouTube channel please it's close to Mother's Day

  12. KP you're videos are AWESOME! This rap was AMAZING and i could listen to it all day!!! Actually I couldn't cause i have to go to school soo…. Uh you get the point! lol. I love all the creativity in you're videos and keep doing what you're doing!

  13. hi ive been comenting a lot and I wanted to tell you I have recently lost my mother. I have been being bullied can you make a video about losing someone and plz give me a shoutout thanks ur 1# fan, Kylie!!! plz respond


  15. i sang that in music in school the hole thing until awesome grils

  16. We are learning about Ruth Law in our 2nd Grade classroom. We would add her!!!

  17. You said the Rebecca from let me explain studios sucked at Mario carts at vidcon 2015 well guess what 15.679.397,676 people know that too.

    Oh and you should add ellen. I like her talk show

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