Lavari Jackson Talks About His Start in Photography, Writing Poems, Walmart + More

what does creep squad mean so creep squad basically this is the varjack seen you watching the Jim interview what's your story doing photography by like 89 months but I always been into it and I love for art so being around Akron all I've seen a lot of different things that just inspire me like downtown ICO which you're in right now seen a lot of just people that were interesting to me sounds like hmm how can I pose this to other people you're not saying that's how photography came just we love art Indian we seeing different people I mean what it's exposed those kind of people just pupae I guess when was the first time he picked up the camera I like four years ago off right Eric had a camera and uh let me test it out and I'm playing wooden I just described your journey thus far just you know taking pictures um in the beginning I don't know what I was doing really yeah I was just freestyling everything I really had help from my friend Eric and just night watching other photographers in Akron whether it be a viola to be you know yes here I just learned from them and I've seen other things I have my own style and I just combine and just yeah do you uh do you still want a face tattoo yes they know Anthony I think I look really cool look look you know looking a little cool with it on but I don't know for sure really yeah oh no you don't know what does a casual night and Walmart look for you uh boring very boring a lot of weird people come in so I kind of get a little bit of laughs but for the most wise kind of boring slow so trying to keep myself busy and do what I got to do you know good fire is that does that include Ryan golf the carts I've done a couple times yeah I try to sneak away from with just a little bit I could do it but it's cool I like a little bit are you still writing poems no I need to get back into that that's one of my first love I guess what was one of the one of your more favorite poems that you've written or performed uh Rose Garden is they sing about a girl I used to know her back in like kindergarten nothing actually growing a house with into certain things you know Sam and they kind of had me inspired to write about how her life so was doing so yeah that's one of my favorite poems I've written while the name Swank – the vibe I have a favorite rapper to enjoy badass and so around that time I was very very very heavy it sounds like I'm gonna just take that name and I use it for my my my personal youth so yeah that's what's what's the significance behind the number 47 so forty seven represents peace and balance and I will talk about it like daily you know saying like whenever I do anything like whether photography fashion or whatever you know saying like having to be some Kusum pilots in my life so that's one thing I try to live by but it's good for getting over that yeah what are you trying to find balance and right now we're all want to go okay I don't know I know where I want to go back don't know where I wanna go you know it's more so like I wanted this place I wanted this place don't want to do this first I'll do that for you so just trying to see how everything's gonna like to just level out how I was gonna be fed of just trying to rush and do things by myself so what was a cross country like for you cause country oh my goodness it was fun I didn't do good at it but it was fun I got a chance to travel around Ohio which made me you know meet what people had me had like I had different perspective on certain things just being from background we good to go to like Cleveland Google Columbia Cincinnati and run against certain people kind of Hodgins like while I get some work out here in Akron Ohio so it was cool what does creep squad mean so creep squad basically I took that from loving about her you know was a guy they was like crew squawk we squash so I so watch that a lot so took that and essentially it means you know very like a lot like do that mess with a talk to a lot of girls or just you know doesn't you know a very social so I kind of clicked that to play oh yeah what's your favorite version of love and hip hop uh loving about New York thank you sir for doing the interview where can people find you work people come on while we got Instagram roles daughter ro s e-g x lb in one again ro s e-g x LD n and that's think if I work at websites coming soon so that would be announced on my Instagram as well thank you for watching they keep jamming you

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