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This is Ganganagar Airport!
Lonely and solitary like me. But everyone does find love here. That is probably why I work here. Because in life more than
losing or gaining in love.. ..is to love! This is what happened here one day.. ..which I will never forget. Neither those who were here.. ..nor will you who
will listen to this tale. This is the tale of life, of waiting,
of complaints and acceptance! But more than all
this is the tale of love. This is my airport, and this is me. And this is my love. “Something sweet.. let
something sweet happen..” “Something sweet..” “Let something sweet happen!” “Let something sweet happen.” “Let sweetness happen!” “Let sweetness happen!” “Let sweetness happen!” “Such enchanting ambience.” “Fragrances all around.” “Love overflows with youthfulness.” “Let me come near!” “Allow me to come near.” “Let me come..” “Come..” “Let me come.” This is Rahul. His
parents stay in New York.. ..but they have sent him Ganganagar
boarding school for studies. And this is Farah. Both
are victims of cyber love. It is the last day of
Rahul’s school and Farah has come.. ..from Delhi to meet Rahul. Of
course, lying to her father. What do I tell you?
It’s sweet but very risky! This is Italiano Siddharth.
He stays in Italy but.. ..wants to marry an Indian girl. Maybe he now realizes.. ..the difference
between pizzas and paranthas. But his problem is that
he is trapped between.. ..two paranthas,
oops.. I mean, two sisters. Maniu and Anita.
Poor chap! He’s a goner. Danny and Mina. They are newlyweds.. ..but it is
difficult to differentiate.. ..the difference between
the wife and the husband. They are married but it seems
going for the honeymoon are.. ..Danny’s dad, Colonel
Shamsher ‘Bubbles’ Kapoor and.. ..Mina’s as yet spinster aunt,
the svelte and coquettish Chanchal. Captain Vikram Gill,
he smokes a lot and.. ..Rachna Singh, the air-hostess.
She weeps a lot. They are married.
No, not to each other.. ..but they do love each other a lot. Ben Seiber. He came to India in
search of devotion and.. ..this is his devotion. Ms Jenny, Rahul’s
boarding school teacher. And this is Abhay Singh Khona;
an antique dealer from Jaipur. Currently he is searching to
get signals for his cell phone.. ..and maybe the
neighbouring zoo is looking for him. Vibha and Sunil, divorced.
If anyone asks them the.. ..reason of their separation,
they have only reply don’t know. lf anything is known in
their family, then it is their.. ..11-year old daughter Nitika. Famous writer Gul Khan. He stays in London and
his wife Gulab Khan. Gulab.. now what do I tell about her? lf I could, I would
have told earlier. And this is.. I don’t know. Someone! This is our plane, flight TW351 . Many private planes come here.. ..but this flight
comes every morning.. ..from Delhi to Ganganagar
and returns in the afternoon. This suits the plane as well as us. But that day there was
some snag in the plane.. ..and from there begins our tale. lf the plane wasn’t delayed, this
tale would not be created at all. Today is a very unlucky day.
– Why, what happened? Early morning my hen ran away. Why are you spoiling my
mood early in the morning? Only a hen has run away,
not a buffalo. It is inauspicious if a hen
run’s away. It is tantamount to.. ..having your nose cut off.
– Why? See, if a wife runs away, it
is her who bears the shame.. ..if a daughter runs away,
the father who bears the shame. So? It is the same for hens
and buffaloes, isn’t it? Yes brother, it was too
bad what happened with you. Yes, friend. We did it, Farah! Yes, how six hours passed,
we didn’t even realise. Yes, but we met each other today. Do you remember, Rahul, three
months ago for the first time.. ..we chatted on the net? Yes, and then we spoke on the phone. And now see, I have come to
Ganganagar to meet you even. See, and you were
getting apprehensive. I told you it’s possible. Rahul, I’ll miss you. Farah, the school is got over.
Now I can take admission in.. ..some college in Delhi.
We’ll be together. But what if your papa
calls you back to the US? He wants me to study
in India. So, Delhi. You will speak to your father in
New York, won’t you? Will he agree? He will agree hundred percent.
I am his favourite. – Hope so.. I must reach Delhi in time. I must be home before daddy. Farah, this is a 4 o’clock flight.
Even if it was a 6 o’clock one.. ..you would have still
reached home in time. Then we would have got
two more hours together. Come, let’s leave for the airport. Siddharth, how these
three hours passed by. Yes, I know.
– Hi, Sid. Hi Anita. What was the need of
coming all the way to the airport? How could I not come? I had to. Shall we move inside, Siddharth?
– Yeah, sure. Sorry, Maniu, this is
Anita Ahuja and Anita.. ..this is Maniu Narang. Siddharth, we are cousins. Now see Siddharth, Duggal
aunty had asked you to see me. Maniu came to know of this
and she butted in. How cheap! Mind your language, okay. I am not speaking to you.
And when I do, you shall.. ..know my language. Siddharth, shall we go in? Yeah sure. Do you mind, Maniu? Oh please, carry on.
Why should I mind? I’ll see you inside. Darling, it is a rare single piece..
unique and genuine! It is not a carpet
but a magic carpet. No, the custom
officers here are our kids. You take care of London.
After that if I want an aeroplane .. ..I will get that and do a lot of
farming to earn loads of money. Hello, hello Raja, this is
a problem with the signal. Hello, hello, police.. There are only two sticks standing.
Hello, hello.. I will catch it, Raja, hello. Only want monies! Vitamin M! Hello Gentle Pilot. Hello! I am flying for the first time.
Do you have a license? But actually I do have
a license, my friend. Very fine! He has a license. Don’t you worry.
– Crazy. Hello, hey Rachs, what’s up,
I mean.. where are you? I am having a bath. Really? Shall I come? I will talk to you later, Vikram. Now what has happened to her? Excuse me, ma’am, excuse
me ma’am. Any baggage? Yeah sorry.
– Any baggage? Huh?
– Any baggage? – No. Your boarding pass.
– Thank you. Rahul, where is your ticket? It is with Miss Jenny.
I have told Rishabh. Rishabh, stop that. God help me! ‘Hare
Rama Hare Krishna!’ Guys, let’s go. “You came near..” Chanchal..
– Yes? Have you heard of a lion.. ..giving birth to a donkey? “You came near..
you smiled like that..” Never Colonel Shamsher
‘Bubbles’ Kapoor has done so. “God knows what dreams
you showed me.” See that donkey there. “You came near..
you smiled like that..” “God knows what dreams
you showed me.” Mina! You are too much! It is only
three days of their wedding. Chanchal, Chanchal, in three days,
half of Europe had.. ..surrendered to
Napoleon and this donkey.. ..with the vanity case in
his hand is chasing is wife. Mina, I am your husband.. I mean, respectfully yours. Mina, please listen to me.
So much anger isn’t good. Mina, what could I do?
It was an SOTC offer. Two tickets free for two! And
Chanchal aunty had paid for it.. Chanchal aunty had insisted.
Hence dad is coming with us.. ..on the holiday. Mina, I tried to explain, but.. ..it is not so easy
to explain to my dad. Mina, you are my.. You are respectfully my wife. Dad can’t understand but you can.. After all it is we who
have to stay together. I feel like giving
her one below her ears. Shall we go, Mina? Come. Brother, your ticket.. Ticket. What sir, these are only two tickets. These are my parents.
They have come to leave us. lf anyone sees them,
I will lose my job. Who will bother to
know in such a small city? I am of your city only, brother.
