Kyla Jenée Lacey – “White Privilege” @WANPOETRY

We learned your French, we learned your English,
we learned your Spanish, we learned your Dutch, your Portuguese, your German, you learned our nothing, you called us
stupid…that’s white privilege and I’m sure it probably hurts for you to hear those two words, kind
of like gun shots and explosions from those commissioned to protect you whisking past your ears. What is white privilege? It is the only 5 decades of
legal acknowledgment expected to correct 400 years of white transgression It is crack versus
cocaine, blacks receiving almost 20 percent longer sentences for the same exact offenses. Or like, for instance, a black man without
a record is less like to get a job than a white felon, well maybe it’s cause we are
lazy and we don’t work hard enough, uhhhhhhh like WTF, FOUR hundred years in the same field,
literally, is an incredible resume builder. it is Katrina answering the government’s prayers
of eugenics, Dick Cheney going fishing the next day, Condoleeza on a shopping spree
Bush, in San Diego, but Kanye is the one you call crazy, cause like it only took the U.S.A.
2 days to get aid to Asia, but five for FEMA to get to canal street and esplanade. It is the one black kid who beat the shit
out of the odds, but only thanks to Sandra Bullock, Michelle Pfeiffer and the white
shadow, so now we all can make it, it is the only time thousands of white people are cheering
for the black kid to win is in a stadium, it is you looking at me crazy if I told
you to go back to Europe even though we didn’t have a say, it is you all of a sudden having a problem with immigration, like this
isn’t even your nation!!!!! How the hell you discover some shit that wasn’t
even missing to begin with, you’ve Columbused our traditions, had white girls twerking in
high definition, with multi colored hair and purple nails, but it was ghetto when we did it. Oh I make you uncomfortable try a cramped
slave ship oh wait slavery is over now, it’s just called the prison system cause like you’re
not racist cause you don’t use the n word but y’all use niggas everyday what is white
privilege, it is the acceptance of bombs over Baghdad but not over Boston, it’s European
history being taught as a major and African as an elective, it is learning about my people
only 28 days, like I’m not black every fucking second, It is every white boy who wanted
to fuck my brains out, not because I’m pretty, but because I’m pretty for a black girl, it is people thinking that Africa is one nation, it is the waving of confederate
flag like you didn’t lose the battle, and then telling us to get over slavery, it is
people saying that black people destroyed neighborhoods but forgetting that white people have destroyed continents. it is every time I bring up my plight some
white man has to tell me that I’m crazy, but is kind enough to praise my English, or
say that we are all given the same opportunities even though he has a family history of wealth
and I don’t even know my family history at all It is the justification of police brutality like what did that person do? I’m sure it doesn’t hurt as much when the victim doesn’t
look like you. it is people thinking that affirmative action
is an unfair advantage instead of keeping the qualified from being unfairly disadvantaged
or throwing out a qualified applicant because their name sounded to African American. It is newports imported into black communities
but black boys exported for weed. It is big plastic asses, that are called fat
when we naturally have them, it is an Australian woman who’s the new classic of rap music, it is everyone who hears this that dismisses this poem I just spit as reverse racism, that is white privilege. Thank you.

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  1. Who are all these racist white wypipo in the comment section who cannot handle the truth. White fragility is in this space!

  2. Aaaaye!

    These comments wow: Y'all might as well start the ww3 (race war)

    comments is the new fight game lol

  3. Why are you all even responding back to these pale skin fools. Let them troll and say what they want. They are the product of their ancestors…do you expect anything less from them?

  4. “Black ppl destroy neighborhoods but white ppl destroy continents” jeez that’s tuff🔥

  5. Shes telling the truth but the black community cant just complain about shit do something about it stop gang banging and killing your own people and doing drugs and selling your bodies and proving people right about you your all kings and queens act like it love eachother honestly everyone needs to love everyone hate wont get you anywhere just do better for yourself cause you enslave yourself if you dont

  6. Wow, this woman really hates white people……………………..

  7. I love how the racist white people shouting "it's a myth" are just outing themselves

  8. Boo hoo blacks…

    They receive a longer sentence.


  9. I guess being a member of a government institutionalized protected class gives you license to publicly pour your hatred onto an entire unprotected race (amirite YouTube?). I can't imagine how much power and privilege it gives someone to be applauded for being a racial hate merchant.
    Oh, how brave! Slay Queen!
    Sarcasm aside, ultimately this woman is a reflection of how the anti-western, marxist public school system and media complex weaponizes people with internalized rage. We should feel compassion for how she has been used.

  10. "FEMA to get to Canal St" What the fk for? They looking for a bootleg watch? The purses are over on Mott St.

