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hi guys welcome to this episode of lattes and literature this is maria lange today in this episode we will be discussing Missoula by Jon Krakauer one of my favorite authors the book goes over rape and injustice of sexual assault on college campuses thank you so much for this lovely music from Owen and Andy Dignam of Rochester Minnesota alright let's dive in just some major points that this book heads on is the way that the criminal justice judges a lot of doing process the rights of the victim how it's different than any other crime it's one of the most personal and violating crimes it's bright about that and employers love way different than anything else it also avoids to debunk a lot of different great myths by exploring different cases that went on in this town and also skied just how prominent it is not only in Missoula but at the end of the book he mentions how well this is these are scary statistics Missoula is not out of the ordinary for any city of America this is what's going on everywhere and it needs to be brought to people's attention so I think one thing that I wanted to talk about was what do you think the differences are between how these cases are handled within a college or university system versus being brought up to the criminal justice – I don't think victims don't always wander reports the authorities well I think that in the college law system there is a lot more bias with dealing with sports and paternity these two so they're not as likely to have a hearing or to expel them or or some or give them any sort of consequences besides giving them a little more because for Chinese and sports bring in so much money to the colleges that they have a lot more bias towards them so that offers up to victim-blaming to essentially be transformative time in one's life and you're there because you got in and you went through all these hard steps to be there and to be faced by something with rape or sexual assault the second you get to a campus which is honestly what it happens normally in that first week now your intention and expression in your fridge – yes before the class even started during orientation exactly so that I think normal time changes things you don't want to speak up because college was this amazing they need to admit that maybe something's wrong with it I feel like that's a really difficult thing that victims might encounter and then I also think that the college system in general is just like so focused on yeah as you said before wealth and money and those people that are bringing in that constant flow of cash that colleges are going to turn upon inside to victims of sexual assault and so they're looking at the president of what has happened before them and I think as a person wanting to make sure that your assailant with the challenge by our college you've seen that they obviously haven't so as by doing one major thing that I notice throughout the book that showed like clear examples of Hawaiian students didn't reject the authorities were how many times when they would tell investigators and of us in the investigators would choose not to press to the case because of a lack of evidence or they just think that this person they feel the investigators feel bad for us that she was rapist and arranged to 71 it starts talking about later in the book after more authorities get involved they try to work harder to install like rules about how to deal with victims and what the proper way in doing that is and like I do a from the victim right the first not coming forward and one major thing that I think was important about this crime that I heard talked about by and people this book was that investigators have to come at it with an angle believing the victim and said I'm not believing that because like that's the difference the thing that makes it tricky is like in most crimes it's like innocent until proven guilty right here like it's really important for authorities in law and lawyers everybody to not believe the victim and believe you but the thing happened and then try to find the evidence to prove it and I try to find the evidence prove it wrong find every other reason not to me if I think I'm quote that goes a little tougher – it's on page 65 we're off the answer from Muirfield says there is a size difference between the two of you so if you wanted to do that you could have people have had sex they didn't want to have it doesn't mean it was rape I think that's really interesting because the exact definition of rape is yes how so the fact that someone in our criminal justice is someone say that when interviewing the assailant yeah it's just awesome to say that this is a fair process that's just yeah my rapes that occur are not stranger rates and it looks like this video 5 it says according a very on the concept of rate prevails bring to this might said they can only be to be cursory one stranger jumps up from the bushes and to there is no great but less the woman puts them on fight to the death if necessary and I'm being stupid to two of expert says that over 80% of grapes are non-stranger rape and we learned also throughout the book that since rape is such a traumatic experience people respond way different than you would expect them to and it's like a way of the mental a lot of times and giving somebody PTSD if there's a lot of erratically here at denial different things that we don't understand and exotic experience and it's important to think about the fact that who is interviewing these people right after they're raped it's people that look exactly like their saintly Vienna imagine being raped by a 250-pound man that's why it probably maybe you know heavy is a majority type person so yes and then getting questioned about the exact thing to happen to you by someone that resembles that's automatically I wouldn't scare them in that situation you really could never cream in it it wasn't anything and also that's like I think sexuality is something that's like so closed off so they even speak about that to like the authorities I think that's scary to wait they come yeah I think that's true and