Languages and Literature, Bard College at Simon's Rock

because he says at one point I know nothing to be true and therefore I could not know that it was true the Dumanis guilty remains innocent I wanted to do like this for free reading of this I was like the colonize has already studying contemporary critical theory in Spanish and Latin American Studies at Simon's Rock Chinese is the one that I'm doing more so right now I'm teaching Chinese next semester at a local middle school high school along with the professor here that's a small place that you'd be surprised I can teach upper level courses in French all in French to 8-10-12 students sometimes but I have them because they're willing to continue and there they're just interested in it as a subject the language curriculum here is so far from what you would expect from kind of a cookie cutter learn the words loom the vocabulary and the grammar and kind of get out I was confronted with my first French text here instead of just an excerpt and we've been reading from the 18th century all the way to present French text everybody in the class was serious about taking German it was a different experience from high school being able to talk to students who were serious about what they wanted to study but my main interest is children's literature that's a self-designed program my academic advisor was a huge help as soon as I told her that's what I wanted to do she was totally on board she helped me get an internship at Random House Publishing it was just awesome and I learned so much so why do we have students write so much here we hear from our alumni all the time that what sets them apart from other graduates is that they really know how to write these are alums to go into business these are alums to go into science humanities social science writing is really important if you look at the biographies of our faculty what you'll see is that they have the same kinds of accomplishments as writers and publishing work as anyone would in a very good college the expression of a feeling about something the environment and how that impacts persona of the pony and if I eat any terminal complications of time and how that sunny through every pair of your thought processes he says that I can never be satisfied with either yes or no what is important is to never be convinced you're right and that's something he learned the hard way in the pieces that you read I think studying great literature enriches people's lives it helps them to have a perspective on their own lives and on the lives of other people from other places and that that's a very valuable thing

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