Letters About Literature: Library of Congress National Writing Competition

the Center for the book as a Library of Congress invites students in grades 4 through 12 to enter the letters about literature writing competition flex your reflective writing skills write a letter to an author living or dead explaining how their work change your view of yourself or your world winning students at preliminary levels are eligible for prizes from their state's Center for the book national winners will receive $1,000 cash award and National Honor winners will receive a $200 cash prize students can enter one of three competition levels level one grades four five and six level two grade seven and eight and level three grades 9 10 11 and 12 entering is easy just follow these ten simple steps 1 select the book that you read that makes you feel all the fields essentially a book that made you pause ponder and feel something to imagine sitting down with the author of this work and sharing your personal thoughts your letter should be from the heart more like a private conversation rather than the book report or a fan letter 3 take note of specific details found in the book what made you laugh cry inspired you or made you want to take action or gather your thoughts about what you read and the meaning you took away from the author's words find time to hit the keyboard all letters must be tight remember spelling grammar and creative connections to powerful points of view are key to winning letters 6 complete the entry coupon and staple it to your printed letter 7 enclose your letter in a large flat envelope eight right your competition level on the outside of the envelope level 1 level 2 or level 3 depending on your grade teachers if you're submitting for more than one level use a separate envelope for each level 9 a fixed proper postage in mail your entry two letters about literature Library of Congress 101 Independence Avenue Southeast Washington DC – 0 5 4 0 – 4 9 – 110 have your teacher download your participation certificate at read.gov slash letters and share your awesomeness with the world teachers are invited to visit our resource page for lesson plans tips and to download our free teachers guide for more information including your state's contest deadline visit read.gov slash letters letters about literature is a reflective writing competition sponsored by the Library of Congress Center for the book and presented in association with affiliate state centers for the book with funding provided by the Dollar General Literacy Foundation

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