Launch of Literary Prize

and I've started this video more times than anything else I've done here don't know why or one reason why some keep shouting at me too I have a glass of wine 3 i'm not talking about a particular book or set of books i'm talking about prize I've decided to launch a literary prize for small presses and the reason for doing that is I was trying to work out how to support a kind of cultural world that doesn't get a great deal of attention if you look at all the kind of yearly roundups in the book reviews most of my mainstream publishers equally all the stuff that people looking forward to it's mostly mainstream publishing and quite frankly it's all quite similar they're all the names you've heard before so because there's nothing there's nothing kind of it seems me is particularly exciting and if if I'm being honest it's all a little bit middlebrow so when I discovered last year this extraordinary world of small presses and had to say you know I feel rather naive and stupid for taking this long in discovering this world I was astonished but also I learned that it's there they're walking financial type ropes all the time it's it's very expensive to publish books and without sales and promotion and reviews is very difficult to make a profit I did think of starting a kind of campaign which was we need to pay more for books if we love a book send the publisher some money you know is really you know seven ninety nine ten pounds really the right amount for a book that has a huge emotional impact on us you know maybe if we have a little extra cash I thought we could send them to more money but that seems to me probably not the ideal way to go about it and so I thought about a prize because that achieves a number of things in China document which use a certain amount of press attention maybe it achieves ah there's a money for those who win book shops get interested in in in prizes short lists get attention you can create a promotion you can do events all of that and will to some degree I hope open the world as well presses to slightly wider public and actually you know even in a small percentage increase on small numbers will make a difference the travel thing about about about publishing books these days isn't most going to the shops on sale or return and that's a very difficult business model for people who can only have you know for print runs of a thousand you know you've got a second could sell them thousand to make any kind of profit at all because the bookshop takes profit to distribute to take profit obviously the writer takes up you know something and then last is there is the publisher and ultimately they're the ones taking the risk so like selling more is hugely important for that continuing their kind of enterprise so a prize does that um but anyway and this is my small YouTube launch of it I soft-launched on Twitter the beginning of the week and obviously there is interest because all prices need this kind of promotion and but if anyone if you could keep hearing that buzzing it's because emails keep coming in I don't know why it's making such a noise but keep teasing news yet so if you happen to see this video and you do run a small press get in contact on the emails in the website below and we'll look forward to hearing from you okay thank you

4 thoughts on “Launch of Literary Prize

  1. Could you make it not a novel though, because novels are long gone.

  2. Just saw the story in the Guardian – so exciting! Wishing you all the best. As a consumer I also look forward to throwing my money at the short list.

  3. I look forward to seeing how it goes. Any effort to draw attention to lesser known art gets a gigantic thumbs up from me. You're doing something wonderful, Neil.

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