Learn Modern Writers for UGC NET English with this Shortcut Trick

hi friends our Martha Carver and in this video I'm going to talk about five modern writers as we all know that the exams are approaching near and every student is trying to find out ways in which he can quickly revise I thought of making this short 10-minute video in which I can help you revise five modern writers in less than 10 minutes so let's get started so the first writer I would like to talk about is mr. James Joyce James Joyce was obsessed with Dublin all his work centers on Dublin he has written this fabulous work called portrait of an artist as a young man which features Stephen Dedalus who is the main character and the story revolves around how Stephen Dedalus grows as an artist on the other hand he has written this wonderful and fabulous work which is called unisys and Ulysses became such an important work that every year in Dublin they celebrate blooms day in order to recognize the effort and contribution of James Joyce but what we guys don't know is that mr. Joyce's also written one another important work and that work is based on a new European writer Geum Batista's new science so Geum Bethesda is a European writer who has written this work called new science and this particular work of James Joyce is based on this book apart from that another clue which will help you to recognize this work is that this book has a particular ending this book ends with the letter though so is the last word of this book apart from that another important feature of this book is that this book resembles a vast musical piece and if you have still not guessed it right then I would like to tell you that the work is Finnegan's Wake so the next writer we are going to talk about is Virginia Woolf Virginia Woolf has done tremendous work in the field of stream-of-consciousness if you're wondering who has coined the term stream-of-consciousness then it is William James who has coined the term stream-of-consciousness in his work principles of psychology Virginia Woolf has written a lot of novels especially the most notable one is – the lighthouse which is divided in three parts and talks about mrs. Ramsay similarly she has also written another work which is mrs. Dalloway which moves across one day in the life of this aristocratic lady mrs. Dalloway but what we guys don't know sometimes is that she is also remembered for a normal that she has written which is called Orlando a biography now this novel is dedicated to Virginia Woolf lover whose name is witasick will a vest don't get me wrong Virginia Woolf was married to Leona duels with whom she started Hoggart Press but she was in love with witasick will a vest to whom she has dedicated the work Orlando the next writer is D H Lawrence dears Lawrence has written a lot of works which were critically rejected especially his work Lady Chatterley's Lover which was banned due to the obscene scenes which were contained in that novel apart from that is extremely well known for his autobiographical work which is sons and lover the Samson Lauer is a story which revolves around mother and son relationship and it uses a lot of psychological suppressed desires as a part of this theme or what we would like to talk about here is that Samson Lowry allaha D H Lawrence has also written a work which is called kangaroo like very few people know about this work kangaroo is a work which was based on his experience in Australia so he visited Australia for like three months and on the basis of that with it he has written the work kangaroo and also he visited Mexico in the last years of his life and on the basis of his visit to Mexico he has written another work with this plume serpent I wondered I have visited so many cities and so many countries but I never thought of writing of work on the basis of my visit but that is how great writers used to use each experience of their life in a very fruitful manner the next writer I would like to speak about is Joseph Conrad we all know mr. Conrad because of his work that is heart of darkness heart of darkness is a work which was based on Conrad's experience as a streamer so he worked as a streamer and on the basis of that experience he has written the work heart of darkness what is important is the last words of Kurtz in this nor will we have Kurtz who represents colonizer and this man dies at the end of the novel and the last words that he say is horror horror so do note that the last words of Kurtz are horrid horrid apart from that we know that mr. Joseph Conrad was a Polish Seafarer so he went on a really really long adventures in the sea in the ocean and on the basis of those experiences he has written a work mirrors of the sea apart from that this fellow has also collaborated with mr. Ford Madox Ford and has written three notable novels so this is a homework from my side that you need to find out which are the three novels which were written by Joseph Conrad in collaboration with Ford Madox Ford if you find the answer then put that in the comment section below and let's see how intelligent Indian literature students are we cannot end our discussion on modern writings without talking about e/m Foster Ian Foster has popularly known for his work Passage to India Passage to India is a novel which shows relationship of Indians and British shores and it has got this beautiful character of doctor Aziz Ian Foster has also written another novel which is called Howards End and it doesn't attack on the business-minded people of that time the epigraph of this novel is only connect and this epigraph has been asked several times in net exam so do remember that only connect is an epigraph borrowed from Ian Foster's Howards End what we don't know about mr. Foster is that he has also written a novel on homosexuality and this novel was written right after his visit to India in 1912 and the novel is Morris so if in case you get a question in net exam asking to talk about or asking to identify correctly the homosexual novel written by Ian Foster then I'm sure that this time you are going to answer it correctly because you know the right answer it is Morris so this was a short effort taken by me in order to bring in front of you some modern writers and talk about some lesser-known works of these writers I hope that this video will help you in your net preparation if you like this video then don't forget to give it a big fan thumbs up also subscribe to my youtube channel and if you have any questions any queries then don't forget to post that in the comments section below apart from that you can also go to my website allopathic Arva com there's a section called online course content you can get the list of all the writers you need to study for UGC net exam in that list you can also visit my website and give some online mock tests and see how well prepared you are for the next UGC net exam follow me on my social media platforms so that you are notified every time I post a new update about you Jersey and NTA so we'll meet very soon in the next video lecture till the time we meet next happy learning keep loving literature and stay tuned to our category calm

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