Les Amis Episode 4: Theatre and Poetry

Courfeyrac: Enjolras! Can you throw better? Hey actually, wait, Enjolras! The play is this weekend, are you guys coming? Combeferre: You’re in it, right Courfeyrac? Courfeyrac: Yeah, I mean I guess I’m like the leading part or something? Courfeyrac: But it’s no big deal. Combeferre: Yeah we should all go! Marius: Should we get her flowers or something? Enjolras: Why would we get her flowers? Courfeyrac: I don’t need flowers, just fill up the audience! Jehan: Hey everybody! I just needed to know how many tickets should I reserve for Friday night? Eponine: Five! Gavroche: Oh, don’t forget about me. Eponine: Fine. Six. Enjolras: What is that? Gavroche: How do you do. My name’s Gavroche. Eponine is my sister. Enjolras: Okay are you a university student? Gavroche: No I’m still in high school I go to St. Michelle. Enjolras: Okay this is a university establishment- Eponine: She stays with me Enjolras. Enjolras: Fine. We need all the help we can get. But I hope you know what you’re getting into. Jehan: Anyway. I’m really excited for you guys to finally be able to hear what I’ve written. It’s not my best but I’m pretty proud of it. Enjolras: Wait. You wrote the play? Jehan: No. The poetry slam. Did you all forget? Marius: We’re uh- going to Courfeyrac’s show on friday. Jehan: Oh. Grantaire: Am I late to the meeting? [theme] Courfeyrac: So are you coming to the show? Grantaire: Nah. Courfeyrac: Well where are you headed? Grantaire: I might go get a drink somehwere. Courfeyrac: You’re going to get kicked out of school. Grantaire: I was hoping they’d save that as a Christmas present. Eponine: I’m so excited. Marius: Wait what is this play about? Eponine: I think it’s about an art thief? Enjolras: Would you idiots shut up? Cosette: [singing] Courfeyrac: You know letters are the most peculiar thing. Just in this two-page paragraph you read so much about people… Marius: I think my heart just stopped. Courfeyrac: But what if words were dangerous? What if they weren’t yours to begin with. But stolen? MC: Now up next we have- Hold on I have to get this right. Jeh-han. Prov-air? Close? No? I never got it at all. Okay. Random person in the audience?: How do you say it sir? Jehan: Jehan. Strange man: Jehan? Jehan: Jehan. Hello everyone, my name is Jehan. And tonight I will be reading a piece I wrote called ‘perseverance’. Burned heights and drunken slurs. I call out by no one stirs. Can no one hear me? I’m floating out to sea. And I can no longer see land. Time is like beach sand. It flows down the never-ending hourglass. Where are statues made of brass. Mistake in the eyes of an artist will never be tarnished. But other words, who cares anyway? They’re just a bunch of nerds. Thank you. Courfeyrac and Cosette: [Making spy noises] Courfeyrac: Okay. It’s clear. The thing is that gaurd is a man. Man’s only weakness? Cosette: Is us!
Courfeyrac: Two lovely ladies. Courfeyrac: And you know what they cannot resist? Two lovely ladies, who are all loving up on each other. Let’s go babe! Courfeyrac: I thought you actually loved me! Cosette: I thought you were going to get the gaurd to let us in! Courfeyrac: Oh I’m sorry that I thought we had something fake real. Cosette: No, you know what? You are not a valuable part of this mission. I’m leaving you. And doing this myself. Courfeyrac: I’m the one who came up with this mission! I started this plan. Get back here!!! Are you kidding me? No! Courfeyrac: Oh Ms. Stark. I don’t feel too good. Cosette: No. No you can’t do this. Combeferre: [laughing/sobbing in the background] Jehan: Hey thanks for coming out. It means a lot that someone would come to watch. Grantaire: Don’t mention it. You did good. Jehan: You think so? The audience didn’t seem that into it. Grantaire: I was into it. Did you hear me snapping? I was snapping the whole time. Jehan: No I couldn’t hear you from the back. Grantaire: Well I was going as going as crazy as you can go at a poetry reading. It was good. I think you have potential. Jehan: I don’t know about that. Grantaire: Stop being so hard on yourself. That’s my thing. Jehan: If you say so. Grantaire: When’s your next slam going to be? I want to put it on my calendar. Marius: Hey, hey can you find out who that girl was? Eponine: She’s got you all excited now. God knows why you’re interested in her. Marius: Please? Eponine: Cosette. Her name is on the playbill. Marius: Thank you so much. Eponine: No worries. He’ll change his mind. [screaming an acting warmup] [reciting so many vocal warmups very quickly I have no idea what they’re saying] [sing screaming about coffee] [Courfeyrac stuggling with scream singing about coffee]

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  1. where do i sign up to give jehan all my love and support
    im loving this so much !! 🙂

  2. ugh thank you so much for the endearing jehan and grantaire moment <33 it always makes me happy to see their friendship included in fanworks



  4. 5:43 i sNORTED also someone give Courf an Oscar already


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