Le Cancre de Jacques Prévert Poetry Recital! [CC] Ep.7

The Dunce, by Jacques Prévert. He says no with his head but he says yes with his heart he says yes to what he loves he says no to the teacher he stands he is questioned and all the problems are posed sudden mad laughter seizes him and he erases all the words and figures names and dates sentences and snares and despite the teacher’s threats to the jeers of infant prodigies with chalk of every colour on the blackboard of misfortune he draws the face of happiness. I hope you enjoyed my recital of this poem. I really enjoy doing these and it had been
a few weeks since I did the last one, so I decided to do another one! The secret word of the week is “quest”. Now as previous weeks, just use the words
in the comments and don’t let anyone know that I told you to use it! Above me, you can see the comment of the week! I’ve been told that it’s hard to read these
comments on mobile so I will be reading them out from now on! This is a comment from Plays and Parasols
and she said: The Sherlock Chess book is the weirdest thing I have ever heard of(about)! I post videos every Sunday, I will leave you
with my latest video on this side and on this side a video I think you are going to really
like! I hope you have a fantastic week! That’s all from me! Bye!

7 thoughts on “Le Cancre de Jacques Prévert Poetry Recital! [CC] Ep.7

  1. Amazing recital as always my man 👏 I like the use of color in this one. French is such a beautiful language, I want to make it my quest to one day be fluent in it

  2. Very nicely recited. I much prefer it when you speak in your calm, sexy voice. 😉

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