Kill them with love-Mohammed Boonaa (poem)

show me a stranger and I’ll show you a
friend that you haven’t met yet because the obstacle in the way of anything is
usually just one of the prices of success and people are more than just
numbers to crack a smile is really no stress divide my time like economics I
love to say hi and bye less multiply first impressions buy everything you
might have guessed prejudice takes time but my time is business and this just
makes big dollars and sense why would you hate when love just costs less but
you hate it when I’m polite can’t stand when I’m sincere call me all these names
wondering why am I just still standing here mainly because your ignorance
leads me to believe that you really just need a hug I’m a psychotic serial lover
seriously considering only complimenting our mothers because whether you like it
or not I am your brother so tell me what you need so we should do a dollar here
take two may Allah bless you guide you will make things easy for you this
respect thing is just what I do and it’s past tolerating it’s not the
path of understanding and appreciating you so tell me what you’re gonna do when
the love comes for you insult my heritage we’re both from Adam and Eve fool oh
snap! how you like that you gave me extra change and I gave it right back I’ll let
people pass when they want to switch lanes because if it was me I hope they’d
do the same you butchered my name but this is okay
it happens all the time I won’t correct it anyways and it may sound strange but
I am a beat at change improve every day to prove their rudeness is lame I
believe in modesty and try to lower my gaze and everything’s from above and
everything’s the same I ain’t impressed by money cars clothes or fame I’m a
Muslim so the trinkets of this world don’t mean a thing I was taught that
peace is not the absence of war but peace is a feeling that can only come
from remembering your Lord so for the sake of peace there’s no point in hating
me anymore it’s a big place we can all live together in this world I invite you
all to join me in this jihad of and see firsthand why fundamentalism
still begins with fun and if you don’t agree I won’t even does I just kill you
all with love

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