– But sir.. One minute. Keep these, okay? Saif? Once again, we are the
last ones to check in. You are never ready on time. Sunil, you know. I was late
on the wedding day too and.. ..on the day of divorce
day too. Relax, we haven’t.. ..missed the flight yet. What if we had? lf we had? What? Am I the one who is
always wrong? What do you think? I have been thinking!
Since many days I have.. ..been thinking how we will
live together in the future! How? We shall stay with my
parents in New York.. ..after our marriage. New York? But I’ll never leave Delhi. Yes, I mean, we shall go
on a trip to New York. We will stay in Delhi only,
in India, of course. Yeah! And we will have four kids, then? Rahul! Not more than two.
Only two kids. Two kids? Yes, there should be
only two. Two is fine. Two is perfect. You will manage those kids
at home very comfortably. No, Rahul, after
marriage I will work. Yes, I mean, you will manage the
kids after coming back from the school. Won’t you? Your career.. will
be a teacher in the school? No? No, Rahul, doctor! Even better! It is an
intelligent choice. The children also.. ..will be healthy and me too. No, Rahul, veterinary doctor! And especially I love horses a lot. I love dogs. I hate them, Rahul. I used to love them,
but not anymore. Not now. Rahul, do you believe in God? God? No!
– No? No, not that ‘no’. I mean ‘know’.
K-N-O-W as in ‘Do you know?’ I believe in God a lot. Yes,
I believe a lot. God save me! One minute, one minute. God saved me. Hey Rachs, why were you so
rude on the phone today? Rachs, what happened, Rachs? Nothing. Nothing? Rachs, your eyes
are swollen. What’s the matter? Tell me. I am pregnant. Pregnant? Captain.. ..I think we have a problem. Will there be no problem? My brother had done
the same. He got married. Wow! Let’s do it. One minute. How’s it?
– It’s okay, man. It cost 12 grand. Good, damn good. It’s a great idea, sir! I am very romantic. Yes, I felt
a bit of a pinch when buying.. ..but so what! Hey, stop buddy. Go in style.
My brother had done it too. Okay. Here we go! The same happened to my brother. Rahul! So sweet! Great! Hello, what are your names? Rahul!
– Farah! And age? I am 19 and she is 18. Oh, that means Romeo has
sprouted his moustaches.. ..just yesterday
and Juliet her youth. 18 and 19, so sweet. “You have begun to seem so lovable.” “I have begun to
become yours by heart.” “You too, sweetheart, fall in love.” “A little bit of
acceptance you make.” “Please do so, my sweetheart.” “You have begun to seem so lovable.” “I have begun to
become yours by heart.” “You too, sweetheart, fall in love.” “A little bit of
acceptance you make.” “Please do so, my sweetheart.” “You have given this heart its
painful love.. Painful love.” “You are in these eyes all
the hours.. All the hours.” “Every moment this
heartbeat calls you.” “I have begun to
become yours by heart.” “You too, sweetheart, fall in love.” “A little bit of
acceptance you make.” “Please do so, my sweetheart.” “You have stolen my peace..
My peace.” “You have made this heart
uncontrollable.. Uncontrollable.” “Understand, my gestures, sweetheart.” “I have begun to
become yours by heart.” “You too, sweetheart, fall in love.” “A little bit of
acceptance you make.” “Please do so, my sweetheart.” Rahul, eh Rahul. Wipe
your faces at least. Ladies and gentlemen,
your attention please. This is Captain Vikram Gill,
your commander on the flight.. ..to New Delhi. When we
boarded this flight in the.. ..morning everything
was all right, but.. ..just now in the fuel system
there is some technical snag.. ..and in such a situation I
cannot take the risk of flying. What the hell, Rahul? We guys are working on it, and I
am sure in a couple of hours.. ..this problem will be fixed
and we shall be ready to fly. Till then, make
yourselves comfortable and relax. I apologise for this delay. Aunt had come for a picnic! The kids need to be
picked up in Delhi. This too had to happen today. But what has happened?
I have a right to know. But what is the problem? The problem is..
Indian administration. The pilot is lying. He
doesn’t have a license. It is just a forty-seater
flight and that too is not full. Grant me a leave, sir. Oh friend, your hen has
run away. Not your wife. Are you married? Only engaged, sir. You are engaged?
Then you must be happy. Your hen has run away. It’s
not your fiancée that has fled. The hen is like a daughter
to me. We take it along.. ..during the marriages. Why, brother?
– It is a custom, sir. It is a strange custom. It is the custom sir. They
say the one who could not.. ..protect his hen, how
will he protect his wife? Sir, my marriage will be
broken; I will be disregarded.. ..in my community.
– Community. O Damru, where are you from?
– Sir, from Garhwal. What are these
voices from the office? The flight is delayed so
the people want to meet you. Come, let us search your hen.
– Come. Sir, why are you trapping me
in this? You have to meet them. What problem! Sir, my hen.
– Barbeque your hen. Those who say shall be blessed. The Lord is the only truth!
– Thank you. Excuse me, I am Gul (also
means vanished in Urdu). What are you saying? You are
standing right in front of me. I am Gul and.. What are you saying? You
are still standing here. Something is amiss. Sorry, Mr. Gul. My name is S. R.
Khan. GM Ganganagar Airport. It is something like this only,
isn’t it? – Yes. General Manager. Tell me, what problem do you have? I just want to know what
time is this flight leaving? This time when we spoke to the
flight people, they said five. Five-thirty as of now. Five-thirty? O my God! I’ll be late. Oh, don’t worry Llama. Very nice! As of now? As of now means? What does this time mean, sir? As of now.
– As of now, sir. But what does as of now 5:30 mean? What does it mean sir?
– As of now 5:30. As of now 5:30, sir. Those who say shall be blessed. The Lord is the only truth! This gentleman wants to
say that when the last.. ..announcement was made, it
was said 1700 hours and.. ..now this cartoon is telling
it is 17:30 hours, as of now. May I know why? Colonel, why do you get upset?
It’s just a plane. It is not Damru’s hen
which could fly away! Mr. Pandey is setting it right. Mr. Pandey? He could not set
my Maruti (LMV) right till now.. ..what will he set a plane right? Speak softly. What are you doing?
They are standing here. Excuse me, I am from America.
Do you have a sense of duty.. ..or not, within your country?
It makes my blood boil. Now this mister..
– Ben Sidebottom.. From?
– America. Now what impression will he
take from here and go back? Tell me, Mr. Ben, what is
your impression of India? India is great.
America has lost its way. America has lost its way.
I will live in India only. Shall we give him an Indian passport? ‘Hare Krishna Hare Rama!’ What’s wrong with you,
man? I am an American citizen. I demand an apology. Apology? See, Mr. USA,
there is paper and a pen there. Please feel free. Write
whatever suits your fancy. And I am the assistant..
Sir, one minute. Dubey, what are you doing? Assistant General Manager.. Ganganagar. Ganganagar. Ram Sharan Dubey. Whatever complaint.. ..you want to write
against me, write that too. Sir has to read it.. and he is
the one who has to tear it as well! Right. Mr. Ben, would you like to try it? Sure! All right, welcome to India. Good stuff! Want some?
– What the hell? What are you doing? Such a shameful act of
being drunk on duty hours.. ..and that too when
the flight is delayed. We start drinking daily from the
morning itself. Anyways there.. ..isn’t any forecast that the
flight is going to be delayed.. ..and you stop drinking. Do you know whom you are speaking to? The minister for coal
and mines is my uncle. Oh Dubey, if he were a coalmine,
our job would have.. ..gone by now. A bunch of jokers are
running this airport. Let’s go. How disgusting! Hey, thanks for this, man. Mr. Ben, alcohol, anytime.
