Lil Gotit | Before They Were Famous | Lil Keed’s Brother | Biography

Before Lil GotIt would collab with Lil Uzi,
Gunna, Lil Durk, Lil Baby, Lil Keed and more… Before he would get cosigns from Young Thug
and Future and would sign to Alamo records. And before Lil GotIt Would have over 80k subscribers
on YouTube and over 350k followers on Instagram at the time of this recording… And before he would be seen getting close
with Bhad Bhabie Hold up bro… I think she’s still 16! Lil GotIt has really only been rapping for
a few years now, but he’s already made a name for himself as the next up out of Atlanta. GotIt has never had a real job in his life
and with the way his career is going, it’s looking like he probably will never have to. He comes from a big family and one of his
siblings is also blowing up at the same time! The two of them are looking to take over the
game. But before all of the fame and success, neither
one of them was taking rap very seriously. It wasn’t until a friend of theirs tragically
passed away, that they were inspired to pick up the mic and change their lives in every
way imaginable… What’s going on guys? It’s your boy Michael McCrudden documenting
the life and career of Lil GotIt prior to fame, here for you of course on Before They
Were Famous. We’ve recently covered Lil Keed and have
dropped a few videos on Top 5 rapper chains over the past week. As always, you guys gotta let us know who
is next in the comments down below. Before we start, I’ve got a trivia question
for you: What is the date of GotIt’s most boring
day ever? Super Fans out there who know the answer get
a follow from me on IG or Twitter. Alright, let’s get into the video. Semaja Render was born in Atlanta Georgia
on April 15, 1999. He is the youngest of 7 children, who all
stayed under one roof. One of his brother’s with the same mother
and father is someone else who we’ve covered on this channel, of course I’m talking about
Lil Keed who is older by one year: That’s why I don’t do interviews… It be a lot of me going what you say? And they’d all turn into Joe Budden Vs Migos
type interviews. Just playing, a little bit… but here’s more
on their relationship. Although the two are close collaborators now,
we actually found an old Facebook post from 2010, where GotIt said his big bro couldn’t
rap! Seems like he was joking though Originally, GotIt was raised in Forest Park
on the Southside of Atlanta. He says him and Keed were mostly on their
own while their mother was at work, so he was always hanging around the older kids in
the neighborhood. GotIt was getting into some trouble early
on but managed to stay away from anything too dangerous. He never played sports growing up but was
into video games! He did try to play football once but didn’t
like it very much. Unlike his brother Keed, who played point
guard on their high school basketball team. Got It wasn’t the best student, and claims
to have gotten suspended every single week… Which is impressive. I didn’t even think there were that many
ways to get suspended! Got It dropped out of high school in his freshman
year. Well, technically he got kicked out for fighting. He moved to Cleveland Avenue with Keed the
day after he left high school, which is also the same place that Young Thug grew up. Thug was his biggest influence in rap and
later became a mentor: But other than that, GotIt wasn’t really
listening to music much. He told XXL: I wasn’t listening to people back then. I was too busy being bad. GotIt began his love of rap by writing poems
and then started to rap for fun. He was making songs, but never taking it too
seriously. He says he even completely forgot about rapping
for a while, getting caught up in his day to day life. But he realized that he didn’t want a real
job, and says he probably couldn’t get one anyways, so he started taking rapping more
seriously again. Although, I’m sure his brother Keed could
have gotten him a job at McDonalds while he was working there! Just a reminder to anyone flipping burgers
watching these videos – it can happen! Put in the work and one day I might just be
featuring you here on Before They Were Famous. Similarly to Keed, when their childhood friend
and fellow collaborator Lil Rudy was murdered, both him and his brother decided that they
needed to take rapping seriously, because life isn’t promised. His untimely death came just days before the
release of a collaborative mixtape. GotIt told Fader: I cried so much. I just froze. That’s a person who you wouldn’t believe
would get shot. So GotIt and Keed began to release music together
and posting their song online with a new found hunger. They would go over to their friend and producer
Mooktoven’s studio every day for basically a year straight and work on music. GotIt dropped the Super Squid mixtape shortly
afterwards and began to build up his buzz. GotIt’s family didn’t even know him and
Keed were rapping and didn’t find out until they started to blow up. His rap name was originally Maja Gotit, which
was a nickname he had. But he decided to shorten it to Lil GotIt
a few years ago. He got his first face tat after Rudy died. But his next one was actually given to him
as a birthday present by one of his friends. If he wasn’t a rapper, it could have been
a terrible present, but it ended up working out! GotIt kept dropping songs onto soundcloud
and kept making a name for himself. He was able to secure features from Gunna
and Lil Uzi. Got It signed to Alamo records and dropped
his debut project called “Hood Baby” which is also one of his nicknames. Since then, he’s released “Crazy But It’s
True” and “The Real Goat” projects and seems like he’ll continue to drop as much
music as possible. With his newfound fame came newfound riches. One day he took out 20 racks just to drop
on shoes and belts at the mall. He says he’s got a shopping addiction. But one day he hopes to start his own fashion
line and make some love off of his passion. Speaking of addiction, GotIt has been criticized
by many for his drug use. The interview he was talking about was with
DJ Smallz where he offers him a perc mid interview! Bold strategy: Although, at least he’s making something
productive out of his habits now. Because he made a video game called “Perc
Collector” which is available on the app store. He told Fader that currently his life consists
of waking up, going to the studio, then going back to sleep. He says he doesn’t go to the clubs unless
he’s paid to be there. Speaking of which I’ll be at a club in Toronto
this weekend!!! Them be my Percs. According to his old Facebook account, the
most borning day ever was March 2, 2010. Not sure why, but now you know! No chance anyone got that right but the first
few of you to watch this video will be getting a follow back from me on IG
or Twitter @McCruddenM As for the rest of the story, well, we’ll
have to wait and see because this is Before They Were Famous!

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