Life! (Narrative Spoken Word Poetry)

And I run. As fast as light from the sun.
Down the lane towards the finish line. A shiny gold medal on my mind.
Faster. Faster. No time to waste.
Less than 10 seconds in this 100-meter race. Faster. Faster.
In deep concentration. The fans all cheering adding to my motivation.
80 meters to go. 70 meters to go. I can see a man coming up in the row.
60 meters to go. 50 meters to go. I have to move faster to defeat my foe.
I tell myself that life isn’t the way it seems. Believe in yourself attain your dreams.
Never give up. Never give in. Life is a race that I want to win.
Faster. Faster. My arms swirl.
Faster. Faster. Change the world.
40 meters to go. 30 meters to go. My mind determined. My body an arrow.
20 meters to go. 10 meters I face. I cross the finish line.
In first place. In life.

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