Lachesism: Longing for the Clarity of Disaster

For a million years, we’ve watched the sky and huddled in fear. But somehow you still find yourself quietly rooting for the storm. As if a part of you is tired of waiting wondering when the world will fall apart by lot, by fate, by the will of the gods almost daring them to grant your wish. But really, you can wish all you want, because life is a game of chance. And each passing day is another flip of the
coin. Lachesism. You can’t help but take this life for granted. Your eyes adjust to the color of the walls and your ears tune out the chatter As if your body’s trying to filter out the world as you know it. And while your brain goes numb trying to shake off your complacency, your heart can’t sit still, and your gut is hungry for chaos— itching to chase after storms and run headlong into the fire. to watch society break down, and find out what’s truly important and watch everything else fall away. The apocalypse is one of the oldest fantasies
we have, but it’s not about skipping to the end of
the story. it’s a longing for revelation, a revealing of what we already know, but cannot see: that none of this is guaranteed. and there’s no such thing as “ordinary
life.” that our civilization is just an agreement that could be revoked at any time. and beneath our rules and quarrels we’re stuck together on a wide open planet, where anything can happen leaving us no choice but to survive, to build a shelter, and find each other in
the storm. that even just getting through the day should feel like the miracle it is, a cascading series of accidents that just happened to fall your way. But soon the storm will pass, and the world will go on spinning, and we’ll pick up our lives just where we
left them, no more urgently than before. After all, it’s just life. It’s not the end of the world.

100 thoughts on “Lachesism: Longing for the Clarity of Disaster

  1. you can really translate emotions…..i cant believe how accurate your dechiffrement is….thank you 🙂

  2. How is it possible that your videos don't have millions of views? i would think that something like the content you make would be going viral. Sadly we live in a society where crappy pop songs get more views than actual art. Confused

  3. Does anyone know the outro music?
    Edit: The music had me so distracted I didn't realize I was looking at the credits, here it is

  4. The only thing I feel guilt for is the wish that something bad would happen in my life (a death or something else horrible) so that I could have a reason to stop trying. There's that

  5. I can't help but see a correlation between this and the increasing amount of post-apocalyptic scenarios in film and games. There is macabre appeal to disaster. Maybe in our hectic, noisy society of today we secretely long for it all to be swept away. For society to be reset. I gotta say, this one took me longer than usual to internalize, but I think it's true.

  6. Methinks that there is also an ancient, primordial trait of morbid curiosity inherent in all mankind. We WANT to be terrified and awed; to glimpse scenes and events of destruction and carnage. It's biologically hard wired into us in order to ensure the learning of behaviors that influence survival. It's the reason why everyone – and that includes me – is glued to the news station promising live coverage of the latest and greatest hurricane or riot.

  7. That's the reason you see so many people wanting a zombie apocalypse

  8. I have had this feeling my whole life and always wondered about it. I have never found something describe this before and I am so happy I stumbled on this. I always felt something was wrong because I liked disasters, which is terrible I know, but it's not for the reason people assume…

  9. Just for the record, this is a common sign of depression. Having struggled with it multiple times in my life, I find that lachesism mostly occurs in times of great need and stress. When life is boring, miserable, or mundane, that you just want to escape. That you would rather see it all burn to the ground than continue in such a haze. If you feel this way constantly, try to get help. It's typically an unhealthy form of escapism. If it's only short term, hang in there, but if you live like this, you need to do something big to change your life. This is a good indication that deep down you are not happy, and is a good warning sign that your life is not where you want it to be.

  10. Hi John. I wonder that, as a person who play or create words, your favorite writer/novel?

  11. Odd how it truly does take disaster or catastrophe for humankind to come together and forget it's differences. How Insane.

  12. These videos, all of them, are so intellectually stimulating and well constructed. How do I get in one? This is something I would love to be a part of.

  13. This might sound like a joke, but I'm being very serious when I say this: Lachesism is the reason I secretly want Donald Trump to be elected president. To me, Trump's presidency is the storm I'm chasing after. By principle, I would never vote for him, but the chaos and unpredictability of this new leadership is strangely alluring. Perhaps this is one of the reasons Trump has gotten to where he is now.

  14. I love the Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows!!! (I think there is also Obscure Joys, which are taken in account as well.

  15. I love the Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows!!! (I think there is also Obscure Joys, which are taken in account as well.

