Kidnapped by a yandere poet [male x female] [Roleplay] [ASMR]

I live beautiful I am happy to see that you have awakened from your slumber aren't seeing you your eyes open as a during eyes beautiful collar so bright I call her that I could gazing for ages for my entire life dreaming about a world we are only you and I exist mmm do you affect take your eyes having me oh you're soaked like so soft so gentle perfectly fitting your face making it like a artwork not working itself hmm and making the entire experience of looking at you even more so more pleasant uh your lips strawberry like like a desire to kiss to taste the sweetness hmm how I wish to be closer to you right now what brings up these urges to every man maybe even a woman who knows we know so far your beauty goes well dispel if your beauty has already announced to me an enchant to me so to talk about why so confused my love I thought everything would be clear for you hmm well you have my home or up my own well it's not necessarily my home it's more a place of shelter well my poems must be on the road of course but for you who I will make an exception you could me it could put me in a chair and let me watch you just for centuries and I would not mind it it's many stories have been written about beauty but and no story that I know they could ever describe to beauty the level the magnificence that you are on it's incredible it's godly even the moment I saw you I knew that I had to make you mine and if that way that road to your heart mister stories mister my speech tanned I will happily do that Napoli provide you with her well we had a small conversation yet you do seem like to go who'd enjoy a good power Oh we'll just enjoy some praise well what I give you is more than praise of course it's a dedication dedication to you and owed to you and your beauty the soft and gentle touch that I crave for oh so much that I would murder to hold you death isn't that true love so we are talking about the true meaning of love being willing to sacrifice all for one another that is exactly what I'm wanting to do I am willing to give up my humanity for you darling beauty Oh another conversation we had you showered you're not only beauty we have an intellectual side on you you appreciate it with porn even enjoy it you like to philosophize something I do enjoy to to time to time we are meant to be together love you know that I can feel it in their bones and I bet you wanted even who else could offer you such an explicit experience such dedication such a grand gestures yes I have my taken you against your will you do not struggle I notice that hmm I know you won't and then I shall give it to you you shall be mine and mine alone together we shall travel around the world and tell ourselves especially now we have a new deal baton to tell about sorry of love with a happy ending of course I am looking forward doing to tell her till with you by sight we will lead a happy life love and nothing can stop this nothing I'll make certain of it they have some good connections at higher places it's an advantage of being well-known porn porn you tell someone to tell you help someone with their love life and by dad you have some friends not only some friends I'd like to see them as friends of course I did not know if they seemed like that oh well when the time comes and you have to ask him for a favor they are willing to do that for me I am certain of it sort of don't you worry our lives would be easy happy call enjoy a volume something not a lot of people can say especially in these dark times where joy is something not seen in many souls eat away let us be on our way I shall unbind to you and to get our Shan and low on a new story

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  1. Hi, Dall. I just had another great story idea for you. A Masquerade Ball. I looked up YouTube trying to find more, and there's not a lot. But I could definitely see or in this case hear you doing a masquerade ball story. I hope you like my idea, Dall.

  2. wow i just love when edgar allen poe turns full yandere over his long lost lover

  3. Ive got a very dark poem ^^ though its more free write than anything

    There was a guy who died in disneyland
    That was the thought I had
    When I looked up at that castle against a pale blue sky

    My brain thought of how he done it
    How he died in disneyland
    But my brain works in wonders and my imagination is out of hand

    He stayed over night hideing from the guards
    He hid inside the little mermaid ride
    Behind prince charmings ship

    The man waited till its night
    With electronic torch in hand
    I have no clue what he was thinking
    The man who died in disneyland

    I was pretty sure it was for fun and games
    Jumping from attraction to attraction
    But I can't comprehend why

    Why did the man have a case
    A case in each hand as he pushed a cart with him
    A case for each ride he left
    Between where he walked he poured fluid that kept you going
    From place to place he went
    Leaving a trail behind him in this black moon night

    A black bird flew by
    Nearly catching my head
    Where I stood was where the man had died
    Who died in disneyland

    As if I was in a chaton of a ring
    I stood there ridged
    As the place I knew and loved
    Burned to the ground

    I feel my skin wet and the heat of flame
    But I could only stare with a smile
    As I died in disney land

  4. I came here for relaxation and left with googling how to lockpick and how to incapacitate a person

  5. Ahhh what a lovely start with such words of sweetness <3 He can write me poetry anytime~

  6. Oh my god! This is so freaking beautiful! (I know it sounds weird) but I’ve always wanted this!

  7. oh wow, this is so good and such a really sweet video, but it kind of end up feeling like my heart is either skipping the beat, and kind of breathing a bit to listen to every word that he said, even though i wouldn't be with him, but it seems like i have no other choices after all. so i like it, keep up the good work and hope you have a good day and also hope you have a good morning/afternoon/evening too as well.

  8. Me: not sure this is a punishment considering I love poetry. Great video😸

  9. Words cannot describe my love for this! Sweet, murderous, and ever so amazing! You rock Dall!

  10. Never clicked so fast 😊🙏 amazing thank you! Incredible voice acting keep up the good work. You really stand out from everyone else that's why I can't stop listening to it 😂🤭

  11. This was amazing. There is was so much passion and emotion. I enjoyed it very much.

  12. Oh my… Dall, you still make me melt with your voice.
    (ง ื▿ ื)ว

    flails to the floor


  14. Your voice just…*purrs*

    "More than praise"

    Like chocolate?

    Poet starts talking about murder

    Wait, WHOA, back up there, cowboy!

    You mess me up in the best way.

  15. Great music, please make part 2. Nice poetry as well, did you write it? I like it. Ok, I'm gonna stop spamming your comments before you chop off my hand. 🤣

  16. This was very relaxing! I enjoyed this a lot! Thanks Dall! ^_^

  17. So beautifully done Dall! So inspiring and brilliantly well written:) Another fantastic audio to claim the hearts and emotions of us all.

  18. "Awakened from your slumber.." umm actually…i was going to sleep but…

  19. Dall if you study fluid and electrolytes, ABGS, and full versus partial compensation, or the endocrine system, lemme know, I need homework help.

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