LibreOffice Writer – Comment paginer un document sans numéroter les premières pages

Welcome to this LibreOffice Writer video We'll see how to paginate a document without numbering the first pages, for example here to start after the table of contents. The page number is almost always inserted in the header or footer. LibreOffice has the advantage of grouping everything that concerns the presentation of a page in the page style. The rule is simple: pages presented differently use different page styles. This include format, orientation, margins, borders, background, and of course the header and footer. For our example the first pages will not have footer, the following ones will have a footer that will contain the page number. We use two page styles. Format Page lets you edit the page style of the page where the cursor is Let's activate the footer… and insert page number field For now all the pages are in default style, the number is present on each page. All styles are quickly accessed by the sidebar> Page Style. Several are predefined, including First Page that does not activate the footer This style is provided to automatically switch to the default page style on the next page In our example, several pages follow each other which must apply the same style We ask to stay in First page style and choose ourselves where to change style Click the page then Double click on the style to apply it All pages are now in First page style Where we want to change layout, e.g. here… Insert> Manual Break> Page break> Default style tick to change the page number to 1 (default value is ok) Let's check that the first pages are still in page style "first page", without footer At the requested place we switch to the "default" page style with footer and numbering Update the index: renumbering is ok The page break information is stored in the first paragraph of the page Right Click > Paragraph> Text Flow tab We find the information: page break, page style to apply, page number

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