  11. Every white person who sat and listened to this?
    YOU are the problem.
    You are anti racist cowardly scum.
    You are filth.
    You are cunts.
    You sold your own out for an easier life.
    But we aren't going to let you traitors off the hook no no no.

  12. Why do white people insist on rushing into black spaces and then complaining about what they find there ? 😂 this is our truth and it’s for us to hear and appreciate, clearly. So what are you all doing here in the comment shrieking and crying about reverse racism or proving how blatantly ignorant and racist so many of you are? WE KNOW 😂 idk man sounds like you’re building a victim mentality or something 😌😂

  13. Y’all really hurt over the truth wow if you have a problem get the hell off the poem you have no right to take your privileged self scroll all the way down to the comments and bitch about how y’all were gifted the world just cause you considered it yours…just wow

  14. She has one valid point. The prisons are full of non violent drug convictions which are victimless crimes. No victim, no crime. Although I do support age restrictions on possession. However, since it is illegal to be in possession of marijuana and all narcotics would it not be in the best interest to just stay away from them? I’ve had plenty of opportunities ti smoke pot or anything else. Guess what? I never have. There is no excuse for all those black males in prison could not refuse them. I understand lawyers and the entire court system have created a revolving door. So what? You spend time in prison then that was a period of time that should have been used to evaluate your character and reflect on your bad decision and learn from it. Don’t blame whitey for bad decision and refusal to learn from it.

  15. If anyone is interested, I am selling White Privilege Cards for 99.99$! The more cards you buy, the more privilege you have!

  16. '400 years in the same field, literally…'
    Wow, I didn't know black people lived over 400 years. Damn sure got my white ass beat. I'll be lucky to make it to 80.
    Dumb bitch just brought up Katrina. Ha, I live in Louisiana and can tell you it was our leftist governor at the time that refused to let the feds help. Don't come at me with that lie. It wasn't Bush's fault at all.
    "The only time white people are cheering for the black kid is in the stadium…" So now cheering the incredible talent and sportsmanship of black kids is wrong? Gotcha. (Side note: I wish I could make 20+ million a year for playing a game)
    You ain't making anyone uncomfortable.
    Just for the information…there was no nation here before the colonies. The tribes of americsn indians (they were not native to this land) were warring with each other. They were enslaving, murdering, and raping ling before the Europeans got here. They were NOT the peacr loving nsturists the left would like you to believe. This has been proven time and time again.
    Next: yesh bitch, slavery is over. White people ended it in this country, all across Europe, Asia, etc. White people have done more to end slavery than all other races combined. You're Welcome. Funny thing, the only place where slavery is still wide spread is Africa. Interesting that…
    "White people destroy continents…" I like this one. Without Europeans Africa would have no cars, electricity, air conditioning, modern farming, or medicines. The number of advancements white people brought to Africa is too many to count.
    And now…Afirmative action. If you feel you need afirmative action to survive you obviously don't feel you are as smart or talented as the other races. Afirmative action is pure racism. Giving any race legal advantage over another is racism.
    This woman is a perfect example of a racist.

  17. She sounds as stupid as she looks.

    Anti white hate speech!




    Shout out to my boy ALSUP.

  19. So many triggered Neanderthals, and their “army” in this comment section.

  20. Racist much? Bombs over Baghdad but bombs over Boston… Wow you could take that as showing her support of terrorism no matter if you opposed the Iraq war or not. Newports imported into urban cities? People have plenty of choices in terms of which cigarette to enjoy. Last I remember, Newports "Alive with Pleasure" ads mostly showed white people. It's not the brands fault black people and some white kids prefer Newports. Compairing slavery to the Prison System is like compairing apples to oranges. Last I checked, criminals were put in prison for committing crimes; but I hear some SJW's want to abolish the prison system. Also sure, Native Americans and Clovis people migrated and they just happened to come first. They also faught each other all the time, just as African continents seem to do on the regular. We fought for this country and despite all it's faults; is still the best country to live in.
    Are we going to whine about every injustice that took place hundreds of years ago to thousands of years ago now? Also you have Africa to thank and Muslims for the modern slave trade. Nice try lady, keep stirring the pot. It's exactly what the progressives want and need to keep the false narrative that everyone is a racist alive so they have something to run on.
    Also, white privilege does not exist. People can be born with economic privilege, whether it be white, brown, black or yellow. Whites don't automatically get a pass for everything like you imagine they do. Also, sorry you can't trace your genealogy. Another big problem that you refuse to address regarding that subject is the fact that many urban blacks don't have fathers around, and many don't know who their real fathers are. Just facts.

