65 thoughts on “Ladies and gentlemen, Salt-N-Pepa!

  1. This was not as exciting as John Mulaney made it seem lol

  2. They really ARE Salt n Pepper NOW! They can still sing Shoop since it's all sagging now. Bwahahaha!!!!

  3. People forget. John Mulaney didn't go "Excuse me, can I rewatch the tape of Patrick 30 times so I can make an accurate bit about this?" He experienced it in the moment, thought seeing Patrick Stewart so enthusiastic over Salt N Pepa was hilarious, made fun of it in the moment and then told a story about how he experienced that moment.

  4. It wasn't as enthusiastic as John Mulaney said it was, but it was a damn good introduction.

  5. I have for years seen the "And once again, Salt-N-Pepa" and wondered what it sounded like when he first introduced the band… and now I know that it is blissfully, sounds exactly the same!

  6. I had this in a VHS tape and I always kind of laughed by the odd junction of Stewart and Salt n’ Pepa in the same show. I couldn’t believe when I watched Mulaney making that joke at something so specific. I knew exactly what he was talking about. Also, it was incredibly anticlimactic to rewatch this, lol.

  7. If you are reading this…it is because John Mulaney brought you here

  8. John Mulaney made me wanna watch this XDDD Im so happy it was on here. Of course John's version was funnier but still worth the watch

  9. Does anyone else think it's weird how you type in "Patrick Stewart sa-" in the middle of a John Mulaney special, and YouTube knows exactly what's going on.


  10. If John Mulaney lied about this, did he also lie about Detective J.J. Bittenbinder? #MulaneyGate2018

  11. John Mulaney is probably reading these comments like "I got you mother fukers!"

  12. what else is john mulaney lying about? we obviously can’t trust him. If anything has led me to believe he killed princess diana this is evidence enough WAKE UP PEOPLE

  13. This isn't the intro Mulaney was talking about, it was Stewart's intro to their other performance that night, which you can find on YouTube.

  14. It wasn't as exciting as Mulaney made it out to be, but maybe in his perspective he thought it was amazing

  15. Guys…John Mulaney is a comedian. Obviously he's going to exaggerate the damn thing a little bit because he's on stage telling a joke!

    C'mon, adults. Do better.

  16. there's three of them…is it: salt, and, pepper? which one is "and"?

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