  16. I hope you are still planning on posting more videos on your writings. I've gotten quite addicted to the way that they make me feel

  17. this is everything I've ever wanted to fall from my mind and into the atmosphere.

  18. this goes so perfectly to silver by the neighbourhood oh my gosh

  19. I hate to seem morbid but I'm starting to think the owner of this channel may have died. 🙁 There hasn't been a new video in like 9 months. I hope he or she is ok.

  20. Hi! Your videos are amazing and beautiful and give me chills. I love them so much! I was wondering why you haven't posted in a while, and if you were planning on posting any more?

  21. I feel so great that there is now a word for this. I've always known people had an obsession with the apocalypse and the end of society, but I always felt alone in secretly rooting for the storms, in wanting some larger force out there to take the life I've made from me and rip it apart. Just so I could see what would happen, just so I could have something to do, just to figure out if any of it really mattered.

  22. I love this! In Robert McKee's book "Story," it says that true, inner character is revealed through situations with increasing pressure. Maybe we are all looking to see ourselves truthfully?

  23. I disagree. Life isn't just about chance. It's also about the consequences of our many decisions of how to live life and the people around us.

  24. This might sound crazy but I rooted for Trump for this reason.. I know he could be a disaster, but I wanted exactly that, I think it will help rearrange this society to something new, like shuffling a deck. Something good is bound to appear because this society can't get any worse.

  25. If you integrate the implications of climate change, you fulfilled this need. Of course, taking action is the only logical thing to do then.

  26. Is it bad that I get l get literally jealous of the lives fictional characters lead? I end up fantasizing for weeks after reading a particularly good book or watching a thought provoking movie, and try to imagine myself in that kind of situation, while in reality if I was made to be a hero that needed to go on a perilous journey to save the world, I would just curl up in a ball and cry for someone to be my hero.

  27. whats the feeling when you feel like your two parts of your brain are having a conversation?

  28. as a active military member. you dont understand how much i pray for violence. not because i wish to kill or destroy. but in the chaos of battle, the fear and adrenaline cuts out the worries of the rest of the world. there are no politics, there are no rules, there is no order, there is no social structure. living and dying rests in the fate of luck of whether or not a stray round fired from behind a building will catch you. whether or not a blind fired mortar will make the world go black in a second. the strongest of bonds are built with men of like minded personalities and goals in the midst of absolute chaos. and their lives and safety are all that matter. and when you're sitting at home alone reminiscing on what was and that feeling of absolute terror and highest of highs and realize you wont ever be able to find yourself in a situation like that again. you come to your lowest of lows, and pray for chaos.

  29. I think so many people watch your videos but forget to like them cause they are in awe with the settling of a existential crisis xD

  30. Yes, the feeling you get when you want to be struck by lightning in a storm.

  31. The only leopards that get killed by lions are the ones that count their teeth they flash them.

  32. Does this word only apply to the desire of huge catastrophes such as an apocalypse or a huge storm? Like could it also be used when someone wants something tragic to happen to THEM specifically? Something that will change their way of living only and not the entire nation or world?

    Someone please educate me 🙂

  33. what about the feeling that you will never know what happens in the future

  34. I totally long for this, and yet am too scared to death to actually want to experience it.

  35. "Some men just want to watch the world burn"


    All people want to watch the world burn. Not because we want to die, but because we want to live.

  36. It's just a boring prospect to me. Being churned up by the system for 60 years only to wait another 20 or so to die.

  37. At this time , there are so may tensions and fear in the world so many heartaches and angst. This clarifies what most people feel right now at this time and somehow helps to comfort me and I will share this as I think I am not alone in My feelings right now . Thank you for this and for your thoughts of explanation and wisdom .

  38. My family lives in South Florida where Hurricane Irma just hit yesterday. This was absolutely true to my experience, I was riveted to the news reports during the week ahead as I watched the expected path inch closer to my hometown. Then during the storm yesterday I watched everyone's Facebook live videos knowing that there was nothing I could do and they would only worry me more. And yet I still didn't look away.

  39. I'm watching this in 2017 and yes, this video has come true, the world is falling apart.

  40. "I have longed for shipwrecks. For vandalism and sudden death. " Tom Kristensen, Danish writer and poet.

