Lesson 4 – Afro Asian Literature, a Brief Introduction

next for our discussion is all about afro-asian literature so aberration literature composed of the following countries we have South Korea North Korea Japan Saudi Arabia China India Egypt Israel Philippines Thailand Africa Malaysia Indonesia and of course Vietnam operation literature is a term for writing written by people from mix African Arab ethnicity or African Asian ethnicity why do we always need to consider the culture of the other people when we study literature so that's the common question that is being asked when we usually read a particular literature or literary piece coming from the other country so lay on the latter part of the discussion about this we might have or we will have the the answer for that particular question in modern times part of world literature operation ear operation literature is a separate segment of writing of experiences in African in Asia for further cultural understanding in world African literature mirrors not only the customs and traditions of African and Asian countries but also their philosophy of life which on the who are deeply and predominantly contempt contemplative and hauntingly sweet African literature is a reflection of the storm in the stress of developing nations seeking a place under the sign which every student must understand so he may know he or she may know how this literature affects the history of and culture of a nation the background of African literature dates to the very beginnings of when the first mixed-race individual began writing an exact date is harder to come by given the wide topic this question as to be answered like most literature you can be assured that earlier written documents were based on stories past by word of mouth so here is the beginning of the beginnings I mean of Asian and African literature literature may have its roots from the prehistoric period the hieroglyphics hieroglyphics of Egypt found around 3030 3200 BC to about 400 AD for example is a system of writing which use symbols have been used to record some things about what had transpired in history however these are not considered literature consider to be the earliest records of literature as the Egyptian Book of the Dead it is written down in a papyrus in 250 BC many of the literary works are handed down by oral tradition in Africa the lack of literal literacy did not make it possible to write literature down history's meets legends including stories dramas redose songs proverbs and other literary works were handed by mouth from generation to generation to entertain educate and remind the people about their past heroic deeds of their people ancestry and culture so basically the literary texts that had been produced in published during on the land of African and Asian are those who have been originated from the other people from the past generations why is it important so important to study African literature the importance comes from the fact that afro-asian literature is a sign of new and modern times these times include literature from all kinds of people from all places on earth these days you're able to enjoy literature from all over the world thanks to the internet and translation services the other importance is that this writing is able to teach people and allow them to learn about different experiences and cultures from all over the world instead of just watching documentaries and reading articles people are now easily able to read first-hand accounts about the things that happen in these cont countries and what enter what in what interesting historical accounts have been made in the past so here is the history of African literature genres usually it is play writing poems and of course prose traditional ballads or poems outlining operation history are part of the cultures oral history these poems or songs were passed down from generation to generation told the unique struggles and successes of operation people in the most cultures honor oral histories marked the beginning of teaching history and then later when more people were able to read and write history became recorded in prose plays and textbooks genres poetry or songs it is more about the history and culture of the operation people were written and performed and then passed down today operations still express their creativity and honor their culture by crafting beautiful beautiful poems such as haikus ballads or sonnets freeform poems with specific structures or meters are also prevalent these have these have a free-spirited stream-of-consciousness feeling so most of the the after Asian literature are a product of creativity about which honors culture and histories about that particular nation genres plays playwrights use dialogues in monologues to reinforce ideas emotions and themes during that time many playwrights celebrates their own culture and ancestry by setting place in the past and referencing historical events in their storylines place when perform will feature backdrops costumes and jargon that reflects the culture and unique spirit of Afro Asian people process no particular meter it flows naturally and it is not poetry prose cannot can be found in essays and novels and in letters to other people in many ways prose is the purest expression of human thought in literature process used to expose truth to describe objects places and people and to draw a reader deeper into a story so that is just a brief background about afro-asian literature

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