KS2 Poetry Competition – THE FINAL! | OBLive News

Within the flower there lies a seed – within
the seed there springs a tree! Schools are asked to recite three poems off
by heart and to perform them, so that they plan different movements, a range of individual,
group and whole group voices in order to enhance the meanings of the poems. I enjoyed it because it was a really fun experience
and it’s not one that I’ll get very often and it was a lot of fun performing it and
working on the whole poem with my friends and in the group. I like poetry because poetry gets me to express
my feelings – if I feel sad, even when I’m happy I can just tell a poem that makes me smile
a lot so that’s why I like poetry. Even if you don’t win you can still have fun
and you don’t need a trophy to smile. I think what I’ve learned from this is how
much children do enjoy learning poems – enabling them to express their feelings and give them
vent to times where they may be feeling a bit sad. I think poetry’s got a great deal to give
to the lives of our young people in Barking and Dagenham.

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