Lake District, England: Wordsworth Country

A short drive south from Keswick takes us through
the very countryside that inspired England’s great Romantic poets. The greatest of those
was William Wordsworth who lived here in Dove Cottage. Wordsworth spent his most productive years
—1799 to 1808— in this humble stone house. This is where he married, had kids, and wrote
much of his best poetry. In these cramped and simple quarters,
Woodsworth practiced his philosophy of plain living and high thinking. The adjacent museum displays original
writings, sketches, and personal items that give another peek into
the life and world of the poet. His well-stamped passport and his well-worn
little suitcase are proof he packed light and traveled far and wide. Notebook in hand, he wandered across England and through Europe
on what would become the Romantic grand tour. Until then, almost nobody climbed a mountain
just because it was there— but Wordsworth did. He’d wander “lonely as a cloud” through
the countryside, finding inspiration lost in the awe-inspiring
immensity of nature. If appreciating nature became a religion in
19th century England, Wordsworth was its prophet. With the advent of the industrial age, machines
were taming nature and factory hours were taming free spirits. The Romantic movement—led by artists and writers like Wordsworth—was a reaction against this. Romanticism celebrated nature…making it
almost a religion. People came here as if on a pilgrimage. And,
like the poets, after communing with nature… they’d be inspired and reflect on
the meaning of life.

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  1. I like this! What beautiful country! I wish you would make a video like this for Jane Austen.

  2. Is that girl at 0:27 wearing cut-offs and stockings?!?! C'mon folks, get with it.

  3. Does anyone know the music they used in this video? Please let me know, thank you.

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