– Cheers. Sir, how nicely you have
attended the complaints! Gentlemen, take my mobile
number and when the plane.. ..is about to take off,
just give me a ring. Okay. I am Abhay Singh Khona.
I am a busy person. Yes. As if we are the only idlers! Dubey, if Damru had lost a
peacock instead of a hen.. ..I would’ve sent him. At least then he wouldn’t come here. Sir, with all respect,
I will leave him till far. Thank you. He drank it all. Drunkard! Finally the undesired happened.
Because I had to.. ..reach London soon
you took it all lightly. lf we had gone three days earlier,
all this would.. ..not have happened, would it?
By chance, if the flight is.. ..delayed more, then do
you know what will happen? The same happens everyday. Now what can
happen worse between us? You don’t deserve me. I don’t deserve this toothache also,
but what to do, I have it. You stink! You emotionless man! You know to reduce
everything to a joke. Confine these rotten
jokes to your novels only. Why am I wasting my breath on you? Why am I even with you? lf my place to you is
like a toothache, then.. ..why do we stay together at all? lf something is stuck
in your throat, tell me. lf you were my mother, I
would have run away twice by now. You rotten piece of.. You said your heartfelt in
the form of a joke, right!? Gul, you smartly led me into this. lf you really want this divorce.. When we married Ravi had asked me.. ..whether I dream. I said yes. I get up in the morning and.. ..till the time I go to bed
I only dream like every girl. I thought he understood. Everyone told me that in the beginning
there are many problems.. .. one has to adjust a lot. But between Ravi and
me there was nothing so. I think it was fine.
It was wonderful. Forgetting everything, I
was so happy. I was so happy! I had to console Ravi by telling
that I cry because I am happy. I cry when I am happy. Then Ravi would tell
me holding my hand.. ..that he would make cry all my life. Now seven years later, the
one whose child is in my womb.. ..he is not my husband anymore. We have three dogs in
our house, but no child. Because he likes
animals but not children. Dreams! Now it does not even
matter whose fault it was. Is. And I.. I did not even
weep since so many years. But today I am weeping right
from the morning because I am happy. I am very happy! Because there is a child in my womb. My child. That’s all I’ve ever wanted. That’s all I’ve ever wanted. Khan sir, do you have a match? lf I had one, would I not
have set the world on fire? Let it be. Oh Dubey, why do you need a match?
Have you started that? What are you saying, in
God’s name? That was because.. ..a piece of chicken
is stuck in my teeth. Give it to Damru, he’ll
stop asking for leaves. There’s a toothpick. Will it do? I will manage. The thrill of
match where’s it in a toothpick? Sir, this is a fax from Delhi. I hope it isn’t from my uncle! Sir, leave the uncle. The
niece is standing there with anger. Yes please?
– So how are you? I am fine. No tension. I am sozzled. How are you? All aren’t as lucky as you, Saif. I should also start drinking. Then start. Sir, I’ll bring the bottle. There’s definitely a
secret behind this veil! I detest many things. I hate a
lot of thing. But right now
I hate you the most. You are the same
since your childhood. In the last three years,
no response to my letters.. ..nor phone calls
not even emails. Why? And you have started drinking. You? Who would break
everyone else’s bottles? Time passes.
– In drinking? No, in waiting. After today I shall never
come to Ganganagar again. Why? Because you happened to see me? Saif. Gul and I are
getting separated. Divorce! Let me come, let me come closer. “Let me come, let me come closer.” “Let me come.” ‘I am not scared of solitude,
but of congregations!’ ‘I am not scared of the world,
but of myself# ‘I have lost a lot, but I
am scared of losing you# Hello!
– Zeba.. Zeba, Farah! Farah! Did you meet Rahul?
What happened? How is he? I shall come and tell you.
Listen Zeba, the flight is delayed. Oh, no! It will take off at 5 30 now.
There’s some technical problem. 5 30? When will you reach home? By 8 40. Papa will be home by then.
What do I tell if he asks? Tell him that I had called.
– From Ganganagar? Are you mad? See Zeba,
tell Asha that I am with her. Tell papa the same.. Then tell him that Asha and
I are going to Mili’s place.. ..and with Mili where we are to
go isn’t known to you as well. And listen, you do not
know Mili’s number. Got it? I think so. Yeah. And take the number
of this place. 014.. ..76 237 654 Zeba, whose call is it? Wrong number, mummy. Thank you, sir. So you could get through,
right? No problem I hope? – No. Hey hero, not everyone gets love. Preserve it, carefully. And
did you offer them tea or coffee? Sir, I haven’t offered tea or
coffee to anyone till today. Yes. We’ll send the peon. Thanks. Keep arrangements for tea and coffee
as well. After all, it’s an office. You will embarrass me.
– Sir! Oh, you come again.
Did you get your hen? No sir. Friend Damru, how can I
leave you? It’s an emergency. Sir, but I will have to
search the hen. If she goes far.. ..then I’ll be killed. Then you go and buy a new hen. Sir, this is not done. The
father of the girl will recognise it. Oh, is it a hen or Aishwarya
Rai that he’ll recognise her? What sir, you too are joking! Here is your soda and sandwich. Papa, stay back,
please for one week, then.. ..we both will go together to the US. It is only a matter
of one week, daughter. Then you are coming to me anyways. Papa, I know why you are going there. I have work there. I know, it’s only because you
don’t want to stay with mummy. Nitika, we had
promised not to talk about it. Okay, but you can stay with me. Daughter, I am with you
since the past three days. lf I didn’t have work, I’d
have stayed more with you. I know why are you going,
papa? You have no work there. Mummy says you have a
girlfriend in America. Tiwari, call Damru from inside. I’ll call. Hi, I’m Vibha. Hi, I’m Gulab. Gulab Khan Oh, I’m Vibha Wadhwa,
if that matters. Divorced now, ‘Wadhwa’
is my husband’s surname. Okay How many times did I change my name! Chhotu, just check what the
problem is. – You stay here? No, London.
– Really? I’m from London too. Really? Then what
makes you come here? His parent’s stay here. My in-laws.
I’m from Baroda.. ..finished my schooling in
Delhi and now I live in London. I see. We come here once a year
to meet them. Both are nice. Thinking about them I
do not know what to do. I know. – I think what
their fault is in this. Sshhh! Sir is sleeping. It’s okay, come. Maniu, I cannot cancel my going.
I have to go to.. ..Chandigarh and day-after-tomorrow
is my flight to Rome. Siddharth, what will
you do in Chandigarh? Maniu, I have to see another
girl there. Before coming here.. ..I had cleared that
now we shall just meet. I will take a thoughtful
decision after a month. It’s a practical decision
as far as I am concerned. Of the mind and not the heart! Then why didn’t you
marry in Italy itself? There everything is done
with brains, not with the heart. Because I want to
marry and Indian girl. A girl from here, who can
decide neither with her heart.. ..nor with her brain.
– But.. – But.. Siddharth, I have
brought coffee for you and.. ..also sweetdish made at home. How obstinate! She
will not go from here. Maniu, do you want coffee? No, thanks. It is hot. Something cold then? Okay.
– I’ll bring something. Won’t you have something cold? No thanks. I feel like slapping you. How dare you? Bloody..
