“Kriegsgeneration” ~ Poetry Slam Text von Marie Herzog

It’s 2015. We live in war, because thousands of people are murdering daily. ISIS Al Qaida the own neighbour. Next day, you follow the news,
but you can’t realize, how something like that could happen. Bombs exploded, humans screamed, blood flows, they wanted to rid themselves. We live in the third worldwar, during a time in which everyone wants to be a hero. I am 16 years old, I am scared about the future, because many are so stupid. I am literally a child,
which goes to bed sadly, because I can’t understand what happens out there. Because we are children oft the „wargeneration“, living in this broken nation,
In which you ask yourself, how long you may live,
at this stupid planet. In a time in which you are scared about the future, In which you avoid the next big city. Just because of this mute war, Which may cause that the world goes down, Just because religion,
because everybody has it’s own version which leads too often to violence. terrible, that I have to talk like that, but everyone has it’s own package, which he has to carry. And they, they decide on hurting others, to finish their lifes, because they will die in their wounds. Physically, but also psychologically. This is so tragic. And I don’t ask myself what’s now, because everbody is stuck. I ask myself what the future holds, because i can’t see any silver linings, I see cities bombed
Like it was in the past, with daily danger. I don’t want to be a child of the next “wargeneration” With people dying because of others, and we risk our lifes daily. And we distrust everyone building up mental walls. With murdering people, and with people which are scared about tomorrow. With this huge loneliness,
in which everybody stays alone. With this dream of peace, but with the reality of war. And in the past, I liked to grow up, but today I want to be younger. A little sunshine, and the world was mine. Because I didn’t know what it means to live, when everybody don’t gives a fuck on life.

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  1. Ein sehr schönes Video. Das ist alles so wahr… Der Film im Hintergrund hat mir auch sehr gefallen! 😊 weiter so.

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