Leonardo Unfinished | Polish a turd

They say that you can’t polish a turd
but I say you can because last week I saw one. A polished turd, that stuff of
dreams, sat on a shelf in Bristol Museum. They called it a coprolite, but that’s
just a posh word for dinosaur shite. It was gleaming, screaming in glorious
greyness, this ancient jewel from a dinosaur’s anus. It was wonderful,
prehistoric, this stoic stool that tells a story like; what did the dinosaur have
for lunch, what did he think about as he was hunched, did he poo with a friend,
would it be his last, was it smooth and soft or harder to pass? So next time that
someone says that you can’t polish a turd you can disagree, look him in the
eyes and tell them about a poem you once heard.

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