Hey guys, its Karina!>>It’s Ronald and we are from!>>Sis versus Bro! And today, we are doing
the Halloween Costume Challenge! So basically, we got
this cup right here with a bunch of funny costumes and, We’re just gonna pick a paper and that’s what we’re gonna be.>>No, we’re gonna pick it,
shuffle it, and then use it.>>Yes, and dress up as it. And then, you guys are gonna
decide who wears it better. I bet it’s gonna be me.>>I bet It’s gonna be me.>>Alright, but we’ll see about that. Let’s begin! We got– We gotta pick. Alright, so.>>I pick that one.>>Okay. What is it, Ronald?>>Anna.>>Anna. You’re gonna be Anna,>>Ohhh, Anna!
>>From Frozen.>>It’s not pronounced Anna,
it’s pronounced Anna. Alright, I choose this one,
and what am I going to be? Cute rabbit. Oh, I’m gonna be a cute rabbit. Ooh! And Ronald’s gonna wear a wig. Alright. So, let’s just get to dressing up!>>Okay guys, this is Anna. Karina, you can come in!>>You look so funny, Ronald.>>It itches.>>Look, I’m a bunny.>>Ooh. How do I look?>>You just need to like, fix the wig. And I am adorable bunny.>>The size of my costume is perfect
and I might wear it for Halloween.>>Alright guys,
so now it’s time for the runway to show you our moves. Let’s go! Alright, so that was round number one. Tell us in the comment section
down below who won that round. Anyways it’s time, to pick our next costumes. This one.>>And I will pick… Three, two, one.>>Giant panda. I’m a giant panda.
>>I got Mr. Frog.>>Mr. Frog, and I’m giant panda.>>Mr. Frog.>>Mr. Frog>>You’re gonna squash me like that.>>And I’m going to be a giant panda! Alright, let’s change
into our costumes, let’s go! Okay, so I’m Mr. Frog. Let’s see Karina,
Karina, come in!>>I’m a giant panda! Shake my belly,
and then my booty! I think I want to be this
for Halloween, seriously.>>I think Karina
already won this round.>>Alright, but we need
to go on the runway! Let’s go! Alright, so this is round two,
you guys to decide who won this round. Alright. Alright so, you want to go first?>>Willy?>>I’m going to be Scarlett. Who’s Scarlett.
>>Who’s that? Willy Wonka.>>Willy Wonka, the guy who made–
the chocolate man factory thing.>>Oh yeah!>>Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Will Wonka and I’m Scarlett. Who’s Scarlett?>>A random person.>>Random person, yay! Anyways, let’s get changed. Okay, so this is Scarlett. Check this out, I got my fan. I love this hat, it looks so good on me. Ronald, you can come in now. What are you supposed to be? Oh, you’re supposed
to be Willy Wonka. Come here, Ronald.>>Who are you?>>I’m Scarlett. I have no idea who Scarlett is. But look at your hair, Ronald. I’ve never seen it better.>>Okay, I’m Willy Wonka. How do I look?>>Do you like my outfit?>>Why do you have fan?>>Because it came with the costume,
apparently Scarlett has a fan. So, I am Scarlett,
and that’s Willy Wonka, the famous Chocolate Factory guy.>>Okay, now it’s time
to make some chocolate.>>And to go on a runway. Let’s go! Alright, so this is Scarlett
and that’s Willy Wonka.>>Ooh yeah!>>Tell us in the comment section
down below who got a better costume, and did a better job on presenting it. Alright, but now it’s time
for the final round.>>Which one will you pick?>>I want to pick first,
I want to pick first. This one.>>You didn’t go like… Alright put my… back in there. Let’s look at it the same time Ronald. Alright.>>Three two, one. Bubblebee? What?>>Karina, you know what I just got?>>What?! You got SpongeBob!>>I got! Who’s Bubblebeef? Bumblebee.>>Bumblebee.>>I thought it’s bumblebeef,
but no, it’s bumblebee. I’m a bumblebee.>>Okay!>>Alright.>>Let’s get moving.>>Yep. Oh. Alright, so this my
bumblebee costume. I really like this. This skirt is really short though,
but I like the wings. They’re nice and big, they show that I’m a bumblebee. Bzz, bzz, bzz. Ronald, come in! I’m gonna sting you.>>Or will you?!>>What are those shoes?!>>Awesome stuff. What? They have like holes in them. Wow, Ronald! It’s a great costume.>>Okay, so runway.>>Runway time yeah, runway time!>>Spongebob Squarepants!
Spongebob Squarepants! So guys, that was
the final round. Who won? Tell us in the comment
section down below! What’s your favorite costume?>>My favorite costume,
I think it was the panda one. I felt so cool in it.>>Wait, I like this one the most actually. Spongebob Squarepants!
>>Ronald I can see your underwear underneath.>>Hey! Spongeyall Squarepants!>>Bzz, bzz, bzz, bzz! So guys, we hope you liked this video. If you did, smash that like button and we’ll see you all next time. Good bye!

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