Leadership Tip of the Week – A Holiday Poem

Hello boys and girls. A poem from the L.E.A.D.
department: ‘Twas the night before finals and all through
the halls, the students are bustling with dreams of shopping
malls. While out on Gee Lake, there arose such a
gaggle, whose thoughts turned to Starbucks, cream
cheese and a bagel. For this is the season for merriment/cheer,
gift-giving, thankfulness, and loved ones held dear.
So during this time, we urge you to share, glad tidings and joy, for those whom you care.
These are the items not found under a tree, these are the gifts that are felt, but not
seen. The following list are things to avoid,
fruitcakes, easy-bakes, meaningless toys. While these things may bring temporary smiles,
they fade like the career of Scully on x-files. So admist the joy this holiday season,
our tip for you is to remember the reason. For all those you encounter, keep this in
mind, the real gifts we give, happen all the time.
Leadership can’t be bought in a store, leadership means, just a little bit more.
Happy Holidays, everyone!

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