Left Behind… (a heartfelt poem about losing a loved one)

“Left Behind” a poem about losing a loved one, by Westley Nash I’d never ever felt this way until you had to say goodbye. A feeling of loss so intense it’s like I actually might die. I can’t eat, I can’t sleep, your face is all that I see. My chest feels so tight that sometimes I can’t even breathe. For it’s not like you’ve just moved from one town to the next, where you’ve gone I cannot follow unless I take drastic steps… Just carrying on as normal feels like I’m saying that I don’t care, but I don’t know what else to do; my god this isn’t fair! I’m told I need to get through this, that things get easier in time. But it’s the worst feeling I’ve ever known… To be the one who’s Left Behind…

78 thoughts on “Left Behind… (a heartfelt poem about losing a loved one)

  1. Westley, thank you for the comment on my spoken poem today. I did reply to you and it also inspired me to get out of my myopic mind and jump over here to listen to you read this poem. It's so beautiful and soulful, my friend. I can hear your heart in your voice. I also, as many of us probably do, relate so much to how you feel in this. What is it to walk around without this person we love who passed. Gorgeously expressed and done. I am so glad I came over here to witness. I am very moved by this. Thank you.

  2. man I also got the same feeling..I also made the poem called DARK PAIN.. u can check on my channel.. thank you bro

  3. Being left behind is one of the most heartbreaking feelings in this world. Every word in this well-crafted poem and the music and image clearly resonates clearly with it. Subscribed! Do check out my poem that too deals with the same feeling https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_VoeuRV3Mqc

  4. This is very touching and thoughtful… Like the reading of it…Good job bro!

  5. So beautiful. And I could listen to your voice all day. New sub. Please check out my channel if you get a chance.

  6. wow fantastic, my first time on your channel, I subed, will check more, well done

  7. Thanks for sharing these words.  This poem will help people open up about their own loss. I have lost several family members in the last year and have  just started a channel with some of the poems I have been writing in case you would like to have a look :  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOZl_YA1cY485xlFWS_REqw
    Sam 🙂

  8. My mom passed away this year, and I constantly find myself searching the internet for people who describe this the way that I am feeling so that I know I am not alone… thank you for letting me find that in this video 🙂

  9. I had lost my grandma last year, so i know how it is. But to lose a mother, now that is something i am still afraid of, sorry to anyone who has, and anyone who will, it will not be easy. My prayers to everyone.

  10. this really touched me … its a different take on how I look at spoken word, I have lost my mother when I was 8 years old and everyone tells me it gets easier but all that happens is that time passes (almost 10 years for me) and it may feel easier but it's a bit like putting a mask on and only certain people know your true thoughts and feelings
    thank you for sharing
    I'd love it if you could look at my channel if you have the time 🙂

  11. This poem has given my WHOLE body an emotion of fear and regret…well done.

  12. a guy that i was talking to for a couple of months passed away on thursday morning, and my brother passed away a year ago. this poem is literally how i feel and what I'm thinking. thank you for letting me know that im not alone in this.

  13. Granny is a good friend of mine. Saw her shout out and came to check out your channel. Wow…I am so glad I did. Your poem touched my heart. Lost my best friend to cancer this year. Your soothing voice and the heart-touching words made my eyes moist. Subscribing. I am a singer. Would love to recite your poems someday.

  14. I love the video, can you give me the name of the song in the background? please

  15. Hello Westley, you have touched some strings there…very powerful indeed. I wrote a spoken poem (my first attempt)  dedicated to my wife who passed away 2 years ago. I would like to share it with your readers with your permission, but don't know what to do. I understand if you cannot. Good luck!

  16. Hey Westley, is it possible to use this for a short film? The poem itself would be narrated by someone else but you'd be given the proper credits and recognition. Thank you anyways for sharing this, I saved it into my playlist a long time ago. I come back to it every now and then. Thank you

  17. I love this poem . My beautiful mum passed away last week. She was my best friend and my idol . I wish I could read this out next Monday at her funeral but I don't think I have the courage to stand up there and read this. Thank you for putting this out. It is a beautiful poem and sums up how I feel. Lots of love and good luck in all that you do.

  18. Just beautiful I’m going to share I just subbed you please sub back thanks ❤️☮️

  19. this just brought so much comfort to my heart 😪 rip my bestfriend ahmad osborne 3•25•99 – 6•22•17 #justiceforahmad

  20. Yes like me….Ive been there… still waiting for a reply but not even that has worked.

  21. Every time its postponed for youuuu so i decided to with the last bit of dignity that not gonna ask once again

  22. I lost my father of cancer a month ago I never got the chance to say how much I loved him I miss him so bad so bad oh god pls help me get through this…

  23. Dear Wes. This is so sad. So brave you chose to share it with the world. Beautiful in its sadness…. <3

  24. Plz tell me how can I make videos like that?? Plzzzzz Plzzzzz Plzzzzz Plzzzzz Plzzzzz Plzzzzz Plzzzzz

  25. This is such an amazing video and it’s meaning is so deep and meaningful that I can almost feel your pain within my heart. You never cease to amaze me with the what you do! You are a true artist in every sense of the word! I applaud you more than you know🤗❤️

  26. I’m going through a hard time with a relationship, with the girl of my dreams..the love of my life. And she doesn’t want be together and this poem has truly motivated me to fight for her and show her that she’s making a mistake leaving. Amazing poem

  27. Incredible poem! Well written and read. I'm working on a poem about death right now and gonna post it soon.

  28. I was left behind again & I'm heartbroken I'm a surviver so I will go on & be happy once more don't ever give up

  29. wow so nice video.. I am your new friend ))) + the bell🔔 keep in touch 🤗

  30. I wanted just a little more time to love her..to be with her….to tell her…how important she really is to me………ma…I miss you…

  31. I lost my uncle recently I was so close to him and I saw him most days I wish I could be with him and hug him I feel disconnected .he's not there and my cousins are depressed as shit I wish it didn't happen

  32. My first boyfriend best friend left me and he’s not even dead but him leaving me feels like a death

  33. I need the someone who don't left behind me…. Is this possible….? Anyone else….!?😉😉✌✌

  34. Accidentally, your beautiful poem appeared in front of me It had the purpose of making me read it and really appreciate it Thank you for sharing Your words are full of poetry, mixed with pain, and love Love, that's part of you, that lives in you,in your soul, in your heart It's so deep that you can't hardly stop shedding tears. Thank you,again dear poet

  35. My best friend died their in my profile picture . I miss y’all so much .

  36. TY, I just lost my boy. I miss him beyond words and hate being left behind. Nothing will ever be ok without him😭😭

  37. 07-07-19

    I love you Grandma,
    I understand why you're gone, but now I feel so alone
    This distance is killing me, guess I'll just have to let you be
    Cancer was not you, still all along it was there so long with you too
    Now there, in Heaven, you are living painless, yet you left me to be a mess
    Guess it was our egoism, keeping you here for so long in this world like a prison
    I just hope you look down to me, and you are proud of who I some day am going to be
    You will always and forever be loved, listen to the dark days when we whisper your name so soft

  38. Lost my dad in March and sometimes when people mention him I feel so winded like I have been punched in the stomach:(

  39. To think 4 years ago I lost my bestfriend. My grandma died in my arms and it kills me to this day.

  40. My dad died recently…and the feeling is unbearable…sometimes i think of suicide im always in my room….not talking to anyone…people say its easy in time…but to be honest…its not.

  41. 2013 Nana dies of cancer..
    2013 dog dies of cancer…
    1997 Brother dies of a bad heart…
    1992 grandpa dies in helicoper crash drowned to death after getting sucked down a river..

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