Kristen Stewart: Things You Didn’t Know About Her!

Hi, everyone! It’s Samantha! From her fear of being in front of the camera
to her numerous relationships, these are the things that you didn’t know about Kristen
Stewart! 14. Her Parents Kristen Stewart was born in April 1990 in
Los Angeles, California, and she’s currently twenty-eight years old. It isn’t too surprising that she ended up
in the movie industry because both of her parents were involved in the same business. Her dad, John Stewart, is a television producer
and stage manager. He worked for Comedy Central for the show
@midnight with Chris Hardwick, which ran from 2013 to 2017, and for Fox. Her mom, Jules Mann-Stewart, is a film director
and script supervisor; she directed the movie K-11, a prison drama from 2012. Her mother is from Queensland, Australia,
and Kristen noted that the country is one of her favorite places in the world. She said that she’d spent a significant
amount of time in Australia and loves Noosa Heads, a small town on the Sunshine Coast,
and even added that she has no problem with one of the nation’s signature foods, stating,
“I actually don’t mind Vegemite. I know most Americans can’t stand the smell,
taste or look of it but I like it.” Stewart also has three brothers, named Cameron,
Dana, and Taylor; the latter two were adopted. 13. Beginning Since her parents were in the business, Kristen’s
passion for the film industry began at an early age. She started acting when she was just eight
years old after she was discovered by an agent during an elementary school Christmas play. She began auditioning for various roles and
got a small part in The Thirteenth Year, a Disney Channel movie, for which she had no
lines. The next film she was in was The Flintstones
in Viva Rock Vegas as the “ring toss girl.” In 2001, Kristen acted in The Safety of Objects
as a single mother’s tomboyish daughter. A year after that, she got the part of a tomboy
daughter with diabetes in Panic Room alongside Jodie Foster and was nominated for a Young
Artist Award. In 2003, she was in Cold Creek Manor with
Sharon Stone and Dennis Quaid, earning another Young Artist Award nomination. 12. Rise To Fame It wasn’t until she was fourteen that Kristen
Stewart got a starring role in the 2004 film Catch That Kid with Corbin Bleu and Max Thieriot. That same year, she played Lila in Undertow,
a drama thriller. A year later, Stewart got a role in the fantasy
movie Zathura: A Space Adventure. In 2007, she portrayed Tracy in Sean Penn’s
adaptation of Into the Wild, and her performance garnered mixed reviews. Dennis Harvey, a critic from Variety, said,
“It’s unclear whether Stewart means to be playing hippie-chick Tracy as vapid, or
whether it just comes off that way.” Around the same time, she co-starred in the
film The Cake Eaters, which follows the reunion of two families and their deep-seated issues. Kristen’s role in this film received many
positive reviews and gained her more recognition even though it was only screened at film festivals. 11. Anxiety Problems Kristen Stewart is known for her rebellious
ways, unique acting style, and seemingly-carefree attitude, but things haven’t always been
happy-go-lucky for the star. One reason her struggle with anxiety. During an interview with Elle UK, she spoke
out about the problems she’s faced with the disorder throughout her life. She said, “I went through so much stress
and periods of strife. I would have panic attacks. I literally always had a stomach ache. And I was a control freak and I couldn’t
anticipate what was going to happen in a given situation, so I’d be like, ‘Maybe I’m
going to get sick’… It’s kind of remarkable. I just grew out of it, but that’s not to
say I don’t get worried.” Kristen later added in an interview with Marie
Claire magazine, “I was constantly anxious…If I didn’t know how something was going to
turn out, I would make myself ill, or just be locked up or inhibited in a way that was
really debilitating.” Since anxiety disorders are one of the most
common mental issues in the United States, according to the ADAA, it shouldn’t be too
surprising that many celebrities deal with it as well. 10. Joan Jett One of the movies Kristen Stewart is lesser
known for is The Runaways, a 2010 biographical film about Joan Jett’s first band that also
follows her relationship with the member Cherie Currie. Kristen had the starring role as Jett in the
movie, and Dakota Fanning played Currie. Although the feature isn’t her most well-recognized,
Stewart went the extra mile while preparing for her role as the rock star. Vogue noted that she even flew to Seattle
to see Jett perform during a New Year’s Eve concert, and they ended up spending the
entire night together. They hung out in Joan’s hotel room discussing
and playing music. Apparently, she even burned some live bootlegs
and albums for Kristen and loaned her some tape-recorded messages she had made for her
aunt at thirteen years old. Stewart said, “She’s just saying things
like, ‘I’m eating a microwave pizza now!’ It’s funny that this total rock star was
once just like any other lazy teenager.” She added regarding the film, “If I go out
there and everyone’s wearing shag haircuts like Joan, I’ll know we did something right.” The feature was well-received, and Kristen
was praised for her work. Joan Jett told Rolling Stone that looking
at Stewart’s performance was “like looking into a mirror.” Metro Times noted, “It turns out that Stewart
is actually really good at capturing Jett’s icy, tough-but-cool girl swagger, adding the
needed touches of vulnerability that transform it into a pretty terrific performance… Stewart is a genuine rock star here.” 9. Not Perfect Kristen Stewart had somewhat of a reputation
for not looking happy, smiling, or showing any emotion for a long time after the Twilight
series came out. However, her then-boyfriend Robert Pattinson
pointed out that this just wasn’t the case. In 2012, he said, “No matter how many times
she smiles, they’ll put in the one picture where she’s not smiling.” Stewart noted, “I have been criticised a
lot for not looking perfect in every photograph.” She added, “…I’m not embarrassed about
it. I’m proud of it. If I [look perfect in pictures] all the time,
the people standing in the room with me, or on the carpet, would think, ‘What an actress! What a faker!’ That thought embarrasses me so much that I
[don’t look good] in half my photos, and I don’t [care]. What matters to me is that the people in the
room leave and say, ‘She was cool. She had a good time. She was honest.’” You go, Kristen! 8. Director Kristen Stewart is a multi-talented artist
