LIGHT A LED – TAMIL – Generate current with a motor!

well, instead of lighting a candle you can
light an L.E.D. and dispel some darkness. take a 6V DC toy motor and attach an L.E.D.
to it. you can solder an L.E.D. on the shaft press fit a small LED. if you flip the white
pulley, the motor acts like a generator and lights up the LED. the LED burns very brightly.
you can also attach the motor with a flexi wire to the LED. this is like a street light
assembly. you have a larger pulley made by sandwiching rubber between two old CDs, the
motor and LED which looks like a street light attached to a flexi straw. if you rotate the
white pulley, the small pulley will rotate very fast and LED lights up. it looks almost
like a street light and this light burns really bright. here you can see some students playing
with this in daytime, so you may no see the LED burning, but it is burning none the less.

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  1. இது என்ன மோட்டார் இதை என்ன பெயர் சொல்லி கடையில் வாங்குவது?

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