  21. are people seriously watching this and getting “we hate white people >:(“ from it?? jesus

  22. To all the snowflakes upset about the raw truth being spoken.. I believe your proving her point.

  23. >Slaves for 400 years!

    Shut the fuck up. Slavic people, who the word Slave is derived from, were sold as slaves for 2000 years under Byzantine and Ottoman rule. Btw, Slavs are white. Get over yourself you spoiled bitch.

  24. another snow flake proclaiming her non existent oppression, and the fake term white privilege, no such thing as white privilege..

  25. Remember when those 4 "youths" kidnapped, tortured, and scalped that autistic kid in Chicago because he was white? I think that kid should be forced to pay for all the reparations.

  26. I love her emotion to the point I feel like it's a truth the world counters. People find evidence to expose her and tell her she is spouting nonsense. Well OK. But she already delivered her message and are satisfied with it. Yes I'm in America but I live a more struggling life than my relatives in Africa. While they are living a satisfying life people in America belittle us to almost nothing. People say "The Europeans made the Africans civilized so they can speak like this. Well you could have left us in peace in Africa and earned respect by building America without having slaves and indentured servants. When I look at the comments I am genuinely scared. What happened to the world and where is it going.

  27. Entitled uneducated privileged black, spewing agenda hate for NPC brains, lacks dignity, truth or gratitude for her people's suffering and opportunities given. Hideous

  28. Love reading all the (white) guys coming over to this video typing angry little comments. I just imagine them typing away with a frown on their faces.

  29. So stupid, this hateful spiteful privileged black girl who didnt go through slavery is telling us how all white people are beneficiaries of slavery? How do tell tell the difference between a black person who doesn't try and one who is victimized? What about the fact that black cops killing black suspects is proportional to white? Why is not sexist for men to in jail10x more than women but it racist for blacks to be locked up 3x greater than whites? Want to talk about paying for the crimes of people who aren't our ancestors but have the same skin color? All black should pay for crimes of Robert Mugabe

  30. It was a good speech not sure why everyone's getting so offended.

    I might argue it's more economic class based, but the distinction is rather moot when you consider the demographics. ( perhaps the common stem for the prison sentencing )

    But like I said it's a bit of an artificial distinction, there are significant hurdles to cross if you're poor that's unfair, the ubiquitization of the college degree and the useless nature of it, makes it simultaneously a necessity to have and completely worthless.

    May seem like contradiction but let's lay it out in math.

    For all jobs that provide living wage, there exists a requirement for education. We will call this set careers.

    The probability of getting a career given a college education >> probability of getting a career given no college education, and is also near the probability of getting a career ( if nobody had an education )

    Therefore there is no "gain" besides the small probability of getting a career, which did not exist before hand. Simultaneously which is unlikely to pay off quickly ( if at all ).

    So when we consider the risk of obtaining a college education for your average individual that does not have the economic means to carry large debt ( not their family ), you can see immediately that the risk of catastrophic loss ( bankruptcy and financial collapse) is much closer making college a much more expensive option ( when taking expected value of costs and benefits as well as factoring the future cost of potential financial collapse )

    So underneath optimal strategy, and equal talent distributions for different economic strata, we would see far less achievement from these individuals ( due to the increase in total expected cost )

    This large base of the population ( who even if smart and likely successful otherwise ) will be dis incentivized against even most fundamental requirement for success, their own education.

    This is why it is systemic, and as previously pointed out the demographics skew such that it largely disproportionately affects one class.

    I can provide further analysis if necessary but it's quite apparent from first principles imo.

  31. Alot of white privilege commenting 😂 y'all get upset when y'all hear the truth 💯

  32. White privilege is what weak people whine about when they can't succeed on their own merit. They get mad because white people have the nerve to be white in a white country. Take your black asses back to africa and build Wakanda if ya`ll are so oppressed.

  33. It’s soo crazy how many racist comments there are under this post . I didn’t know racism was this alive in 2019. It’s honestly overwhelming.

  34. Wow she is angry. So is black privilege being able to shoot another black person and no one's going to talk about it in the same context as this idiot because those black lives don't really matter?!

  35. Fuck you bitch. I am a white man w a record related to a crime I DID NOT COMMIT. And I have an incredibly hard life.
    Funny how you say I still have white privelage. Yet other black people say I "gave up" my white privelage (because in their minds I must be guilty, isn't that convenient).
    This bitch has VICTIM privilege. And she has no idea what is like to be on the other side.
    You're all a bunch or pathetic victim racists yourselves.