– Bloody, I’ll show you. Why are you staring? I feel
like gouging your eyes out. Maniu.. Anita.. Hello, Anita! Sir, Samar Khan’s plane has landed. Make everyone fly back in it. Sir, he’s a poor man. He’s
got a small plane. They have.. ..stopped here for fuel. How can
so many people be forced in it? Has he come alone? He has come alone. He
cannot afford a pilot. Fill them up. Give them
some snacks too. But no money. You do this, brother,
fill the passengers in. I am going there. Colonel Bubbles, I think they
do not like our going with them. Chanchal, now I am feeling
bad they are going with us. But it is their honeymoon! You want to tell
Colonel Bubbles Kapoo!r must.. ..turn tail in
mid-operation and return home? I’ve made a resolution
and come. The arrow has pierced the heart.
And I don’t think.. ..it has yet crossed through. What a nice thing to say!
– Thank you. Colonel, don’t you think
we must talk to children? What’s this, Chanchal? First
we used to romance fearful of.. ..elders and now we should
be fearful of children? No. Mina, I love you. Oh, no, not again. See I have put on the sweater
you had knit even in such heat. Shall I de-thread it? And this Shahrukh Khan
hairstyle at your behest? Shall I cut it off?
– Cut it.. cut it off. Remove it? Cut it off? I am wrong?
Chanchal auntie is wrong? Papa is wrong? Only you are right. I need to set everyone right! Then go and repair the plane too. What if the plane isn’t repaired?
Rahul, what will I do? How will it not get repaired?
It’s a plane. Exactly so. It’s a plane, not a
cycle. What if it is not corrected? It will be Farah. They
are doing it, aren’t they? Promise?
– God promise. No Pound, no Euro. Only Dollars,
dear, only Dollars. Bloody damn gentlemen, no signal.
Hello.. hello.. hello.. Hello, I am Doctor Sunil Wadhwa.
– Gul. Gul Khan. Nice to meet you.
– Me too. Do you live here, in Ganganagar? No, I live in London. My parents
stay here. They’re sitting there. Okay.
– Hi sweetheart! Papa, come on. I’ll just be with you.
I’ll get some coffee. You go with mummy.
– Papa. This is my daughter and there,
she’s her mother. Excuse me? We’re divorced. Oh, I’m so sorry. No, no, it’s all right. We are
both happy. Only our child isn’t. Sir, I can understand that. Thank you. What do you do in London? I am a professor in Cambridge
and I write novels in English. Oh, Gul Khan, the modern romantic! You won the Bookers’ last year.
We are so proud of you! Thank you, thank you so much. I’m really sorry, I did not
recognise you. – I should have. It’s okay. Anyways in India,
writers are never recognised.. ..but in Europe people read
my works and recognise me too. That’s why you are settled there. Truthfully, the roads
there are very good.. ..and I love to drive. I had run away from
home and gone to London.. ..to become a car-racer, but
I became a writer. And you? I’m a doctor, a heart specialist.
Settled in America. Sir, you said the heartfelt.
How are you here? My daughter studies here. Ah, Weinberg International? Yes, I make a trip to
your city once every year. Say our city. Father,
mother, this is Doctor Wadhwa. Salutations – Salutations. –
And that is my wife Gulab. Hello
– Hello. Listen to me, mama. If you
tell papa, he’ll stay back. Child, neither does he want to
stop and nor do I want him to. You have to understand, child. I would never. When I’ll
be 16, I will not meet you. Where did you get this thought? I thought it up myself. Really?
– Yes. You will not meet us, all right.
But what will happen of it. Punishment.
– To whom? To both of you. It is our mistake, and it
is your right to punish us. All of us fight, but
then we patch up too. But, your father and me,
we are friends. Then why don’t you stay together? I don’t know. That is
precisely what I do not know. It is three hours already.
How much longer will you take? I am doing it, Mr. Pandey. Oh Dubey, he is lying
around as if it were an airport. Sir, but it is an airport. Then why is he in such a state? Sir, he has come here to
get married. His in-laws.. ..have given him a very warm welcome. Where has he come from?
– From Italy. What do you say? Does
anyone from Italy come here.. ..to get married? Sir, your madam too
has come from Italy. Yes. Let them come, let them come.
Let all of them come. Sir, I am thinking of.. ..contesting elections
in Italy, post retirement. My God! I am so sorry. Does it hurt? Yes. Have you seen your sandals? It’s not the sandal. I was the
university football team captain. I am not the Mills and Boon kind. What a nice way to learn that! I am sorry, all ok? I think so. I hope so. She is acting! Sid! I am also sorry. Very strong girls in Ganganagar.. ..very heavy hands you all have.
Were you a captain also? I am sorry, Sid, I
slapped you on the face. Rather on the cheek! It resounded so loudly! lf you don’t forgive me,
then Lord Shiva will also not. Whatever happened was by a mistake.
It’s okay, it’s okay. Look, I want my future wife to
be smart, strong, educated.. ..worldly-wise, able to
understand politics and.. ..computer-savvy and
from a good family. She should be able to adjust
to my lifestyle, match my IQ.. ..and of a peaceful nature. She should understand me.. ..my conversation, my thoughts. Understanding! You sound like a challenge I
want to take and then break. I want him, Lord Shiva! I want him. You wayward man! Marry me and I will
teach you what understanding means! Whoever will marry you,
will be very happy. Topaz, Blue Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald.. .. I have all the happiness. Even then this plane is delayed? Chanchal, this son of a
peacock needs a haircut. Do you ever get serious? When Danny was six years old,
his mother became a martyr. Martyr? Yes. Captain
Gayatri ‘Bubbles’ Kapoor. She was working in an
army hospital at the border. She was also mad
about winning hearts. She did win many hearts.. ..but she lost her
own life in an attack. Oh, I am so sorry. Danny could not heal that wound. He’s a weak boy of.. ..such a brave mother. Danny yearns to call someone mother. Without a mother, he’s lost. Idiot! But Chanchal, barring this,
there is no other serious.. ..thing in my life. Where is that peacock gone? Our house! Only me? “I will forget all the
sorrows of the world..” “If you meet me for a moment or two.” “Desires speak, I promise for love..” “Meet me for a moment or two.” “Meet me for a moment or two.” “I will forget all the
sorrows of the world..” “If you meet me for a moment or two.” “Desires speak, I promise for love..” “Meet me for a moment or two.” “Meet me for a moment or two.” “This longing has
increased beyond all limits.” “This craziness in love
will not let us live now.” “Why this strange
desire in the heart?” “This assembly of hopes
is awoken in the bosom?” “You may inflict
thousands of sorrows on me..” “Meet me for a moment or two.” “I will forget all
sorrows of the world..” “If you meet me for a moment or two.” “Meet me for a moment or two.” “Ask me what is this romance..” “..which has become love?” “My heart sees so many dreams..” “..it is difficult to tell you.” Gulab? “There is an array of
dreams in the eyes..” “..we are near, and even
then there are distances.” “There is no peace in the
heart for even a moment..” “..let my heartbeat be
in sync with yours.” “This love is telling,
it will never wane..” “Meet me for a moment or two.” “I will forget all
sorrows of the world..” “If you meet me for a moment or two.” “Meet me for a moment or two.” “Meet me for a moment or two.” “Meet me for a moment or two.” Rahul, is this our plane? No Farah, it is not ours. No Rahul, it is our plane.
– Farah, it is not our plane. Where are they taking our plane?
Rahul, that’s our plane. Farah, Farah! That’s not our plane. Stop them, stop them.
Where are they taking it? Who is this? Just a minute. – Rahul, what
if I do not reach on time? That is not our plane. That is surely our plane.
– What has happened to her? Farah, Farah. Your attention please.
The captain and engineers.. ..of flight number TW317 to Delhi
estimate that it will take at least.. ..six hours to repair the fuel
system of the air craft. – Six? Six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven? Eleven!
