King James flaming Homosexual authors bible lol

James's sexual preferences were apparent from an early age at 13 he fell for his 37 year old cousin as May Stewart whom he later made Duke of Linux an observer said James was in such love with him that in the open sight of the people often he would clasp him about the neck with his arms and kiss him James had been King of Scotland since the age of 1 and when he inherited the throne of England at 36 he was used to Scottish rule where the king was above the law in England he bristled with the growing urban middle class who didn't want an absolute monarch James also hated that in England he had to get permission from Parliament to collect taxes permission they rarely granted famous Elizabethan Sir Walter Raleigh was involved in a plot to remove King James Raleigh was found guilty of treason and beheaded during James's reign the British began to colonize what is now Canada and the United States the colony of Jamestown Virginia was named for him perhaps James's most lasting contribution was the printing of the King James Bible one of the first written in English the translation had a lasting effect on the Protestant religion and is still very popular today

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