exclamation he's under me who packed every time your message eg pop-up explanations released meseta why Cooper whenever you asked for a reason but I was always using an example it will dissolve I why I'm always reluctant relationships remember remember I said I'll reply to text later here's the letter I hope you talk Vicki about this newly symbaloo me later nah certain amigo kombucha but I was just going through my maths past papers unfortunately I saw this find the value of x appreciation and appreciation but you never appreciated any ways of finding the value of x and I don't value you I noted the harsh reality but you need a life lame sausage egg and banana corn economy study I know beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder but don't be so sure that your beauty lied in my eyes was the first time we met here economy money no keep Inga that a was the behold I asked I was the bee hoorah the swirling Nita honey I know you had girls with me gone in a relationship that wasn't a relationship maybe a football game but still had to draw a match and if we did then I was the referee mallika parent card before you scores or girls to engage it at the best player soon get each other I know lenitasworld madness attitude to depend on but mid you hook one us all yeah cool cool make a kokia to always hit watch a fool and so I offer to share mine with you you can eat as a muniya Claro hojoon the Caracas official Herbert's equally dips official watch alpha subunit Club mission so Cena interest nahi so messaging back after inbox young so pleased with the draw them co2 tea had that size was a peekaboo any commodity priceless but no one is buying you may be you may expire not use an apprise less in a way that one another than you because sponsored no use to fly Kosuke Kenya back Nick alcohol and giving you no practice horticulture when you box number were true yeah EBU the most men Cochran Cochran Iman up to me a cast it's giving you ocupado I'm Otis Emily designers here after this what a same an economy hoga Maggie soul taeju caucus joy home sweet with a 70 corner of her Yama but finally that's the reason why I went for the greener pasture here's your wish but Nico vegetarian forever think awhile commit miss your caretaker so I don't care how you feel reading this but see after we wanna joy if you cry the river I would enjoy swimming in it the hot on literally near diamond but jamón I had to give up their to same but always equal salt makes them cool Anita you ride or die but since we are no longer riding I'm not sorry to say I

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  1. Nice One Bro..
    Aiey, Creativity At A Whole Unique Level..
    Keep It Up, You Are Going Far Inshallah👍

  2. Eish🔥🔥 ngori bro👏👏
    Umeanza kusumbua hii industry😂

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