16 thoughts on “Leftfield – 21st Century Poem

  1. A complete record from start to finish….genius 👍 Caught them live @ Cardiff uni on this tour 1996….. loudest gig Ive experienced !

  2. I love this song so much I did my own extended mix adding another minute onto it.

  3. How many bridges can they burn, till we turn?
    How many lives can they take, till we break?
    How many dreams terrorized, till we rise?
    How many visions will they burn, till we learn?
    How many homes set alight, till we fight?
    How many futures must we dream, till we scream?
    How many sins must they repeat, till we're beat?
    How many?
    How many times?

  4. I so loving Leftfield since….. ago !!! Perfect Music and Song…. Many Thanks according to my soul….

  5. Definition: Left – field

    1. very unusual: considered very different from mainstream attitudes or ideas and therefore not generally taken seriously ( informal )

    2. not typical of genre: going beyond the bounds of a genre, especially in modern popular music

    3. A dance/electronica band based in the UK which makes fucking brilliant music; which is soul soothingly epic, beautiful and serene music not so often heard in the mainstream i.e. Leftfield.

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