– Eleven o’clock! Inconvenience my foot! My father will kill me. Rahul.. what did the doctor say? Don’t worry. The
injection has been administered. She should regain
consciousness in around an hour. Mummy, does Farah’s dad
really want to kill her? No father can hurt his daughter.
Not even a slap. Really? Yes. Just like how you are my princess.. ..Farah is her father’s princess too. Papa. Please go and
tell this to Farah. She is still unconscious. Yes, of course. I will
tell her. I will tell her.. ..as soon as she
regains her consciousness. Papa, can I please go and see Farah? She has been administered
an injection by the doctor. Okay.
– Thank you. Even we were teenagers. You
arrived on papa’s scooter. Crew cut, reversible jacket,
cowboy shoes. God! Seems like another life now. I don’t even think that
we are the same people. We are the same, Rach.
We are the same people. This is crazy. The two
of us are separating? We are going our separate ways? Why? Because this cannot be done,
it is impossible. Nisha is my friend. She loves you. She is crazy about you.
I can’t do this to her. You think I can do this to her?
You have two children. Oh, come on, Rach.
He is my child too. And this is stupid. You are pregnant. That’s cool but I am not pregnant. That doesn’t mean that I
don’t have a say in the matter. I mean.. this is the classic
case of a washerman’s dog! One who belongs to nowhere. See.. You want to give birth to the child. I respect that.
But.. what should I do? Nothing. What? Get serious.. I.. I
love you.. damn it.. Hey.. Nice box. Please.. Forgive me. How rude. No, Vibha. Nothing is
left between Gul and me. It’s over. We hate each other. This word ‘hate’. It
is the worst word. Everyone just uses that word.
But nobody does it. Nobody hates anybody. How many times have I used this word? But I still love Sunil. Yes, I agree. But it isn’t like that. He isn’t really the person
what I thought him to be. He isn’t like that. Nobody is like that. Why not? Okay, there is something.
There is a girl. Someone loves her.
But it was never told. The girl is married. And the boy.. In her memories, in her pain..
starts drinking. Everyone wants to turn
into a forlorn lover. Just to gain some sympathy,
nothing more. And this alcoholic
works in an airport. Where that girl
arrives only once in an year. And just to see that girl,
once in an year.. ..he waits all through the year. But does the girl love him? I don’t think so. But
they are childhood friends. Best friends. lf it is Gul Khan’s new novel,
it is interesting. But if it is the truth,
the boy is mad. Shall we go? You go. I will change. Why?
– Gul’s parents have gone. Oh, okay. I’ll see you. Bye. “Let it come..” “Let it come closer..” “Let it come..” “Let it come closer..” “Let it come..” “Let it come closer..” “Let it come closer..” Greasy bloody body man. “Something sweet..” “Something sweet..” I married too soon. Goodness! What a girl! “Let there be something sweet.” “Let something sweet happen!” “Let something sweet happen.” I swear to Norman Gates.
Whoever it is.. I will pick it. Where are you staring at? Don’t you see, she
has gone from there. But she has gone. She will come back too, Llama. Guys, did you see that bomb? Yes, she is hot, man!
– She is combustible stuff! I am ready to fire, are you coming? Did I miss something? “The moment is golden,
it is a wandering tale.” Mr. Dubey, this ‘Thumri’ (composition),
I used to hear it with her grandpa. We both hated this ‘Thumri’. Only this ‘Thumri’ is left today. Sir, forget this. I think, we are going to
be stripped off, today. I knew that there was
some secret in the veil. Come on. Is this any
time to ask for a holiday? Sir.. please..
– Come on!. As much as I think.. Saif. The problems increase, isn’t it? Yes. I am so confused. You.. I hate you. Why didn’t you..
– Why didn’t I express it? Yes, why didn’t you express it? I didn’t feel like it. I would have refused you
at the most, isn’t it? How could you do this
to your best friend? I hate you. I had come to tell you, Gulab. And I am alive because I
was in Delhi at that time. You know what had happened then. Father, mother,
Sohail, Saara.. the house. Everything was burnt to ashes. I don’t know whether there was.. ..a temple or a mosque there.
Nobody knows. And it doesn’t matter even.
But my life changed, isn’t it? There were riots there,
and I was in Delhi. That’s it.. What could I say then? “Such enchanting ambience.” “Fragrances all around.” “Love overflows with youthfulness.” “Let me shower you with my love!” With great difficulty,
but I have accustomed.. ..myself to live in
all these three years. But I cannot forget anything.
Nothing. I am sorry. I don’t hate you. I know. I know. I know how much I missed
you in these three years. How much I needed you? Does anyone do this
with his childhood friend? We were brought up together.
We were in the same house. Only the levels were different! I was on the ground floor,
and you were on the first. Everything went topsy turvy. “You may not have loved me..” “But this heart doesn’t relent.” “What can I do..” “About my yearning..” “This ignorant heart is unaware of it.” “Oh my beloved, for God’s sake..” “Oh my beloved, for God’s sake..” “Oh my beloved, for God’s sake..” “Please don’t forget me.. don’t
forget me.. don’t forget me..” “Oh my beloved, for God’s sake..” “Oh my beloved, for God’s sake..” “Oh my beloved, for God’s sake..” “Please don’t forget me.. don’t
forget me.. don’t forget me..” “Meeting my gaze, giving me dreams..” “Expressing your love..” “Please don’t forget me.. don’t
forget me.. don’t forget me..” “Please don’t forget me.. don’t
forget me.. don’t forget me..” “My sweetheart is so mesmerizing” “He yearns in love.” “I will sacrifice
my life to you too.” “I will not be able
to live without you.” “I will love you all day and night.” “My beloved.. till I am alive..” “Oh my beloved, for God’s sake..” “Oh my beloved, for God’s sake..” “Please don’t forget me.. don’t
forget me.. don’t forget me..” “You are my life, you are my love.” “You are my love, my love.” “My heart says.. this
love won’t decrease.” “Take any promise you wish.” “Oh my beloved, for God’s sake..” “Oh my beloved, for God’s sake..” “Please don’t forget me.. don’t
forget me.. don’t forget me..” “Please don’t forget me..” “Please don’t forget me..” “Please don’t forget me..” Taking the name of the Lord.. Greetings. Hello.. is this 260654?
– Yes, you are correct. Can I speak with Farah? Nobody is allowed to speak to Farah. Not even her father.
Who are you speaking? I am Farah’s father.
– Oh.. Oh God.. oh God.. You fool. Did you get me some.. ..airport’s number or
some Sikh temples? Sir.. I am Farah’s father.
Understood? Oh.. have some fun..
have some fun.. Take a drink with soda..
have some fun.. Very very good morning
in the afternoon. Greetings, papa. Farah’s papa.. you too! Dubey.. we will drown now. Hello? Ganganagar airport? Yes, Mr. Azhar? How did you find out that
I am Azhar speaking? I mean.. Sir Azharuddin, Niamuddin,
Kutmuddin.. My friend.. I am dead today. Sir, is this any mental
asylum’s number? See.. I wish to speak to Farah. I am her unfortunate father,
can you understand? Sir, I can understand. I
have two daughters too. One is eleven years old, and
the other is of nine months. I am very sorry to hear
that. I request you.. ..will you please call Farah now? Why are you requesting
me, it is my duty. So why don’t you fulfill it?
– Yes, please hold on. – Yes. Fool. Zeba..
– Zeba is dead. And listen. Don’t
come back home now. What did Zeba say? Farah.. what happened?
