LANDSCHAFT – LEXUS (Official Video)

Into the forest enters black Lexus – A symbol of distance and sorrow unspoken. What will it do in the woods? Tap birch trees for sap? Dance csardas with migrant woodchucks? What’s in the woods? A Catholic monastery? A rock ‘n’ roll pub? A Ministry of labor inspections? Spring walks in dreams and clutches your tongue, you cannot respond – unending prostration. You are following Lexus tracks, hearing voices, a beastly face is asking if you’re okay, From the canopy, ash tree whispers: don’t piss your pants! You’re reminded of prayers, psalms, and Christmas carols. From the driver’s seat emerges spring, picks up sticks, pulls newspapers, starting a fire. Her boots caked with dirt, she both weeps and sings, damp snow falls, flowing from temples to ears. She clearly won’t make it, surrounded by snow and ice, I see her tears, and a snow-strewn Lexus. She calls the cops and her local buddies-thugs, Flora and fauna comfort and embrace her. Spring, as always, is driving the crossover, cool, ‘universal’, black-bodied, five-liter tank in the guts, Out of the forest, beasts top the trunk and the hood, Moon reflects in the windshield to a soundtrack of cats. She watches the snow, instinctively pressing the gas pedal, Disappears beyond the horizon, warm vapor shines neon-bright, You realize the sensation of spring is but a spasm, Someplace within you, in the night… A black Lexus goes into the woods and stands for separation, silent grief What will it do? Will it gather birch sap? Dance csardas with the lumberjacks? What hides in the woods, a Catholic monastery, a pub rock ’n’ rollicky? Ministry for the protection of work? Primavera appears in your dreams, takes your tongue, the answer is stuck in your throat, total breakdown. You follow the tyre tracks, listen for voices, You sure you’re OK? a wild hollyhock asks. From its tip an ash whispers: don’t piss yourself! From somewhere a memory of prayers, carols and psalms. The spirit of spring gets out of the driver’s side, gathers kindling, old papers, starts setting a fire. Mud on her boots, there she stands, she’s cheerful, she’s sad. Wet snow keeps falling and drips from her temples. You know she’ll never get it to go, everywhere this ice and snow. You see her tears? The Lexus is totally stuck. She contacts the local hucksters, calls the cops. Flora and fauna gently enfold her – a comforting cloak a comforting cloak. Spring, with her cool, black SUV crossover ‘Universal’ bodywork, five litres under the hood, creatures on the bonnet, in the boot, she roars her way out she roars her way out. The moonlight glints on the glass as the soundtrack of ghosts files past. The moonlight glints on the glass as the soundtrack of ghosts files past. The moonlight glints on the glass as the soundtrack of ghosts files past. Spring scans the endless snow and then in a reflex puts her foot down. Headlights on full beam, towards the horizon, disappears in the distance. The feeling of spring, you know, is just the usual pain Somewhere in you, somewhere in the night…

2 thoughts on “LANDSCHAFT – LEXUS (Official Video)

  1. Seit gestern läuft der Song bei mir in der Endlosschleife! Wirklich der Hammer! Habt einen neuen Fan :-). Schreibe übrigens selbst Gedichte und produziere mit befreundeten Künstlern Videos dazu.

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