even if it's not somebody that looks like the Messiah is questioning them often times after the experiencing after somebody gets raped their mental day is so disabled that they are often unable to remember like the order of events that it happens in so when they were questioned they mind is not working right and they can't remember they're only remembering it like stirring snapshots of like the experience that comes to their head so I think often times prosecutors and the justice system uses that against them and like in an example I'm in one of the cases that said that her story was a little bit off from what the assailant said so they use that against the as a way to like not prosecute the case because she had lack of sufficient evidence because her story wasn't a mental health needs to be and that also too is because she had been dropped my her assailant so she was partially conscious for the assault that took place and because of that like partially cons a conscious movement it meant that she actually could have given consent and I found that crazy too that they would say when you were awake for some of its you could have said you got woken up in the morning to go to the police office to get questioned he was so drunk today and he was slurring his words and they still believed him I gave him another chance to be questioned he was in mind you I do requests constantly question our victims like were you drinking do you have a boyfriend how is that like how is that an effective and like productive part of investing anything it doesn't apply to the case at all and that doesn't matter and especially just like it would be nice for those people to have advocates in those types of conversations and three are special guest today yeah so I'm Anna I'm a volunteer same here once a week so I just got a lot of education this year especially about like consent second or solvent like everything especially the legal side which is really interesting for you what's your biggest fear going into next year surrounding this time I think my biggest fear is starting to the fight with somebody who you really like and trust like a boy that you really like and trust next year and like find a good friend than them and also happened and also to complete strangers they do ever assault either and automatically losing they got a huge group of friends that you just need to be lost I think it's scary to not know who to trust and when you're in the new place they not very good like if something happens to me or someone else like if that's the circle threats that you're in no one honestly no one's gonna really like reject that like there's something to be accepted and like you're still probably has been um something that people don't understand is like I mean the sexual assault is never a term which I got anything – no but like meet the most like with things that seem like insignificant like I just like touching someone think that's a certain there is there are so many different things and they're also coercion the level don't understand that cuz it's not always like forceful and like ACP like some of course even alcohol of whatever it is you know the alcohol part – I think it's very like not having not being able to drink anything like you have to really and then I'm scared of like like one night can like change the whole aggressive nearly four years in formal education like I'm afraid that I'll act like saying something like this happened to me like it's hard to go back to slowly continue your education like that I don't wanna like lose like my goals and liquids but I've worked for because agenda like sexual agenda I really think that's really straight her to like in the story of Kelsey Bella Notte when she and her friend went to her friends gaya friend's house and they were drinking and their guy friends started a competition to see who could drink the mouse as a way to course up into drinking more I think that's really scary to me because boys you know that they can handle more alcohol than girls can so it's way easier for them to get girl was drunk and then take advantage of them too though of stuff I think it's also really scary where this political climate right now of all the abortion laws and everything like grope us at the same time Adele that news is coming out as well that's not like talking about the direction it's like so closely related like those types of issues like the way that that's dealt with in like record implies release it's so different than anything else exactly and I think it's also sad to think that we're going back in history without sub 2 and especially of time where my to college so we would be the likely victims of this horrible crimes also that it's not just like a miserable little story I think it's an everywhere story yeah I think that that's kind of horrifying but yeah I think I said that Missoula that people stopped is really like a great capital of the world but they explained that in Missoula that's just as communist everywhere else of the statistics that have members rule it's because of the football team and all that those kind of things so I think this is a really interesting book we have to read it and learn from it and when you can take what we've learned with our experiences yeah it's an opportunity for a P and then I think one thing too that I noticed with this book was just the privilege that we have what I can be another advocate for people and being able to educate ourselves yes if anybody comes out me about health and wealth here so fast yes I think we'll end it what this was my favorite book that we read throughout the book but it was in part one was Alice in this story and it's now should we treat women as independent agents responsible for themselves of course but being responsible has nothing to do with me great women don't get raped because they were drinking or took drugs women do not get raped because they weren't careful enough women get rated because somebody raped them so thank you so much for listening please leave us suggestions for books recently next time thanks to all of our listeners

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