What did Zeba say? I am not going back home.. Farah.. what did Zeba say? Papa was on the phone.. I am not going back home. Hey, please listen. Wait.. Please listen. Come for a second. I have an idea. What?
– My brother did the same thing. Your brother..
– It worked man. Cool it, he is married now.
Just listen to me. Tell me.
– Make her pregnant. – What? It is six. I had a flight at seven
from Delhi to Chandigarh. My whole schedule has gone kaput. Nothing is happening on time. Siddharth, whatever happens,
is for the best. Not always. It’s possible that this
is good for someone else. I don’t think so. It is from Chandigarh. Bonjour.. I mean.. hello. Rishabh.. listen.. shall
we call your brother? What will my brother do? Are you about to do
something or him? What if your brother’s
wife explains.. ..it to Farah?
– What will be explained to Farah? Wait, Priyanka. Serious.. man. Hey, Rahul. Shall I speak?
– You? Okay.
– Will anything happen? I am here, why are you so tensed? You sit down. Farah.. Rishabh has an idea.
His brother did it too. He was in a similar situation.
– What? Rishabh.. tell her. Farah.. That.. Brother too. That.. It’s okay. Yes, greetings, aunty. What happened? that.. Saniana Taneja.. whom I going
to meet in Chandigarh. She has run away.
– What? – She has run away. With whom?
– With her.. – With her? With her girlfriend. Girlfriend? – Yes, girlfriend.
You know.. like a les.. Everything has started here too. Sid, I am sorry. Sorry? Why? She wasn’t my wife. No, not like that.
Because all this.. ..has started out in India
too, therefore.. Actually, India is sorry. Excuse me.. I will have a smoke. India is sorry.. bloody..
where is this craziness? What is the matter, Ms. Chanchal? Why is there such silence
like a cease fire? What is the secret in the sky? I was waiting for
the stars, and you? The ones who are close to the moon.. They don’t wait for the stars. You are humorous all the time. How do you live with such
pain in your heart? I am a soldier, Ms. Chanchal. And the people who
are taught to die.. ..they aren’t scared of life.
– Teach me to die too. Because I want to live. For myself. Ms. Chanchal.. This was told to me by the late
captain Gayatri Bubbles. And I took her to the officer’s
mess for a wine in the evening. What happened after that?
– Dinner, after wine. And after that?
– As a officer and a gentleman.. ..I went to drop her to her house. And then? Well, it was good night, bye
and see you after that. And.. after that.. After that.. there was a kiss.. Ms. Chanchal.. you are a very
smart lady. – Thank you. Okay, aunty. So, what did Duggal aunty say? Siddharth told Duggal
aunty over the phone.. ..that he is confused
between the two of us. Kapish? Good bye. Bloody Italian. He told her.. that he will
choose one out of us two. Because the girl in Chandigarh
has disappeared. And the one whom he has selected.. ..she has already rejected him? Shall I tell you something, Maniu? Yes. – Even I am getting
angry now. – Same here. But tell me something.
– Yes? So much on the first date? Why not? I am a soldier,
I know how to live. I know how to die. I
know how to love too. Is it? Then shall we go?
– Go? Where? To drink wine. To live and to die. And? Colonel.. how are you? Officer.. there is no hope..
or any alcohol.. The situation is very bad. Colonel.. I don’t know of any hope. But we have alcohol, we have
beauty.. and everything else! Wow! Thank you, soldier. I am young? I am a father
of two daughters. Yes, but you may find me
young after two pegs. So, soldier, which wine
are you offering us? Sir.. this is the one which
our boss hasn’t seen as yet. This is the one, you
please drink it. Wow.. Mr. Singh.. Singh? Let me correct you,
I am not Singh, I am Dubey. Sardar, and you are not a Singh? Then why are you in this get up? The reason behind this get up
is that my mother was a Sikh.. ..and my father was from Bihar. And I am Ramcharan Dubey. Father’s name and mother’s pride. And this poor man was trapped
in between their love. Colonel.. this is good. Do you want a smoke or something? Cigarettes are smoked by children. We like something else. Sure.. sure.. So how many people work
on your airport? Almost half of the crowd does work. Well said.. Tell me if you wish for anything. Thank you. Like that..
I have got everything. Cheers.. More.. Sid.. what did you decide? About what?
– There is just one out of the two. That shouldn’t be so difficult. You can even toss. Your attention please..
dinner is being served. Passengers traveling on the.. Flight T3357.. are requested to
proceed towards the lounge.. Shall we have the
food and then toss? I will just have a smoke.. Have two if you wish. My god, this is disgusting. I am not hungry. Farah, it is nine. I know that, what difference
does that make? May it be ten, eleven,
twelve or thirteen. You move, Rahul. And
you have your food. Go?
– Where should I go? New York. You have a
flight from Delhi. You go and meet your parents,
move around and have fun. Farah, we are going together. Rahul, we are not going anywhere. And nothing will be done now. Farah, I am there, isn’t it? Your daddy will have
to pass through.. ..my dead body before reaching you. Rahul, daddy will pass from
whatever he has to. Then he will pass from anywhere
that he wishes. Farah, please have the food.
Everyone is hungry. I am not hungry. Then okay, nobody will have
the food. – I have an idea. Did your brother have poison
in such a situation? No.. the girl’s father had poison. Rishabh, that is enough. “Don’t be so angry..” “My beloved..” “If you smile.. I will be satisfied..” “Let us have..” “Let us have..” “Let us have..” “Let us have something sweet.” “Don’t be so angry..” “My beloved..” “If you smile.. I will
be satisfied..” “Let us have..” “Let us have..” “Let us have something sweet.” “Love is with God..” “lf love doesn’t exist,
nothing will.” “One memorable moment of love
is more than lifetimes.” “Oh friend.. the journey of the
heart cannot be passed alone.” “I ask and beg..” “This situation of the heart..” “Someone should explain it to you.” “Let us have..” “Let us have..” “Let us have something sweet.” “Everyone is restless, the
atmosphere is so beautiful too.” “In this madness, everyone
is intoxicated too.” “Your face is the most beautiful.” “Every heart will be crazy after it.” “Let us have..” “Let us have..” “Let us have something sweet.” “Let us have..” “Let us have something sweet.” What a leg! Hello.. gentlewoman..
– Hello. Myself.. Abhay Singh Foda..
glad to meet you. Can I.. may I.. Is the seat empty? Yes, it is empty. You have sat down now,
this will be empty now. What about seat? You have
emptied the heart. And there isn’t any signal too. Bloody..! Sunil.. I have a habit now. I am over it. Sunil.. You were not supposed
to see them ever. It isn’t necessary
now for you, Vibha. That you should know. What
I think and what I do. Did you ever stop loving me? What difference does it make? Sunil.. Even today, will you keep
everything in your heart? Like always? But I am really touched.
And I am sorry.. ..for my part of the mistakes.
I said it today. Maybe I can’t say it ever again. You are going out for
a smoke, isn’t it? lf Nitika wasn’t sleeping,
I’d have come with you too. Will you do something for me? Will
you bring this cigarette butt for me? Why? This.. When we met
for the first time. How much I fought with you for
your smoking habits, remember? I do. This one.. you had after
the nuptial rounds. This one.. during the honeymoon. Outside Amsterdam airport. This.. When I was pregnant. This.. When Nitika took birth. And.. Nothing happened after that, Sunil. But something has happened today. Something has happened today. What? These two are here still now? I think that Indians
are straying too. Miss Jenni.. oh.. We are waiting. I have decided. Did you hear anything?
