Kofi Kingston leg drops Randy Orton through a table: SmackDown LIVE, Sept. 3, 2019

This building, this arena, will always
hold a very special place in my heart because it was here in this very building
where my career changed forever.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>It was here where I decided to step up to one of the top superstars in
all of WWE to proved that I belonged here.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>And that’s exactly what I did when I whooped Randy Orton’s ass
all over this damn building!>>[APPLAUSE]
>>I whooped him in the ring. I whooped him outside the ring. I whooped him into the walls,
over the barricades, into the crowd, all over the damn place. And the icing on the cake, the icing
on the cake is when I laid Randy Orton out, and I put his ass through a table.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>The entire arena, hell the entire city of New York was chanting my name and I knew, I knew.>>Kofi, Kofi, Kofi, Kofi, Kofi, Kofi,
Kofi, Kofi, Kofi, Kofi, Kofi, Kofi.>>I knew that one day I would be
back here at Madison Square Garden, inside this ring, standing before you all
as your WWE champion, that day has come!>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid. I can’t go on listening to you
talk about the two things, you’ve done in the last ten years. What you win the World Title and
you put me through a table? Big deal, Kofi. You know what I’ve done
in the last ten years? I’ve won the world title seven times. I’ve won the Royal Rumble twice. A Money in the Bank contract,
but none of that matters. None of that matters. What matters is now. What matters is this Sunday. What matters is I’m taking
that title from you, Kofi. And I’m gonna do it because you have
pretended to be something you are not ever since day one. Whether it was that Jamaican accent and those dreadlocks.>>[NOISE]
>>Or whether it was that phony power of positivity [BLEEP].>>[NOISE]
>>Here we go.>>Kofi Kingston, that’s a steel chair.>>It’s another trap. Yet again, Orton lures in Kofi Kingston,
>>Stupid, stupid, stupid!>>And Kingston pays the price. [NOISE]
>>[NOISE]>>Stupid, stupid!>>Randy Orton using Kofi’s emotions
against him week after week like clockwork. The Viper has used Kofi’s emotions against
him which is exactly why Orton will be WWE Champion, Sunday. This isn’t an isolated incident. This happens over, and
over, and over again.>>No, no!
>>[NOISE]>>Orton wanted that sweet sound of Kofi bouncing off
the concrete and Kofi battling back.>>Kofi trying to fight
off Orton’s plans here. Uh-oh, now it’s Kofi who’s
got the steel chair.>>Kofi, Kofi, Kofi.>>Making Randy Orton pay for
every inflammatory remark, for every attack
>>Kofi’s getting a measure of redemption tonight, but
it all changes this Sunday. The WWE Championship isn’t
on the line tonight.>>My.>>Again, with that steel chair. [NOISE]
>>Ten years ago Kofi Kingston said he stepped up to prove that he belongs here
in WWE, here inside Madison Square Garden.>>We’re about to relive history,
all right?>>Kofi Kingston onto the railing.>>[NOISE]
>>Measuring The Viper below.>>Kofi, Kofi, Kofi!>>Kofi has his target!>>Through the table.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>How good do you think that feels for
the WWE champion?>>Gotta boost Kofi’s confidence for
sure, take a little bit out of The Viper. But again, the circumstances this Sunday,
very, very different. The WWE championship is on the line. Kofi’s fairy tale could come to an end.

100 thoughts on “Kofi Kingston leg drops Randy Orton through a table: SmackDown LIVE, Sept. 3, 2019

  1. Orton is a great heel. Kofi still a boring bad actor And bad champion. Thank God AEW is coming to tnt

  2. Botched table prop, botched landing (hitting Randy's knees). Its not impressive if you cant even replicate well your past stunt.

  3. They shouldn't have censored the b*lls*it because if they don't its attitude era or ruthless Agression era

  4. Just waiting since kofi and randy started feuding for him to do this again knew it was gonna happen

  5. Welll kofi lied he never thought 10 years ago he would be wwe champion in thr garden but welk played aha

  6. I'm still not buying into Kofi as a bonifide WWE champion… kinda like when they put belt on jinder….

  7. I love Kofi as much as the next fan, but my goodness his mic skills suck, almost sounds like hes begging and pleading to be taken not only as serious but a serious champ.😒

  8. I didn't noticed first time that Kofi landed on Randy's leg. I hope Randy is not injured.

  9. We want Randy as champion…… Wwe we are hating u guys now a days…. Not giving Randy enough push

  10. This match on Sunday is kinda meaningless, since we know the feud will continue to the next payperview no matter who wins. It really just decides who has to have the title on their shoulder til then.

  11. I am curious about something. I have watched just about everything on the Network that is there and I have never seen any footage of Randy Orton being a baby face. Has he EVER done that? He is such an awesome heel, I am just wondering what kind of baby face he would make.

  12. Randy to kofi: stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid.

    Ziegler: it should've been me.

  13. Come on Vince, at least come up with something that makes sense.

  14. Am i the only one WHO MUCH PREFER the old WWE SMACKDOWN?
    Im 25 but i still remember when i was in elementary every Saturday night 9PM in the PH I ALWAYS waiting in RPN 9 just to watch UNDERTAKER, JOHN CENA, REY MYSTERIO, EDDIE GERRERO, THE BIG SHOW, TRIPLE H AND MORE oh i forgot BOGGYMAN WHO EATS WORM….

    DAMN I REALLY MISS EVERYTIME DEY ALL FIGHTING AND ALL OF A SUDDEN DEY WILL ALL HEAR THE THUNDER AUDIO it means UNDERTAKER will show up and every one will run just to avoid him…. And d time dat REY MYSTERIO hav a fight u will always praying dat his opponent will be on the rope so u can see the 619 DAMN…. OR U WILL ALWAYS SHOUT U CAN SEE ME WATSUP WATSUP BY JOHN CENA oh i wish we hav a time machine…

  15. early days, giants/monsters with brute force get beaten by skilled fighters who are noticeably smaller -today those small flies who can't even lift their opponents on their shoulders, or a table in this case, magically take NO damage while getting beaten multiple times with objects and then finish the bigger guys with a powermove, but obly after they hit them for one or two times and absolutely DEVASTATE them… dear management, find the god damn fault… it SUCKS SO HARD! Like when the women beat men two times as big with a powermove where they barley manage to not brake their backs… it's not entertaining, it's just lame writing, at least TRY to make it look like it could be real…

    PS: i'm waiting for the mixed match Braun Strowman vs Alexa Bliss, where Alexa supplexes braun through a table…


  17. KOFi, KOFi, KOFi, KOFi

    that double legs leg drop through The table and ended up in his feet like awesome 💯


  18. Those first chair shots by Kofi look like they hit Randy in the head. Anyone else notice that?

    Both Kofi Kingston and Randy Orton SUCK worse than horribly despicable and lameassed as WWE champion! This is by far the ABSOLUTE WORST most non-enjoyable DISSATISFYINGLY PATHETIC SUCKWAD unenjoyably dissatisfyingly unwanted terribly WRONGFUL NO-DAMN-GOOD feud on SmackDown & on WWE PPV'S !!

  20. OK RANDY WON , I Left the video after “I’m gonna do it because you have pretended to be something you are not ever since day one Whether it was that Jamaican accent and those dreadlocks”

  21. Thank God Randy got a beat down bcuz as rules go whoever still standing at the last Smackdown or Raw loses in the PPV so Randy will definitely win this Sunday

  22. Espero en Dios Kofi pierda el wwe championship este domingo en clash of champions, porque ya está bueno.

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