LGBT Poet Laureate Trudy Howson on BBC Norfolk

um I wrote the poem for the launch of IDA hot which is a day commemorating the well standing up to hate crime against transgender people transsexuals bisexuals homosexuals it was launched at simples Cathedral so I actually performed the it first at st. Paul's for the launch of the campaign and then thought is I went straight down the voxel tavern and performed it there I I did Jake from State I said gosh it's be the day a poor performing for men in frogs yes hahaha yes indeed oh but you know Norfolk's fab I mean you know I've been on your station before with with my friend Vince laws who is also an artist LGBT activist and my best boyfriend really and there's lots of people doing fantastic work in Norwich on the LGBT front and I look forward to to working with them again in the future no no well I I didn't get I didn't go this year but last year I went to Burma and traveling off track in Burma meeting Burmese poets I mean is but you know it's risky because you've got to realize that once you go off the grid the people who are talking to you are actually risking their lives so I found it difficult and emotional but the people is so beautiful and and the food oh no i didn't but you wouldn't be able to drive because the streets just turned into rivers thought that you would not be able to drive I went to jet winter so it's a sort of gentle they're gentle season oh yes I'm I do a regular show now in the West End called insight at the Phoenix it's LGBT poetry and I have sort of two headline poets and myself and then it's open mic and that's at the Phoenix Phoenix artists cloud connected with the Phoenix Theater that second Wednesday of every month and actually on the twenty-ninth thought is I'm doing a poetry event at the poetry society cafe in Betterton street it's called their consequence of kisses but actually people can yeah don't don't we know it darling but I'm not got a website which is LGBT poet laureate dot org dot u K so please everyone check me out or tweet me please be my Twitter friend which is at poet laureate but without the e thank you thought is what bye-bye

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