Kids These Days | Group Slam Poem

Hey we’ve got a great poem for you tonight but first let me take a selfie kids these days have low self esteem turning to technology to get the reassurance they need. Kids these days can get any information they want with the touch of a button kids these days just want the quick answer, the easy solution, the road most traveled the one with AC, green grass, maybe snacks, and wifi lots and lots of wifi kids these days they’re overstimulated, impatient self entitled, lazy, apathetic, individualistic and most of all unprepared for the real-world I was born in the wrong generation. I hear it all the time. I see it all the time. we think we were born in the wrong generation
so desperate to not be attached to our own age we become nostalgic for a time we’ve never known we’ve grown up in a world where
technology is always by our side easily adapting to the ever-changing ways of computers and iDevices but for some of the people who haven’t grown up with the constant updates it’s scary, which makes sense how could you be anything but scared of something you don’t understand which makes it easy to insult the kids these days because you don’t understand us and frankly we don’t understand you but hey we’re just a quick Google search
away from becoming one step closer by the time you’re done picking up the giant encyclopedia you keep talking about we’ll have the answers to the next 10 question that
pop into our heads and as Kofi Annan once said information is liberating until we become informed
about all the promblems the generation before us is facing until
we realize that our generation is expected to solve the problem that you
created from the time we can open a web browser we’re aware that our help is needed working towards our own bright future is
no longer for self growth but rather for the sake of our community so while we’re going green, ending the
global food crisis, destroying the patriarchy promoting LGBT+ equality, fixing the economy, recognizing racial inequalities, and planting some goddamn trees we’ll always remember the generation that
raised us, the generation that created the the world around us, the world we now occupy we’ll always remember the kind words you said to us (self entitled, lazy, impatient, apathetic, individualistic) so when you criticize our generation never forget who raised us and to our generation, to our fellow kids these
days don’t let them stop you from taking selfies
from sending snapchats of your amazingly pretty starbucks drinks, from watching vines huddle around those tiny screens and enjoy each drop of laughter those 6 seconds bring don’t let them stop you from loving what belongs to our generation. If we want the best of our time we have to realize that putting ourselves down won’t do us any good we are born in this time, we get to make
this time don’t let the generation before us make us wish we were born in their time so next time I need to charge my phone I’ll use the air in your head to power a wind turbine simultaneously saving our ozone layer while communicating with my thumbs which contrary to popular belief is not the only way we can communicate so next time you need me to fix your wifi I’ll make sure to take my sweet time cause I could have your hot mail up and running in 10 seconds flat but I’d like to prove that our attention span done actually last longer than 15
seconds and remember to take pride in our title because they don’t call us the kids these days for nothing

7 thoughts on “Kids These Days | Group Slam Poem

  1. What a masterpiece! Thanks for sharing this. I do poetry as well and this is really inspiring. 

  2. I'd like to ask for permission to use this video. I thinks it's an amazing piece and id love to preform it!

  3. Who wrote this poem? I was thinking about performing it for a competition, but I need to know who wrote it.

  4. Hi, I was wondering if maybe I can use your piece as an assignment in class? I'll give credits to you guys of course, it's because our professor wants us to remake a piece like this, like, word by word we need to present someone else's work sooo hahahah thanks in advancee

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