Kinetic Affect perform their Michigan Poem at W.K. Kellogg Foundation Michigan convening

the truth of it is we are very blessed and lucky to be here today but so are you so are we all we all know what a cliche is it's something that at one time used to be novel but it's been so overused that it's lost its original meaning like when life hands you lemons make lemonade and right now there are people in our own country trying to make my state your state our state into a cliche and I'm beginning to think we've forgotten our original mean forgotten who we are what we're made of and what we believe in we are a state that doesn't need to wait for life to throw its lemon because we've got enough local farmers to grow our own and we don't need any sweetener see here in Michigan we know how to bite down on bitter times I believe in a Pure Michigan surrounded by one of the largest freshwater sources in the world but filled with the saltwater sweat of those who keep it flourishing we are the Cradle of Life neatly purred somewhere on this mitten we call home and right now we're about here here but when we sing the national anthem we're the ones closest to everyone's heart I believe in the Michigan where the people know how to use this as well as this and where every child has more than just a right to an education but a reason to wake up and go to a place where teachers are more valued for the gift they provide to our children because we don't just produce amazing automobiles and fill your bowls with cereal in the morning we produce children with piston-powered minds and give them red wings that one day they can teach their own children how to fly across Sleeping Bear Dunes and under Detroit overpasses we believe in the Michigan that can hold us up with the strength of a hundred picture drop even what the Dow Jones crumbles around us we have been weathered by the worst storms and cocked up by glaciers over millennia I believe in a Michigan that is green and blue or bright over 50 lighthouses will make sure that no one has ever left in the dark a Michigan where no matter how far out you go you will always be guided back to shore because we are the brightest star on the flag wrapped up in the blue borders of our beliefs and we believe in a Michigan that has five seasons autumn winter spring summer and road work but don't worry if you don't like the weather just wait 10 minutes they'll change and that's the beauty of being here in a state that is to live to stay still too proud to stand still while everyone gives up around us we are Michigan Michiganders a state that is stunningly beautiful born from fire and a survivor of natural and human disaster that has pushed us forward even when we have wanted so badly to hold back it is not a warm and fuzzy mitt it is an open-hand slap to the face or reminder that even though we are surrounded by water we are not an island we were never alone we are more than a state song or boundary lines and we are definitely more than a cliche because I have not forgotten our original meaning and our state has a warrior's name worth remembering it comes from the Ojibwe Michigan meaning great water and we believe that our ancestors knew something we've forgotten a belief that you never give up on an underdog that family comes first and that home is where the heart is we believe we believe we believe that we will never forget who we are we believe we believe we believe that we will never forget what we're made of if most importantly we believe we believe we believe that we will never forget that Michigan deserves to be believed

37 thoughts on “Kinetic Affect perform their Michigan Poem at W.K. Kellogg Foundation Michigan convening

  1. I met them this month and omg they are so inspiring, I love them😭💙

  2. I met these guys today..There so inspiring..I love them, They're amazing, They preformed this today, 

  3. Makes you PROUD to be a MICHIGANDER …. Now that's PURE MICHIGAN

  4. The government and its crooked laws have broke all of the fingers in the state I love! The thumb, is broken, it doesn't even want to be part of the rest of the state. The Top tips are broken because people insist that shooting a spike horned deer is for the meat. The Middle finger is broken because they closed all of the refineries and laid off thousands because of it. The Pinky is broke because Kzoo really is that a Zoo. The Pointer finger is probably the most broke of all. Its the one that points at you. It holds the highway known as I75. Up and down that finger there are cops that want your money, pull you over for every reason they can think of. The road is not a road most times but a Hwy of Holes. It is home to 3 of this countries top 10 Most dangerous cities. It runs straight through the heart of a Great city that once was and now.. Nobody wants to take the responsibility to clean it or the other two ruined city up. Michigan has fixed itself with problems rather than solutions. Schools are closing, crimes are high, and the government is corrupt and not to mention there just aren't any more jobs. Yes, We used to say "Say, Yes to Michigan". Eventually all that will be left is an empty "Pure Michigan".

  5. Would you believe me if I told you the thing that keeps me from wanting to go back to Michigan is the fact that the roads are a downgrade from driving on cobblestone?  I've got a decade old vehicle with 30 years worth of accumulated rust and suspension issues simply due to the fact that I didn't have a garage to keep it in during the winter.

  6. If people truly believe in these things, then they need to take a stance against fracking in Michigan so that our state's most precious resource (fresh water) is not tainted and depleted. Now is the time to protect the things that we love.

  7. What an outline to an elementry Michigan curriculum for Michigan students!

  8. I'm very cynical with these sorts of things. But this was very impressive; great allusions (very specific, I might add), good rhythm, wonderful movement.

    .Road Work.

  9. This is awesome. Love spoken poetry and as a Michigander, this is spot on for me.

  10. GREAT Job. I am from MI. My family moved from there when little, I was raised in the south but call MI home. Never a southern bell always a Michigander.

  11. This makes me want to move home. I'll always be proud to be from Michigan, no matter where I live. Thanks!

  12. Luckily we corrected our error immediately after recording this video. 🙂

  13. say YES, to Michigan, but be sure to use both hands to include the UP !!!!

  14. I love it, only state to use both your hands and road work is so true. I laughed really hard at that, this is amazing. Michigan will forever be my home

  15. I have moved out of state a few times but am always guided back to Michigan. Michigan is my home. <3 Amazing work.

  16. it is so cool, I absolutely Love it. want to share it with all my family.

  17. I was quite disheartened that they did not include the UP. We are a vital part of Michigan. I see they added it later… but man, give us our some respect. We are hard working, hard loving, and live through the harshest weather in the US. We smile and are very friendly we have some of the most beautiful scenic natural beauty the US holds. Please stop forgetting about us… or adding us as an after thought. We are proud to be apart of this great state too. Whew,thank you for listening

  18. They mentioned the UP in their new version but it's on Vimeo: check it out here: vimeo dot com/34233432

  19. Grew up in michigan till I was 22. Glad I'm gone and I'm never going back.

  20. I'm from the UP but I still thought this was fantastic! At least you mentioned pictured rocks 😀 Thanks so much for this, I'm going to go look up the updated version!

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