La viajera, Dos poemas espirituales.

The traveller In a vine of scattered lights and flowers,
He went on his way. Caught in the plethoric everlasting youth
of fairies He arrived at his destination. The clouds acted as a bed, the lamp sun,
the room inside a building heavenly. It floated translucent in the space of life
paradise … He slept for brief intervals and woke up
jubilant Loved and accompanied by true happiness. The pleasant exodus culminated his path … In the oasis of true existence,
The songs of praise are heard. Physical and spiritual beauty A beautiful woman full of curiosity
he traveled the paths of his existence in the earth. He traveled to the different dimensions of time. Dressed in happiness and pleasant companies,
she saw herself: be born, grow up, love, laugh, cry and dance. His physical beauty transcended towards his spirituality. It reflected qualities of great value before God. His joy flooded the environment
and a pleasant smile of love and peace He covered her with blessings, life and eternity. In the holy city he received the welcome
and the rejoicing of the crowd, it was perceived in the environment,
next to the greenery of the heavenly trees and the breeze of a divine sunlight.

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