Latte Man – A Poem

(group chattering) – I made a man out of 50 lattes. I took the foam and constructed him. Put a hat on his foamy head. Made arrangements to his
face to make him seem like he was happy to see me. Happy that I was there. I outstretched his arms, but
foam doesn’t work like that. It never does. So I just made him lay on the ground where I could look at him and smile back. Take off my clothes and lay onto him. Feeling him disappear underneath me. Turning into a puddle of milk. Mine, my milk man. What am I doing? He’s gone. I should probably try making another one. Thank you.

23 thoughts on “Latte Man – A Poem

  1. 1:04 Cheers! Nice poem, I can see it being in a coffee table book about (what else?) coffee.

  2. Those are actually just coffees, which I take as a commentary on the Ninja coffee bar thing Sophia wants you to buy that's just an expensive coffee pot with milk frother and can't make real espresso, lattes or any coffee house drinks

  3. I can drink 50 lattes and become a puddle of milk if that's what'll make you happy.

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