– Yes. What? That.. Heart was beating. I felt as it.. There was a bomb blast. Wow! Thanks for the compliment. And that you for the lovely evening. Anything.. for the lovely lady. But.. there was something
left in the evening today. What was missing in the evening? Like.. you didn’t drop me home.. And.. And.. You didn’t bid me farewell. And.. And.. And.. Never mind, Mrs. Chanchal. Very well. This target
will be got too. Any doubts? No doubts. I am in love. I have fallen in love.
– With whom? Everything. With myself. I have
started loving everything. Ganganagar, this airport. And especially, you two. I love everything. I love you both. And my decision is.. I will go to Italy, and
send you an air ticket. I take the responsibility of your
stay and looking for work. That’s good. And.. one of the two will
become my loved wife. And one of you will become
my sister-in-law. I will.
– I will. Sorry..
– It’s okay! I get the message. But what I have promised you two.. I will do that to you. Marry Anita. She is
one year elder to me. And both of you can find
me a husband in Italy. Brother-in-law.. Colonel.. I want to tell you something. Just order me. Please speak to Danny. Ms. Chanchal.. One can only practice shooting
on walls of stone. Should I speak to him? Danny is neither brave nor insolent. Soldiers like him leave the
warfront at the times. That will not be the case. Because not a soldier.. ..but a mother will
speak with Danny. Ms. Jenni.. I have never
felt as spiritual.. ..as I have done,
when I am with you. Come on.. let us explore a bit.
– Really? Even he has got one. But I
don’t have a signal yet. Bloody damn.. hello..
Matadin.. hello.. Hey.. oh Mr. Dubey,
what is going on? He was lying there in the morning. He is lying here now.
What is going on? Sir, the plane is being
repaired by Mr. Pandey. It is possible that everyone
sleeps by morning. Pandey.. What are you doing? Sir, duty.
– Is it? Did you see him awake?
– No, sir. Did he see you standing?
– Sir.. What kind of duty are you doing? Pay attention to your work.
– Yes sir. What kind of people
are you employing? Sir.. it is you who
has employed them. Then.. who has employed me? Check if he is dead or alive. That is correct. The person
standing with him.. I think that he is very dangerous. Is he taking some dead
body or something? Sir, we will have to think about it. Shall we discuss it
over some coffee? Dubey.. what are you talking about? Coffee? – Sorry, sir. I was
speaking about myself. My brains will start to function.
– Yes, sir. Please have a seat. You haven’t disappeared till now? What can I do, you don’t
let me disappear? Coffee. Please.. As God says.. Hail to God. As I was saying.. Every woman should marry,
but not every man. Why? Look at that, sir. There is one thing common in
being married and unmarried. Repentance. Are you repenting after
marriage or before? Why did you think that
I am repenting? Are you married or unmarried? There can just be one
situation out of these. This is the secret. I
have fallen in love. Wow.. tonight has not
been a useless night. Sir.. the one whom I love.. Looking at her husband.. You don’t even repent about
marriage or not marrying. Isn’t it, Dubey? You are laughing? lf only you knew my story. Then why don’t you
tell me your story? It is possible that the subject
of my next novel.. ..will be your story.
– If I am there in my story.. ..then even you will be in my story. Meeting you, once again
I have found out.. ..that single is simple.
– Yes. They are simple. These lonely
nights can’t be passed. Forget about me, Mr. Khan, tell me. Tell me about yourself,
why are you so angry? We have fought and
abused each other. We have used all the abuses in the
English and Hindi dictionary. But I don’t even know
why we got married. And I don’t know why we
are getting separated. We were mad that we married. And we are greater fools
that we are separating. We have told each other so much.. That we cannot even
stay as friends now. I feel bad. I don’t know what happened. What went wrong? We went wrong. We are wrong. Gulab is correct at her place.
And I am right at my place. But we together are wrong. I just hope that sometimes.. The matters should stop
where they were. But how? Mr. Khan, this is not a novel,
this is the truth. lf it was in my hands,
I’d never have.. ..this divorce take place,
I really love her. All the love has been
written in the novel. He has never said it. Don’t you think that it
is a common problem of men? We can never speak about it. “Let it come..” “Let it come closer..” “Let it come..” “I cannot spend the
lonely nights now..” “I cannot spend the
lonely nights now..” “I want to talk to you..” “Let me be satisfied a bit..” Yes, Ravi?
– Where are you? I am in Ganganagar, and the
flight has been delayed. Oh.. so you can’t call once too. What do you want? Shut up. See, Rachna, if we
have to stay together.. ..better give your
resignation letter. As it is.. you sleep with captain
Gill for twenty nights. You are disgusting. Can’t handle him anymore. Can’t stay with him or leaves me. Gonna call him up right now.
– Yes, tell me. Ravi, I am coming home in the night. And I am not resigning. I am pregnant, and this
child is not yours. And I am having this
child without you. And the house in which
you are staying. That is my father’s, not yours. So I want you to get out, right now. Cigarette? Sorry. Shall I tell you something, Saif? Yes? I have everything today,
but nothing. And I don’t have what I had. What? Secret. To stay here. You know the rest of it all. You know, Saif..
– Yes? I wanted that one thing shouldn’t
happen with me ever. Marriage? No.. You too. Divorce. I never wanted my divorce
to take place. So, don’t let it happen. How.. now? Not possible. What does Gul wish? I don’t know. What do you mean you don’t know? I haven’t asked, and I will not ask. Why? I don’t know what he will answer. I am scared of asking. Both of us keep quiet,
there aren’t any talks. Go inside.. and talk to Gul. Just
like how you talked to me. But Saif.. you are my friend.. Then go and befriend Gul,
everything will be alright. No, Saif. It’s not so simple. He loves you. He really loves you. You are crazy. And cute too. Yeah.. Thanks for your concern. Even you love Gul, isn’t it? I don’t think so. I know so. And as far as Gul Khan is concerned. I spoke to him for an hour.
– What? And I if I am right, I will never
leave drinking. Promise. lf only you are right. And listen.. please
leave drinking too. This peg is much smaller
than my story, Gulab. Sunil..
– Yes? I have thought so many
times in these years. What if we were together? lf we were.. But we will never know that. We will never know that. And we have spent some nice
moments together too. Not some.. we have spent a
lot of nice time together. To meet you every year with Nikita. I want to say something. I am here, Vibha. I wished that you come
here every year. I wanted to see you.. repeatedly. I didn’t tell it for
Nitika’s sake that.. ..her father should come here
again and again. It was for me. Yes, I made it look otherwise. But I said it for me. How much do you know me? Almost all. Do you think that I did anything.. ..or I do.. or I will do..
that I don’t want to do? And Vibha.. your property problems. Your visa, your business in London.. I was there, wasn’t I? You were there, always..
I know. I appreciate it. I have
always appreciated it. And you have come for
me all the time too. My operation. During
my parents death. And three years ago. When
your heart broke.. Your big heart break.. with
my best friend Ruchi? Why have we separated? I don’t know. Maybe we are crazy. Your American girlfriend
stays with you? No.. not now. We are not together. I am so so sorry. Funny. Life is so strange. Strange? It is very strange. Vibha. I don’t feel like
going from here today. Really. If only we don’t
have to leave here ever. It’s so cozy with you, Sunil. What’s the matter? What
are you doing here? Try. To stop you once more, Gul. We have made a lot of mistakes. But don’t you think.. That we are going to commit the
greatest mistake of our life? I thought that I committed
the biggest.. ..mistake of our life
three years ago. I’ll ignore that. I can give
a solid answer about this. Gul, I want to ask you something. You will spend the rest
of your life without me. But will you ever think.. That we can stay together even now? Do I have a reason to
think like that now? Gul, I don’t want my
marriage to break up. I don’t want a divorce. Don’t say that, Gulab. Please don’t. Tell me one thing, Gul. Did you ever love me? Suddenly today.. Gul.. did you ever love me? Tell me, Gul, I am your wife. Your dignity will not decrease. No. It is not like that, Gulab. I have always loved you. What? Yes. Yes, what? Yes what, Gul? I love you. You never felt that you should
tell this to me till today? Yes, Gul? No. Why doesn’t he tell
me that he loves me? Mistake.. Sir.. I think that you
will need this now. What will happen now? The flight is ready, sir. Shall I make the announcement? Have it made. Attention, please.. passengers
traveling to Delhi.. ..on flight number T3357
are requested.. ..to proceed for boarding.
