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[Applause] so how did the speech go did you like what the writers wrote well I kept the last line thank you for this honor good night I'll take that as a no I play Kathryn Newberry she's been doing this show for nearly 30 years she's become entitled and she's lost touch if I may I just want to say it is such an honor to meet you mr. Newberry I'm Chris Reynolds my name is Eugene Mancuso and when my parents got divorced any of you want I didn't know any of them all here's what we're gonna do um you're one two three four my character's name is Molly Patel and she is a big dreamer she really wants to work in late night television I really identified with that part of the character I always used to dream about what it would be like to write jokes for someone like David Letterman and house that must be like the best job in the whole world in the writers room it's a bunch of white guys it's so sexist and elitist and you know not at all sensitive to what's happening in this culture a TV writers room can be a pretty masculine environment oh I saw most with writers I'm not overly worried about masculinity Mindy really did write a movie that is an ode to hard work Molly's both made to feel that she is a token because she's a woman but also because she is Indian these are things that I have felt vividly in my career action wall I'm so happy you got that job yeah it's really cool II did that it's important yeah I think it's important that they hire the funniest most qualified people to every network all have late-night shows vying for that audience and the competition is tremendous what are those these are cupcakes they're my way of saying thank you for this amazing country or light if you actually kind of delve into the observations that she makes about comedy womanhood and the competition in the office place it's incredibly sophisticated and really nuanced must be so hard for you what we have the same job Mindy has spent enough time in writers rooms she really kind of nailed the authenticity of the different archetypes of comedy writers the super shy guy who has a hard time even getting words out I have an idea entitled Hollywood Zoo it's animals that look like celebrities yeah then the Alpha guy who's way too cocky for his own good I have some jokes with my hog well you don't write the monologue yeah but I read some jokes for it and I have some ideas for Catherine's hair but that's not my job 7 shut up it's a comedy script but it shows all through the comedy is serious business and these are serious people the workload is extraordinary you know that sense of being on it all the time because you're doing that show pretty much every day 300 shows a year I don't know how they do it my advice to Mallya would be like hey like you don't have to spend so much time evaluating what's wrong with the work environment it's you should just spend time like working and producing good material I was fired from my job look at me guys I made dark-skinned Indian woman aren't I unviable the comedy in this film I think is really smart and the characters even when they're at their worst they're still endearing and they're still real I think this movie's gonna be something that's gonna illustrate an industry in a way that no one's ever seen before [Applause]

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