Life and Decay (A creepy Halloween song) by Priscilla Hernandez

All we held dear is long time gone all that we were dust and pale bone the place we lay lost and forlorn there’s nothing left no names to mourn And you could say nothing remains it never ends life and decay But once a year when days are dim and candles light sinister grins the veil is thin the veil is torn we rise and pray to be reborn we´re bound to play this endless game that never ends life and decay

18 thoughts on “Life and Decay (A creepy Halloween song) by Priscilla Hernandez

  1. Wow as I was listening.. I closed my eyes.. And feeling the music.. Images are crumbling.. Your voice sings with sadness.. This I had shivers as I listened.. Awesomely done 👌.

  2. Absolutely adored this music video. Love the moody haunted vibe, the visuals were so perfect for the song!

  3. Well done as always, love the mood and these sculptures… I remember the photos You share some time ago on Your blog, I was really amazed by the place… and still am.

  4. Me encanta!!! Ya sabes que este estilo me vuelve loca y este poema tan oscuro y delicado me ha llegado 🖤 precioso tu especial de Halloween ☺️🖤🖤🖤👻

  5. wow, this is great, i love this kind of music a lot! thats perfect for halloween! gives me the chills haha

  6. Aww super mágica. Nada mejor para escuchar ahora que viene Samhain. So Creepy!^^ Me encanta el vestido!:)

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