Life of Pi Literary Analysis

hey guys I'm Ben outlet and today we're gonna be talking about life in pie not really gonna be talking about the 2012 film version directed by Angley which was a box office success we're gonna be talking about the novel written by spanish-born Yann Martel we'll talk about some themes symbols motifs and do some literary analysis so let's get right into it Life of Pi is a fiction novel about the extraordinary life with an Indian boy named Platt hi story starts off in India where talks about his childhood in school and being a son of a zookeeper pylons on the zoo which gives him an early interest in biology he also has to grasp the taboo for bleeding in three different religions eyes life changes drastically when his family decides to move to America for their zoo on the way there the ship sinks and pie finds themselves stranded on a lifeboat with a tiger like the one you see here orangutan hyena and the zebra pie must stay on the slight Bend survived for 227 days after reading the novel name to come apparent given ties three religions one theme is that religion helps us make sense of the world has been turned into a horrible situation his family is dead and he is stuck with a hungry tiger immediately I use his religion to help him understand why these things are happening – in chapter 42 truly after PI has been stranded on the lifeboat he says she came floating on an island of bananas in a halo flight as lovely as the Virgin Mary these constant references sure have connected eyes to his fate another theme is survival will change you we'll talk about this more later on but basically I gives up a lot of his old ways and does things he never would have dreamed doing before he was on the lifeboat one symbol in the novel is the turtles the first time Pisces Turtles he can't imagine eating one at all but it's hunger sinks and they become his favorite delicacy this relates back to the theme that survival will change you once hunger Hickson pies not afraid to eat the turtles anymore another symbol is the alternate story at the end of the novel I reveals the possibility that instead of animals being on the liquid it was his mother a chef and a sailor this toy represents the ideas of optimism and pessimism PI's learn that there are two ways to live and sometimes the world is a better place and you look at it in a positive light motif and Life of Pi is pain one thing reappears in PI story and that is pain and suffering this motif helps foster fight spades and his religion it also serves to make by a dynamic character teacher many lesson throughout the novel that's all the time I have for today but thanks for watching

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  1. Great job man! Really helped me on my own literary analysis of the book..

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