that seems to be overlooked a lot of the time. However, in 2017, her directorial debut took
place with the short film titled Come Swim. The feature is only seventeen minutes long
and artistically follows the course of a man’s day. Many people believe that the short was about
her past relationship with Robert Pattinson. She told the Los Angeles Times, “I wasn’t
fearful in confronting what this was about. I mean, I put a relationship right in the
middle of it… I read through poems of mine from the past
few years, and I was like, ‘I’m writing the same poem over and over again. If I don’t make this movie, I can’t move
on.’” 7. Other Dreams Even though she’s been extremely successful
as an actress, there was a time when Kristen Stewart didn’t want to be in front of the
camera. This probably had something to do with her
anxiety, but, she noted later on, “I never wanted to be the center of attention – I wasn’t
that ‘I want to be famous, I want to be an actor’ kid. I never sought out acting, but I always practiced
my autograph because I love pens. I’d write my name on everything.” She had dreams of becoming a director instead;
her original plans were accomplished through the short film we previously discussed. 6. Twilight Kristen Stewart is most famous for her portrayal
of Bella Swan in the Twilight film series. The first movie came out in 2008 and followed
the development of Bella and Edward Cullen’s romance. Edward, the handsome vampire, was of course
played by none other than Robert Pattinson. Stewart went on to play the character in the
following four films, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn parts one and two. However, after her iconic role, Stewart moved
onto doing films whose scripts truly drew her interest. In 2014, Clouds of Sils Maria was released
with Kristen as Valentine. She ended up winning the French Cesar award
for Best Supporting Actress, which is the equivalent of an Academy Award in the United
States. Her other movies include Anesthesia, Certain
Women, Cafe Society, Personal Shopper, and Lizzie. According to IMDb, Stewart has won forty-eight
awards so far and has another sixty-seven nominations. 5. Barefoot Kristen’s unorthodox ways have gotten her
a significant amount of attention throughout the years. One of the most famous examples of this was
during the 2018 Cannes Film Festival. The event requires that women wear high heels
for years, and she doesn’t agree with the policy along with many other celebrities. So, she wore her black Louboutins for a brief
moment on the red carpet before taking them off and walking up the stairs. She noted, “There’s definitely a distinct
dress code… People get very upset at you if you don’t
wear heels or whatever… if you’re not asking guys to wear heels and a dress, then
you can’t ask me either.” 4. Musician & Singer There’s no denying that Kristen Stewart
is skilled in many areas. She and Dakota Fanning even sang several of
the songs for their film The Runaways. But, you can listen to Stewart singing more
clearly in the movie Into the Wild from 2007. She told Nylon in 2015, “I’ve always liked
playing guitar and stuff, but I’ve really started playing music a lot [this past year]. That’s always been intimidating for me… If you’re good at one thing from a young
age, it’s like, ‘Well, that’s what you’re good at.’ It’s hard to step out of that and explore
other things because you’re like, ‘No, that’s what I do.’” Joan Jett told MTV in regards to The Runaways
and Kristen’s performances in the movie, “She’s singing. She’s definitely doing the singing, yeah. And during the filming, she was playing guitar… We went through it. I showed her the positions that I play – because
guitar players use different hand positions on the boards – so I showed her how I played
it, and she picked it up really well… She really, really embodied it.” 3. In The Buff Kristen appeared in a French indie film called
Personal Shopper, which was directed by Olivier Assayas. She noted that the director didn’t acknowledge
her in-the-buff scenes as different from any other scenes in the film. Although she doesn’t have an issue with
performing without clothes, she thinks Americans don’t appreciate it as much as the French
do. Kristen explains that having no clothes could
add strength to a character by literally and metaphorically making their whole selves visible. In particular, she felt that her scene in
Personal Shopper shows how lonely her character is because she’s actually talking to a fake
person on the phone. 2. First Relationships Kristen Stewart has gotten about as much attention
for her relationships as she has for her work. Back in 2005, she began dating Michael Angarano
after they met on the set of Speak. The two dated for four years, calling it quits
in 2009. Perhaps her most well-known romance was with
Robert Pattinson, her Twilight co-star. The pair were dating for about three years
when news came out that she was unfaithful to him in 2012. Photographs were publicly released of her
and Rupert Sanders, the director of the film Snow White and the Huntsman, getting up close
and personal. There was no question of whether or not the
two had been romantic with each other because the pictures were proof of everything. Kristen made a statement to People soon after,
noting that she was sorry for the “hurt and embarrassment” her and Rupert’s short-lived
affair had caused. She added, “[my] momentary indiscretion…
jeopardized the most important thing in my life, the person I love and respect the most,
Rob. I love him, I love him, I’m so sorry.” 1. Bisexual Despite the negative publicity she faced after
the affair with Sanders, Kristen moved on and came out as bisexual when she began dating
other women. Her first public relationship with a woman
was in 2014 with Alicia Cargile, a producer. Then, in 2016, she was romantically involved
with Soko, a French singer. Soon after, she got together with St. Vincent,
an indie rock singer. One of her most recent relationships was with
Stella Maxwell, a Victoria’s Secret model. But, apparently, things ended with these two
around December 2018. Nowadays, Stewart is dating Sara Dinkin, a
stylist and successful blogger. Today’s featured comment is from Michael
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  1. She catched my eyes after watching her role as Jodie Foster's daughter in Panic Room. Amazing performance.

  2. I've enjoyed watching Kristen Stewart's progression over the years — both, in her acting, and as a human being. I always thought she was okay, but in recent years, I've actually become a fan. She's a very real artist and person.

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