  41. A life of worrying about nothing but surviving until tomorrow morning just sounds great honestly

  42. What we really want is inner silence. We externalize that into the only thing our culture has a model for, an outer apocalypse.

  43. Of course, the world could very well go down the drain in this century…but it would probably just turn into a shithole, not the end of everything, which is arguably worse.

  44. What about when the desire for "the storm" is a want for challenge? For something to overcome. Is it the same thing?

  45. Spent much of these past few years feeling like this and then when turmoil and upheavel strikes there’s just confusion again. What is worse..floating stranded on a still sea, with the sun beating down and your skin chapped and your mind going crazy or in the midst of a storm, barely struggling to keep your head above the waves and take a breath that isn’t full of salt water. Well, at least it’s not boring.

  46. Disaster is an equalizer. It doesn't matter if you're rich or poor, or what the color of your skin is. Being born with a silver spoon in your mouth won't help you when fire is raining out of the sky. It's not "the end of rules" that people long for; it's "the end of bullshit rules".

    Last year I got in trouble for not mowing my lawn. The town I lived in was going to fine me for having grass that was too long. On the day I went out to mow it, there was a tornado warning. I was really hoping that the tornado would level the entire town, for no reason other than so I could photograph my destroyed neighborhood, and smugly point out how neatly trimmed my lawn is.

  47. A fear that consumes some people. Not a desire for chaos but an immense feeling of "something"

  48. Until something actually happens and you feel like your desire might have put things in motion.

  49. I want chaos, I wish to be alive the day the world is gonna end, but I know that won't happen. Though I am happy with small disasters as well, I have secretly wished for my house to burn down, for a robber to come and point a gun at me, to my family getting into a car accident, I also do such stupid things myself, just today I burned my own jacket into small pieces along with some old teddy bears and letters I've never even cared to look at, just like that, just cause I felt like it and I wanted to see peoples reactions, I feel odd and sometimes I feel like I'm a psychopath.

  50. The longing for catastrophe to break through the monotony is a luxury. Some people are so familiar with catastrophe that they long for stability, boredom, repetition, and monotony. People with serious medical conditions who have neared death multiple times, people in war torn countries, etc. And when they encounter healthy first worlders who are tired of all the monotony, who desire things they spent their entire lives getting away from, their heart wells up with contempt

  51. ever since a young age i have felt this emotion constantly, desiring to run into a fire to save someone or to face a shooter head on and show people what im made of, im tired of waiting while i watch society slowly degrade, i hunger for chaos so i can show the world what im made of.

  52. This is what happens when it storms and there's a tornado siren blasting: it can't help but secretly and quietly hope that it is, in fact, the end, that all over the world, the air is being pierced by sirens. The obscure wish for sorrow in my heart just so I can see, test, what might happen.

  53. I think this is why poor people generally are happy. They're craving for a better, more comfortable, easier life, sure. But they know what to do every day. Survive. Survival sucks. But you succeed at it, every day. Every day you manage to survive, you succeed. They're succeeding every day.

  54. I cannot believe they have this word. That they have this video. I have always felt like when I know the fact of some matter, that on some level, these are all the reasons this will go wrong, this won't work, deep down, I wait for it to happen. On some days, the anticipation is soul crushing. It's almost like eventually, I make it happen, my subconscious mind having prepared for it for long, puts it out in the universe and things finally fall apart

  55. I know exactly how this feels. Wanting to just lose everything, seeing what you're really made of, and then rebuilding from scratch, stronger than ever. I'm sick and tired of being owned by my possessions.

  56. yeah this video is like a few years old now but i only found out this word today and i’m so grateful. i think i feel like this a lot because of boredom. i’m still young but i fear that i’ll grow up in a dead end job, have a boring life and live like every average human ever and that’s probably how it will be and i hate the thought of that. it scares me and i just wish. WISH something horrible will happen so i actually have something to do, something interesting is happening for once. i often really want the world to end and to experience. it’s horrible and i hate it. it makes me want to cry so much of the time but i really can’t help it

  57. Tool made a music video for this idea. They used the word 'vicarious' with the lyrics 'I need to watch things die, from a good safe distance'

  58. I always think about how amazing would it be if something big would happen that would make the world fall into chaos. There would be no rules. People would do whatever the fuck they want.
    I mean, yeah, this kind of world will not survive for long and i probably sound insane… but idk maybe thats totally normal to think about stuff like that in our boring lives.

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