Thank you. This happened with my brother too. The only difference
was that that was.. ..an hotel and this is the airport. I have another idea.
– Nothing. Nothing is to be done now. Nothing can be done now. Ok, so I too will sit here.
I too will not go. Rahul, please understand me. I cannot come with you.
I cannot face papa. I will die.. I will die.. papa.. This is the last boarding
call for the passengers.. ..going through the T3357 flight. ‘All passengers are requested
to proceed to the flight’. Thank you. You would really not come
to speak to me now? No, never. I am sorry, Danny. It is too late now, Mina. But it just the last call
of the boarding now. Then go. Why don’t you come with me too? No, I am not going. Our honeymoon? It’s possible that it will take
place in the high court now. You mean, divorce? No, dad and Chanchal
auntie’s marriage. What? Yes. They are marrying, and
I have given them permission. Danny. You.. lf you have permitted,
I will permit them too. Whatever you like.. I like it too. You are.. my husband, isn’t it? Think about it once more. What is to be thought in that? Look at me.. I am your.. Mino.. Wow.. Ms Chanchal. I saw how you turned the
donkey into a lion. But what did you whisper
into the donkey’s ears? I didn’t hear that. Sorry, colonel. Classified
information. Is it? Just like you say. See, Farah.. Hey, Rishabh.. where is Farah?
– What do I know? Come on. Come, Rach. Plane’s taking
off in one hour. Taking off for where?
Where do I go now? I don’t have to go anywhere. Hope
this flight never takes off. Come on. Don’t be childish. We can marry too.
We can get married. What is the problem? You have two children, Rai. How do you forget them
and Nisha in all this? It will be such a mess.
What will I do then? Richa, you know, Nisha
and I.. it’s all over. One day you and I too would be over. What will I do then? It is so simple for a man, isn’t it? It’s over. What? Rach.. what are you saying? See, I don’t want to speak
to you right now. Excuse me, Captain. Mr. Khan wants to talk to you. Khan? What does he want to me about? There is some emergency, sir. Okay, I will be there. Rach.. you.. Just you and me. And nobody else. Just the two of us.
That will be fine. Come soon, I’m waiting for you. Hey, I heard that. All the best.. And hey junior.. don’t trouble
your mom too much. I’ll always be there for
you. I mean to say.. Hello, Nisha. It is me. Yes we will
take off in twenty minutes. Have the children slept? Good. Nisha, are you going to
the office tomorrow? Why don’t you take a holiday?
I mean.. take a off. We will go to Missouri
like the old times. We will have a lot of fun. Yes, of course we will drive.
I love you too. See you bye. Am I a bad man? No. it happens.. I mean..
this is life. But I swear to God. Never
after this, never. Come on.. What is the matter, child? I don’t want to go. Nitika dear..
– Hold on. What is the matter, baby?
Sweet heart? Come on.. sit. What is the matter, tell
me. What do you want? I want a brother, sister
and both of you. Together. Just like a family. Is it okay if I stay in London? Mother.. Is it okay if I go to
America with papa? Then all three of us will
go to Disneyland. Yes, Mr. Khan? Captain, I am very sorry to say,
this flight cannot leave. What? Now what.. I mean..
what is it now? Farah has disappeared. Farah.. where are you? Miss. Farah, kindly report to the
departure lounge immediately. Miss. Farah, kindly report to the
departure lounge immediately. Farah.. where are you? Farah.. where are you?
Farah.. come out.. “You came near..” “You smiled like that..” “You came near..” “You smiled like that..” “God knows what dreams
you showed me.” “You came near..” “You smiled like that..” “God knows what dreams
you showed me.” “My heart now..” Hello. Hello, pretty girl.. “Let’s have something sweet.” Hi.. Not again, please.. once is enough. By the way.. what is the matter? Please speak to my father.. He will kill me. Will he hit me too? No.. he is your big fan. Subhash, give me the phone. Tell me the number. O1 1-326 7386. Hello?
– Hello, Mr. Azhar.. Yes, I am speaking. I am Shahrukh Khan speaking. Shahrukh. Who Shahrukh? The same Shahrukh.. who said..
I love you, Kiran. From Ganganagar airport. Shahrukh Khan.. Ganganagar.. I mean.. airport.. That means.. Shahrukh Khan.. ..at the Ganganagar airport..
I don’t believe this.. Farah is your daughter, isn’t it? Yes..
– She is with me. – Yes. You are very angry
with your daughter? No. It isn’t like that.
Mr. Shahrukh.. No, you are angry with her.
– She is your child.. She is your child. But one has
to lie for love sometimes. Yes.. yes.. lf you say so.. I am telling you. Farah
is coming at home.. ..and Rahul will be with her too. Rahul.. yes.. sure.. he
is our kid.. no problem.. Don’t worry, I will
bring Farah with me. Sure.. sure.. please.. welcome.. Can I speak to Farah?
If you permit me.. Sure.. She is your child. Here. Hello.. yes, papa.. Shahrukh Khan.. Really, Shahrukh Khan. I know.. child.. just
come home quickly. Yes, papa.. Rahul will
be with me too. Yes.. bring him too. I will
call his parents, okay? Yes. Papa.
– I love you.. okay, bye. Shahrukh Khan.. did you see that?
Foolish but good girl. Yes, that will be four hundred
and twenty five rupees. Hello, gentleman.
– Hello. How did you get this signal?
What is your connection? Airtel. Wow.. I will change all my
connections today. Good. Sir, please call my to
be father-in-law too. Yes, what is to be said? Just that the chicken has escaped,
don’t break the marriage. Are you marrying a chicken? No.. there is a saying. What is the saying? The person who couldn’t
handle a chicken.. ..how is he supposed
to handle a woman? Later.. Mr. Khan.. thank you very much. No.. I got such nice sleep
after a long time. There is something in this airport. lf I have to sleep the next time,
I will come to this airport. Therefore, I am here too. Actually, there is something
in the atmosphere here. All right, I’ll see you guys. I forgot to ask you.. For whom did you do all this? For him.. Why? Means.. he’s nice..
– No.. for him.. Hello..
– Hello. Nice to meet you. What’s your name? Rahul.. You must have heard the name. Actually, never.. come on.. Mr. Shahrukh..
– Yes? Shall we have a photo? Come on. Come closer.. Come closer.. Come..
– Come all of you.. “Let us have it..”
– Okay.. “Let us have something sweet.” So.. this was the story of that day. There was some talk of love,
some complaints, reunions. There was some bickering too. Nobody knew what happened
to them further. But that day, it was as
if time had stopped. Life gave them a chance
to find love. Didn’t I tell you? Everyone
gets love here. Almost everyone. Damru, did you get your chicken? I got the chicken, but
the girl ran away. Nothing can be done of this airport. Make a drink!

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