  36. To those of you who consider this a HUGE TRUTH BOMB… This is supposed to bring awareness to the fact that "white people" have put "black people" through hell and back…and while that us partly true…its 2019, the people who put you through slavery and all those horrible situations were our ANCESTORS…and the thing is not all "white people" are born with a white picket fence and tons of money, it seems to be a stereotype that all white people get everything handed to them on a silver plater…just like how not all black people are drug lords with some messed up criminal record, which happens to be a black people stereotype…I grew up in a mixed family…I was adopted by my black momma and my white father at the age of 9…I come from and grew up in a poor/middle class family…ive seen things and been through stuff at an age where I shouldnt have even known what half of what I was going through was…but guess what I'm a "white girl" but I still have my problems…it what I'm trying to say is that its 2019 there is no such thing as "white people" or "black people", there are only people…the comment section is reverse racism at its finest…and I just wanna say it sucks growing up as a white girl and watching half of America hate me bc if my skin, bc of somthing my ancestors did to you, after a while you learn to hate your own skin…sound familiar, it should bc its the exact thing black girls go through…so when y'all talk about ending racism and then start to putting white people down, I'm over here wondering what type of crap your trying to pull…. And that's all I have to say about that

  37. wow, black privilege on full display and trying to pass down white guilt. 400 years ? america has only been in existence for 200 years…. so she needs a math teacher. “This isn’t even your nation” um it was white americans who ended slavery, otherwise slavery would still be occurring. where is white history month?

  38. I feLt dat and white privilege is goLd on my unborn kid it is b

  39. I stopped going to these events because it's clear that those running it do not want diversity of thought. Everyone has to think the same. There is no room in this poetry group for anyone who isn't a leftist.

  40. You fucks act like all whites owned slaves and had it easier over skin color. You dont know full history. Knock it off already.

  41. So half 1/2 of me has white privilege? Why do people buy into this garbage instead of overcoming their past? I come from a long of drunks and mixed ancestry. Why should I continue playing a victim? Liberalism is causing insanity.

  42. It's funny how white people only point out what they choose too.. they dont ever mention they took this land and try to prohibit others from joining. They dont mention they took us from our land full of riches then claimed South Africa. Smh they dont mention we are targeted for no reason and there are proof in the thousands of videos that are recorded. #WhitePrivilege

  43. All these racist people that say white privilege isn't real and saying all these hurtful things are only saying that because they're behind the screen.

  44. French is actually a Moorish Language which was created by so called Blacks…

  45. Why dont bpack people move to africa if they hate white people so much? Shit if i lived in africa around racist blacks i would move my white ass to England as soon as saved up a couple bucks…i damn sure wouldnt stay around and cry about the world

  46. I am not a racist but on the other hand, you cant use the N-word (for example in hip-hop songs) and then ask for equality

  47. White guilt is the single handed funniest thing to watch racist white people deal with! It’s like you know we know you mad right? 😂😂😂 they be trying so hard to pretend truth is not the truth. Y’all really are delusional and it’s funny bruh! All black ppl just laugh they know we know we are right, it just hurts them. The only thing they can do is lie! Think about it…

  48. "Waving the Confederate flag like you didn't lose the battle in telling us to get over slavery." The civil war wasnt about slavery and 90% of the time its the Tennessee Battle Flag not the Confederate flag

  49. This is not a poem.
    It's just a meandering complaint of a self-identified victim whining about white people

    You could have just recorded the rant of any random black woman standing in line at the Walmart checkout and it would be indistinguishable from this 'performance'

  50. Period sis!!! Most people of the lighter tone don,t get it. Even i as a young biracial female understand that my privilege is come from my lighter tone.

  51. privilege is something you don’t see when u do have it and non privilege is something you see when u don’t have it ! ( for all the racist saying there is no white privilege and etc )

  52. Its crazy how people can be so ignorant and not open their eyes to the truth. They'd rather go off of emotion rather than facts.
    i loved had so much emotion to it, you could just feel it👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿

  53. “ European history being taught as a major by only learning about my people 28 days like I’m not black ever fuckin second” I felt this😥💕

  54. “How the hell to you discover some shit that wasn’t missing in the first place”👏👏👏👏

  55. Whew Chile….She got AAAALLLLLLLLLLL the mayonnaise monsters big maaaadddd!!! 😂😂😂😂😂

  56. I love you young beautiful daughter of Zion for telling it like it is… with NO candy coating it.. just giving it to them with the raw naked TRUTH of Deuteronomy 28th chapter.

  57. If you are white, and your reading this, I don’t give a fuck if your white, but know that you have an advantage over blacks and don’t be an asshole when it comes time to point it out.

  58. Question: what does she say during 2:05 because I don't understand Not trying to offend I am genuinely confused

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