Learn French – How to Introduce Yourself in French

welcome to French pub 101.com your
concert on college the fastest easiest and the most fun way to learn French
salut je m’appelle indeed on Shanthi hi I’m Ingrid nice to meet you in this
series we are going to learn basic French expressions it’s super easy and
it only takes three minutes in this lesson you are going to learn how to
introduce yourself in French there are only two sentences you need to do it but
first it is important to clarify that in French there is a difference between the
formal and the informal language let’s first see how French people introduce
themselves in an informal situation salut je m’appelle indeed on Chantal o
to Hong Kong say hi I’m Ingrid nice to meet you salut je m’appelle indeed
Ashanti due to a whole country start by saying salut je m’appelle then say your
name salut je m’appelle in vada finally say on Chantal o to home country salut
je m’appelle Ingrid I shot a doe to hong kong creek and now let’s see the same
sentence in formal speech bonjour je m’appelle in head Jewboy justice on
shantideva home country good morning I’m in hedgerow nice to meet you boom ja je
m’appelle Ingrid gbg3 Jean Jean t de vous home country so what
has changed from the previous introduction let’s take a closer look at
this together salut has been substituted with the formal greeting Bonjour French
for good day je m’appelle Ingrid has not been changed je m’appelle stands in both
case for I am however during a formal self introduction we always say our last
name so I said in hedge abou here you would say your full name finally pay
attention to the end we went from to Hong Kong clay to
Hongkong hey what is changing is the French word for you in a formal sentence
we use the more polite word Boop one more time the informal way to introduce
yourself in French is salut je m’appelle Ingrid
enchante go to Hong Kong say the formal way to introduce ourselves is bonjour je
m’appelle indeed jabrai juice present a duo concrete now it’s time for Ingrid’s
insights when you introduce yourself it’s a good habit to shake hands in
France and if you are not sure whether to use motion table to home country or
Horizonte the Wuhan country just simply say or Shanthi
as I said at the beginning of this lesson if you use the correct sentence
with French people they are definitely going to be impressed
do you know how we say thank you in French you will learn how to say this
and many other words in the next lesson identical approach Anderson see you then you

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  2. My goodness this seems impossible hahaha! I can't even say nice to meet you in French and it doesn't sound hopeful at all😂

  3. Salut, je m'appelle jishan
    J'adore la langue française.
    Pouvez-vous me dire le nom du roman français.

  4. Nice language but hard with all those times and verbs but it is second in Europe on difficulty level after english so can't complain .

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    Plz mam slow down🙏

  7. Huhu I'm sorry… I don't understand your teaching,, I just understood a little bit,, but overall, I don't understand it.

  8. French is not difficult at all.. But then, I'm brazilian and my native language is portuguese, that probably makes it a lot easier

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    But we love to speak
    Not imposible
    Every language is difficult
    But you decide every thinks to learn if you decides by All people
    thanks all muslims

  11. you speak very fast. not helpful. French is difficult and you made it more so

  12. Okay. They did not censor her name when I first saw this video a year ago

  13. Kontol susah amat ya, bahasanya bikin sange kalo denger cewek prancis ngomong

  14. Je parle un petite Français. Je suis ici …(uhh, having trouble)… I’m here to reteach myself and improve my French.

  15. Only French that I know

    Bonjour, Salut, French Fries and French toast

  16. I would really appreciate if anyone who's french would be a friend of mine and teach me french language. I'm fluently in English and easy to understand! (Hopefully 😖😅😆)

  17. For those who are confused about the pronunciation of rencontrer it's "unhunkuntrer"

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    Merci beaucoup Learn French with french 101

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